our weekend adventures


IMG_9886 i finished a pure barre challenge! yayyy!! 25 classes in 30 days, whew!!

IMG_9893 coming home and checking the mail is by far my favorite thing to do each day. getting our rsvps back is so exhilarating!

IMG_9895 we went out to our favorite mexican restaurant and of course momma had to get a margarita!


IMG_9898 a regular service appointment for lucy {my car} landed me in this beaut… please, please sense the sarcasm.
oh and i get to stay in this bad boy until tuesday!

IMG_9899 it was just me and this minion all day

IMG_9900 a couple chai teas and manis never hurt anybody!

IMG_9904 so fresh and purdy!

IMG_9908 we got lots and lots of wedding errands taken care of, which includes perusing hobby lobby & michael’s.

IMG_9910 panera lunch date, om nom nom. it was pretty chilly, sitting at a cool 57° all day long and rainy! brrrr, hot soup was necessary.

IMG_9916 i did a whoopsie and got the most fantastic sunnies. i can’t wait till they come in!

IMG_9919 you guys…my little toothless is getting so big! how on earth do i have a 7 year old?! it’s crazy!


IMG_9922 we had a brunch date with our good friends, aaron, misha and little miss eloise, at the most delectable restaurant in seattle. fellow seattleites will agree…portage bay is the bomb!

IMG_9924 stealing some snugs from my lusers. this is a rarity, folks. so….remember this.

we seriously are so thrilled with how many rsvps we have gotten back. more than half of our guests have returned them! i honestly was thinking that we wouldn’t even get a third back. sheesh, shows how pessimistic i am, right?! ugh, these make me so happy! i can’t wait to see all of these wonderful faces!

i can’t believe another week has come and gone, i’ve been so busy focusing on our wedding that i just realized the year is almost over! WHAT?! christmas stuff is out at hobby lobby and that freaks me out!

i have a fun wedding post coming up tomorrow so make sure you come back because i need y’alls help and would love your opinion!
hope everyone had a great weekend! whadda do??


8 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. I LOVE your weekend adventures – so cute! And little minion’s (lol) so darn cute in her cheerleading outfit – love that she so follows mommy’s footsteps – what a great role model you are! So excited too for the wedding. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. and doesn’t she know it! haha she’s been getting even MORE attention since she’s lost her two front teeth! make sure to stop by again tomorrow, i need y’alls help deciding on some wedding decor! eeee!

      Liked by 1 person

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