our weekend adventures


i just wanted tacos alll day friday. i miss texas and i miss tacos. and big red. oh and hot fritos.

friday night we had dinner plans with our friends, shannon & galen, and their two precious babies! this little munchkin is our flower girl and jaz just adores her!


waiting for our mina girl to cheer!!

she is the tiniest out there but that doesn’t phase her! her little high kick at the end cracks me up! you can hear me laughing at the end… hehehehe!

oh you know…just regular family shenanigans.

IMG_0052 IMG_0054
i was alllll ready to go head to my full body intensive at pure barre buttttt 70 mph winds and rain had other plans in store for me. yeah, i sat in traffic for two hours to get about 3 miles from home and back. we went through a wicked wind storm and boy did it cause some major damage.

this is our neighbors house…a huge limb went completely through their roof and into their baby’s room! thank goodness the baby wasn’t hurt and momma was able to get him out. ugh so so scary! can you see the tree on top of their house??? eek!

welp, since we couldn’t go anywhere (everyone’s power was out except ours, luckily) we decided to start packing up all the wedding things that have to be sent down to tejas! cale is super excited about our koozies 🙂

IMG_0059 IMG_0072
jaz helped by making a robot head.


cale’s momma is in town, so we went and had crepes and coffee! nom nom.

ugh best coffee ever!

after breakfast, momma jo and i went thrift shoppin’ for some wedding things. i can’t wait to get these babies shined and painted all prettiful!

i know this one is kind of dark but lulu was letting jaz love on her and it was so sweet! we love the lulu cuddles!!

holy weather batman! if you live in seattle, did your power get knocked out or did the wind cause any damage??
it got super scary at one point, with every crack we heard in the tree behind us we just cringed.
the rain was nice. we definitely needed that.

cheers to a happy week!

be you.

hey y’all!
i won’t be posting a weekend adventure post today. mainly because we didn’t do much this weekend. which was great! i got to lay on my couch all day saturday and watch marathons of trashy tv…
it was marvelous! 
but also because i had a rough week. a really rough one and i just needed some time to reflect on myself and my family.

with that, i will leave these words here and hope that they encourage you on the worst of days.

be happy

just be you. love you and stay happy.


wedding countdown..and i need y’alls help!

T W O  M O N T H S!!!!!
61 DAYS!

another month down and i am one happy bride to be.
we are now down to the little details…those little pesky details. like, what kind of baskets do you want your programs to be in? what photos do you want to make sure your photographer takes? what songs don’t you want played? do you know where your going to get sand for your sparkler send off? <– ughhhhhh!
i am now to the point where i never want to make another decision again, ever. i mean, who lets baskets stress them out??? me, that’s who.
there’s something else we have to decide on but we thought we’d ask y’alls opinion first!

alright so picture this. we have mirrors as our “welcome to our blah blah wedding” and also for our bar menu.
we are still in need of signage for the guestbook, cards and a few other things. should those be on little mirrors to go with the welcome sign or should they be printed?
here are some examples…


just something small that wouldn’t over power the welcome table


something printed in an elegant font?

what are your thoughts and opinions???

okay on to the rest of the post!

previous wedding countdowns // {10 months}   {9 months}   {8 months}
{7 months}   {6 months}   {5 months}   {4 months}   {3 months}

this month we:

  • i had my first dress fitting! my bridals are in a month so i have to make sure she is ready to fly to texas in the next few weeks! i wish i could keep my dress on all day, every day!
  • finalized all the floral! i think i’m actually going to frame my sketches because they are beautiful!
  • sent out invitations!!! how crazy is that?! i can’t believe we are this close!
  • received our first honeyfund gifts! that was such an exciting email!
  • chose our ceremony music
  • ordered programs, menus and gift tags for our favors
  • ordered a custom veil and custom jewelry to match my dress…eek!


and here are our beautiful invitations! i am beyond happy with how these turned out.


IMG_6791 IMG_6786

yay for being one month closer to marrying my best friend!!

our weekend adventures


IMG_9886 i finished a pure barre challenge! yayyy!! 25 classes in 30 days, whew!!

IMG_9893 coming home and checking the mail is by far my favorite thing to do each day. getting our rsvps back is so exhilarating!

IMG_9895 we went out to our favorite mexican restaurant and of course momma had to get a margarita!


IMG_9898 a regular service appointment for lucy {my car} landed me in this beaut… please, please sense the sarcasm.
oh and i get to stay in this bad boy until tuesday!

IMG_9899 it was just me and this minion all day

IMG_9900 a couple chai teas and manis never hurt anybody!

IMG_9904 so fresh and purdy!

IMG_9908 we got lots and lots of wedding errands taken care of, which includes perusing hobby lobby & michael’s.

IMG_9910 panera lunch date, om nom nom. it was pretty chilly, sitting at a cool 57° all day long and rainy! brrrr, hot soup was necessary.

IMG_9916 i did a whoopsie and got the most fantastic sunnies. i can’t wait till they come in!

IMG_9919 you guys…my little toothless is getting so big! how on earth do i have a 7 year old?! it’s crazy!


IMG_9922 we had a brunch date with our good friends, aaron, misha and little miss eloise, at the most delectable restaurant in seattle. fellow seattleites will agree…portage bay is the bomb!

