a texas bachelorette – part two

bachelorette weekend
day two
part-one – pre-bunch

IMG_9421 IMG_6452 IMG_6453 IMG_6455

part-two – brunch 

we went on a little road trip into the hill country and enjoyed a delicious brunch!
i also want to note that i am incredibly swollen in these pictures thanks to good ‘ol champagne and sodium. bleghh who else has that problem??

IMG_6472 IMG_6457 IMG_6479 IMG_6487 IMG_6464 IMG_6466 IMG_6462 IMG_6459 IMG_6475 IMG_6509 this was my plate…eggs benedict with steak and potatoes… this was seriously one of the best brunches i have ever had!

IMG_6500 so thankful for all these pretty ladies!

IMG_6505 oooooo so sassy!

we decided to take a little stroll through the vineyard which then turned into a photo shoot.

IMG_6523 anyone need a cd cover? haha i have no idea why we posed this way.

IMG_6513 IMG_6510 the bride-to-be’s! this sweet girl is getting married in september! i cannot wait to stand next to her on her big day!

IMG_6599 one of my oldest and dearest friends. this girl and i go way back and i love her to death and i am in love with this picture!

IMG_9435 such a beautiful vineyard!

after brunch i was dying so we went home and all napped.

IMG_9445 including this guy. dirk is seriously just a big ol kitty cat.

 part three – dinner and dancing

IMG_9464 IMG_9461 IMG_9459 IMG_9457 IMG_9450
i wish i had gotten pictures with all my girls! i loved the way these came out! but something bad ass came to us pick up…

IMG_9468 a stretch limo!
seriously y’all, my bachelorette was amazing!

IMG_9479 IMG_9480
yummy yummy dinner! the soup was amazing! i didn’t want to eat anything too big…uh did you see my dress?

IMG_9491 and let the dancing begin!!!!

that’s the last photo i had on my phone so i’m happy i was responsible and put my phone away and kept it away so i wouldn’t lose it!
a few words that sum up this night would be: cages, shots, barefoot, hot tub & pasta salad. don’t ask, just nod your head in approval.

bachelorette weekend
day three – 

i don’t think i really needed pictures for this nor do i think anyone wanted to take pictures of this.

IMG_9497 after everyone felt okay-ish, guess where we went…
that’s right! preslee & i got tatted up!
full sleeves….

IMG_9506 IMG_9508

lol just kidding. just some texas pride. i know, i know, ‘what a strange spot to get a tattoo‘ but that’s where i wanted it so that’s where i got it! but really i love it! so dainty and so proud!

the end

IMG_9510 did i tell y’all that i was tsa-precheck approved? so now i get to bypass all those pesky, stupidly long security lines every time i travel. and i get to keep my shoes on…hell yes!

IMG_9511 this is what i sat next to for 4 hours. the loudest effing snorer imaginable! i mean, i don’t blame him…it was a 6:30 AM flight. ew.

i may sound redundant but i had such a great weekend. i can’t imagine it done any other way.
now, please excuse me while my liver tries to recuperate.

a very happy bride-to-be, jess

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