our weekend adventures


came home to see these beautiful blooms in our front yard! i think it’s ph level is confused because the blooms are yellow and pinkish!

 since seattle has been so sunny all of my plants are thriving! i kill every kind of plant so this makes me so happy to see!

 cale went out with his buddy to the bar so i treated myself to a filet mignon and some veggies! om nom nom


3 months we are down to 3 months!!!!
you can read all about what we did this last month in our
wedding countdown post → {here}

this guy is a super creep in the morning. oh chandler bingers!   cale has been joining me a lot at pure barre and i love it! he definitely got his booty kicked this time.

we stopped by cale’s brother’s new home that they just bought and fell in love with the neighborhood…which then ended up with us touring 4 new homes. ugh i can’t wait until we buy a new home!!

 our neighbors just opened up their new bottleshop so we went a checked it out! so awesome and so many different beers on tap!
congrats jack & megan, here’s to a very successful business!


i swear she wasn’t pissed…

we were only supposed to go to men’s wearhouse to choose some bowties for the guys…yeahhh i changed their whole entire suits…but i did choose the bow ties too!

 after laundry and some cleaning, i headed out to my 5th barre class in a row with the hardest instructor out there! sami, you kick my ass every single time!

no dairy, no grains, no sugars…i got this!

jazmina is having a blast in texas and she lost another tooth!!
i miss her so so much, luckily, we get her back in 12 days!

how was your weekend?


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