our weekend adventures


IMG_9805 friday morning i woke up to the sweetest repost from love ophelia! i ordered my bridesmaid’s robes from them and i adore them! if you are a bride in need of getting ready robes, i 100% support love ophelia!

IMG_9811 after a dermatologist appointment i worked on this all day… eek!! sometimes payroll makes my head hurt.

IMG_9812 the leaves are changing! fall is just around the corner! and you know what that means??? WEDDING TIME!

IMG_9815 after work, getting some blood drawn and shopping with jazmina, i went and had drinks with a coworker.


IMG_9817 how awesome does this look?! i bought this a while back {mine’s sold out but {here} is a similar one} and i needed to have it personalized. luckily, my friend, misha, is seriously the best calligrapher and said she would whip this up for me! i absolutely love it!! thanks misha!!

IMG_9818 IMG_9832

jaz went to a friend’s from school birthday party while cale and i got to celebrate this little munchkin’s first birthday! happy birthday little miss eloise!!!

IMG_9834 after a longggg day it was time to go night-night. do any other couples do this at night? haha we get snuggled in and then like clockwork we whip out our phones and surf away.


IMG_9837 i posted a ‘mini sephora haul – nars lip pencils‘ review. come see why i’m raving about them!

IMG_9839 okay okay…i’m admitting to actually liking kacey musgraves. i really really disliked her because of how she treated the bobby bones show {a country morning radio show that started in austin but now is syndicated all over the u.s.} she just came off really yucky and mean. in a recent bit that they did they went over their favorite albums that were just released and surprisingly this was one of them. they played a song on it so i thought i’d give it a go and…. yep i absolutely love it!
anyway! the whole reason for that blurb was just to say that i was jamming to this cd while i was cooking breakfast for my two loves. haha

IMG_9843 we had a few trees in our yard that looked a little sad so we went to the nursery to get a few plants that would fair a little better.

IMG_9844 plantin’ in the planter!

IMG_9849 after barre we all went grocery shopping! it’s a lot faster when cale comes because he just pushes the cart right behind me and i just throw things in. ‘easy’ is also a relative term when you have a 7 year old in tow. “can i have this? oh oh i need this! mommy, can i get this??”

this weekend was busy! with some recent health issues i’m really looking forward to the next quiet one. a weekend where we have no plans and nothing to do.
one can dream right?

what did you do this weekend??


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