our weekend adventures


i just wanted tacos alll day friday. i miss texas and i miss tacos. and big red. oh and hot fritos.

friday night we had dinner plans with our friends, shannon & galen, and their two precious babies! this little munchkin is our flower girl and jaz just adores her!


waiting for our mina girl to cheer!!

she is the tiniest out there but that doesn’t phase her! her little high kick at the end cracks me up! you can hear me laughing at the end… hehehehe!

oh you know…just regular family shenanigans.

IMG_0052 IMG_0054
i was alllll ready to go head to my full body intensive at pure barre buttttt 70 mph winds and rain had other plans in store for me. yeah, i sat in traffic for two hours to get about 3 miles from home and back. we went through a wicked wind storm and boy did it cause some major damage.

this is our neighbors house…a huge limb went completely through their roof and into their baby’s room! thank goodness the baby wasn’t hurt and momma was able to get him out. ugh so so scary! can you see the tree on top of their house??? eek!

welp, since we couldn’t go anywhere (everyone’s power was out except ours, luckily) we decided to start packing up all the wedding things that have to be sent down to tejas! cale is super excited about our koozies πŸ™‚

IMG_0059 IMG_0072
jaz helped by making a robot head.


cale’s momma is in town, so we went and had crepes and coffee! nom nom.

ugh best coffee ever!

after breakfast, momma jo and i went thrift shoppin’ for some wedding things. i can’t wait to get these babies shined and painted all prettiful!

i know this one is kind of dark but lulu was letting jaz love on her and it was so sweet! we love the lulu cuddles!!

holy weather batman! if you live in seattle, did your power get knocked out or did the wind cause any damage??
it got super scary at one point, with every crack we heard in the tree behind us we just cringed.
the rain was nice. we definitely needed that.

cheers to a happy week!

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