IMG_9924 stealing some snugs from my lusers. this is a rarity, folks. so….remember this.

we seriously are so thrilled with how many rsvps we have gotten back. more than half of our guests have returned them! i honestly was thinking that we wouldn’t even get a third back. sheesh, shows how pessimistic i am, right?! ugh, these make me so happy! i can’t wait to see all of these wonderful faces!

i can’t believe another week has come and gone, i’ve been so busy focusing on our wedding that i just realized the year is almost over! WHAT?! christmas stuff is out at hobby lobby and that freaks me out!

i have a fun wedding post coming up tomorrow so make sure you come back because i need y’alls help and would love your opinion!
hope everyone had a great weekend! whadda do??


our weekend adventures


IMG_9805 friday morning i woke up to the sweetest repost from love ophelia! i ordered my bridesmaid’s robes from them and i adore them! if you are a bride in need of getting ready robes, i 100% support love ophelia!

IMG_9811 after a dermatologist appointment i worked on this all day… eek!! sometimes payroll makes my head hurt.

IMG_9812 the leaves are changing! fall is just around the corner! and you know what that means??? WEDDING TIME!

IMG_9815 after work, getting some blood drawn and shopping with jazmina, i went and had drinks with a coworker.


IMG_9817 how awesome does this look?! i bought this a while back {mine’s sold out but {here} is a similar one} and i needed to have it personalized. luckily, my friend, misha, is seriously the best calligrapher and said she would whip this up for me! i absolutely love it!! thanks misha!!

IMG_9818 IMG_9832

jaz went to a friend’s from school birthday party while cale and i got to celebrate this little munchkin’s first birthday! happy birthday little miss eloise!!!

IMG_9834 after a longggg day it was time to go night-night. do any other couples do this at night? haha we get snuggled in and then like clockwork we whip out our phones and surf away.


IMG_9837 i posted a ‘mini sephora haul – nars lip pencils‘ review. come see why i’m raving about them!

IMG_9839 okay okay…i’m admitting to actually liking kacey musgraves. i really really disliked her because of how she treated the bobby bones show {a country morning radio show that started in austin but now is syndicated all over the u.s.} she just came off really yucky and mean. in a recent bit that they did they went over their favorite albums that were just released and surprisingly this was one of them. they played a song on it so i thought i’d give it a go and…. yep i absolutely love it!
anyway! the whole reason for that blurb was just to say that i was jamming to this cd while i was cooking breakfast for my two loves. haha

IMG_9843 we had a few trees in our yard that looked a little sad so we went to the nursery to get a few plants that would fair a little better.

IMG_9844 plantin’ in the planter!

IMG_9849 after barre we all went grocery shopping! it’s a lot faster when cale comes because he just pushes the cart right behind me and i just throw things in. ‘easy’ is also a relative term when you have a 7 year old in tow. “can i have this? oh oh i need this! mommy, can i get this??”

this weekend was busy! with some recent health issues i’m really looking forward to the next quiet one. a weekend where we have no plans and nothing to do.
one can dream right?

what did you do this weekend??


mini sephora haul: nars lip pencils

uh-oh, you guys, i went into sephora… gulp!
cale was with me though so i didn’t go cray.
but i did splurge on these lip pencils and i am so excited!


alright, so i got these three bad boys.

velvet matte lip pencil
cruella // {here}
bahama // {here}

satin lip pencil 
palais royal // {here}

swatched from top to bottom // cruella : bahama : palais royal

IMG_6713 palais royal
this one is the satin lip pencil which means it’s a bit creamier than the other two. once it dries, it’s a bit more matte than shiny, which i love! what a great fall color to add to my collection!

IMG_6701 cruella
the perfect red lip! i am obsessed with this red!

IMG_6693 bahama
my new favorite neutral lip!

so let’s talk about these pencils.
i love them!
they go on so smooth and clean. like i said for the satin lip though, it’s way creamier than the matte lip so just take an extra minute to apply it.
even though these are on the pricer end for lipstick {$26} i think that it is totally worth it. totally!

remember: pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together – elizabeth taylor


instagram roundup: what i wore to work


sorry for the not posting a ‘weekend adventure’ recap…i’m so busy yall. 😦 but i had some time tonight to get this post up! So here we go! 

i have seen some of my favorite fashion bloggers do this and i thought it was a great way to incorporate some other platforms of social media on my blog. so here goes!

what i wore and an instagram roundup combined! {watch out!}

this is my second time to do a week of ‘what i wore to work’ on instagram. it’s usually just a quick shot of my outfit from an aerial view with tags of where i bought the piece.

if you don’t follow me yet… follow me! @jess_vasquez08


khaki dress pants // the limited // {here}
long sleeve shirt // target // {here}
flats // aldo //similar {here}
bow bangle // kate spade // similar {here} or {here}
renegrade bracelet // accessory concierge // {here} or similar {here}


pencil skirt // banana republic // similar {here}
tee shirt // j-crew // {here}
cardigan // old navy // {here}
pumps // bcbgeneration // {here}


blouse // the limited // similar {here}
black dress pants // the limited // {here}
pumps // bcbgeneration // {here}
statement necklace // francesca’s // similar {here}



blouse // the express // {here}
pants  // nordstrom rack // {here}
necklace // kendra scott // {here}
emmy drop earrings // kendra scott // {here}
shoes // i have no idea…they are so old // similar {here}


jeans // paige denim // {here}
tee-shirt // target // {here}
blazer // target // {here}
pumps // old // similar {here}

and there you have it! a week of what i wore to work.
see you later in august!