a texas bachelorette – part one



i don’t even know where to begin.
how did i get so lucky to have so many beautiful, caring, wonderful girls in my life?
this past weekend was unbelievably fun and made me feel so special. my liver may hate me but i am so so happy.

i have to give all the props to my maid of honor, ms. preslee. i am so grateful and again, lucky to have a best friend like her. i can’t believe all the little details she planned out to make my weekend so special.
i am so happy that she is the one that will be standing right next to me when i marry the man of my dreams, i don’t know that anyone could be any more perfect than she is.

alright, enough of the mushy gushiness.
this post will be setup like ‘our weekend adventures‘.
let’s get this party started!


IMG_9394 airport #ootd.
i scored these chinos at old navy on wednesday on sale // {here}

IMG_9395 we kept it super chill thursday night so that we could save our energy for the rest of the weekend. luckily for me teen mom 2 was premiering. so excited it’s back on!


IMG_9396 friday morning i did my final walk through with all my vendors since it was the last time i would be in texas with some free time. look at this view off one of the terraces right outside the chapel. holy gorgeous!

i’ll post more pictures i took in our wedding countdown post in a few days! keep an eye out for it!

bachelorette weekend
night one
part one – painting with a twist


IMG_6379 IMG_6392 IMG_6388 IMG_6386 IMG_6384 i was so jealous of how katrina’s was turning out. i mean c’mon!

IMG_6399 IMG_6377 IMG_6374 IMG_6364 maid of honor!!!

IMG_6372 IMG_6371 IMG_6412 IMG_6403 i had to make wynne’s pictures black and white because her hair kept throwing off the white balance! haha it’s so so red!!

IMG_6404 IMG_6400 IMG_6405 seeeee! so so red! love it!!

IMG_6413 finished products!!

pwat i love love love these girls!

pwat 2

part-two – an old fashioned sleepover

IMG_6417 IMG_6429 IMG_6443 IMG_6431 IMG_9418 this barbie made it all around the house over the weekend. those shoes though…is this really a doll for kids? what?

okay so i had every intention to do this in one post buhhhhhtttt, that’s just too much for one post. so i’m breaking it out into 2 posts. i will also post a bonus one so watch for that one too!

can you believe that this was only night one?!
wait till you see what we did on saturday!

a very very happy bride-to-be, jess

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