wedding countdown

O N E  M O N T H ! !

can y’all believe it?!
one month until i get to marry the most silly, sweet, handsomest man ever!!!
of course this past month has been crazy with fittings, workouts, planning, working, momming, the list goes on and on!
it is crazy that we are down to that one month mark! we have been engaged for so long that i thought this day would never come!

this post is going to be different from all of our other countdowns. instead of taking y’all through what we have done this past month, i decided to take y’all through what has been our lives for the past 3 years…in pictures!



our very first date… i flew to seattle after only meeting cale in person, once, on the river in texas. eeeek! what a gamble right??

look at how different we look! {fake smiles obvi}

after my seattle trip, cale flew me and jaz down to meet his family in arizona for new years!


cale came to texas for valentine’s day and we went to a fancy shmancy restaurant in san antonio!

getting some lovin from stretch!

after the trip to arizona, cale & i knew that we were it for one another. so we decided that jaz and i needed to move to seattle asap! so in march cale flew down and picked his girls up!




my first trek to couer d’alene, id!


fancy din din in the space needle!

pumpkin patch!

one day’s wages charity gala.

san francisco!


the nutcracker ballet! my favorite!



the tulip farm! the most tulips i have ever seen in my life!


my birthday painting with a twist!

ending our perfect engagement session! you can find some of those pictures {here}

i love love love horses, this was so so so much fun!

couer d’alene trek # 2!


and more weddings!


christmas in leavenworth!


totally the cool parents at jaz’s school dance.

a surprise for cale’s birthday!

shenanigans for my birthday!

reenacting our engagement on mother’s day!

baseball games!


& pure barre!

it’s been a helluva ride behbeh, i can’t wait for many more years of crazy and silly pictures!

3 0 d a y s , y a ‘ l l !

our weekend adventures


i still felt like poo so no pictures for this day. 😦


jaz had two games on saturday so i had to endure the sun…ahhhhh! i still wasn’t feeling 100% so i was miserable.

these poor girls. they were dying by the end of the second game. but it was a gorgeous day. good job seattle!

i came home to some wonderful surprises! proofs for the signage for our wedding!! ahhhhh!

i’ve been doing some thrift shopping for the frames for our wedding and this weekend was dedicated to making them prettiful again!
i can’t take credit here though, cale is such an amazing fiancé and handyman! this was phase 1.

they had such a rough saturday. laying around all day takes a lot out of ya.


cale & i slept in and woke up just in time for the seahawks game. ugh what a tough loss, it was a great game though! superbowl round 3? i think yes!

you guys! look at how awesome these turned out!!!! my honey is so awesome. I am so lucky to have a fiancè that wants to partake in wedding shenanigans. ❤

cale posted this recipe on my facebook wall and was practically drooling on everything. so he made a little trip to the store and bought all the ingredients and made the damn thing… pure sugar yall. pure sugar.

i still have a sore throat but i am finally feeling better after a week long sickness, ugh that was awful!!!
how was your yall’s weekend??


our weekend adventures


i went and picked up my custom jewelry and veil!!!!! swoon! it’s getting so close!

my new favorite sweater from mindy mae’s market! 

we came home to the cutest thank you card from little miss eloise!!


so cale’s momma has been in town for a while now but his dad came up to join too! so we all went out for crepes and coffee to catch up.

IMG_0108 IMG_0110
my poor honey has been battling a wicked cold since thursday and after some yucky coughing he finally decided to go see the doc. i hate seeing him so sick 😦

after the doctor i dropped jaz and cale off with his parents and made a quick trip to the salon…my nails looked awful! and if you follow me on instagram {@jess_vasquez08} you’ll know that i jumped on the fall train since it was cold and rainy here. so i thought i’d tie it all together with a super fall color…deep purple!

IMG_0113 IMG_0116
we went over to cale’s brother’s house for a big ol’ anderson get together! which also included this big guy! such a sweet boy!


we woke up a bit late so we grabbed lunch instead of breakfast with cale’s parents and his sister. about halfway through our meal we gained a little friend. she was so cute!

we ran to fedex to send off a complete invitation suite to our photographer and to finish off a wedding project. eeeeeee!

and low & behold…i am sick. we really thought cale’s sicky thing was allergies but as it turns out, it’s not. right around the time i started feeling icky, jaz started coughing…yay!
so hot tea, phò and ice cream was what was on the menu for the rest of the night.

monday-labor day!

i woke up feeling awful. A W F U L!! so i woke up here and i stayed here, all day. no shame.

i did manage to crank out a post though on my fall must haves and you can find that {here}

seriously, this is what i did all day. sprinkle some cat naps in there and you have yourself an awesome labor day! ughhhhhh i hate being sick. 😦

well i hope you guys had a great 3-day weekend! ours could have been so great but our health had other plans, hmph. but it was great to spend time with all of cale’s family, those guys are such a hoot, i can’t wait to be an anderson too!

stay healthy everyone! lots and lots of vitamin c for me!


fall must haves

fall must haves

1} kendra scott rayne necklace – if you know me then you know that i am obsessed with kendra scott so obviously one of her necklaces are part of my fall must haves. i love this deep red!

2} blanket scarf – i know i know, everyone and their mom has this but {here} & {here} are some different plaid patterns that creates the fall casual look just as well.

3} mac lipstick in taupe – i’ve actually linked and raved about this before. it’s one of those beauty items that transitions easy from summer to fall.

4} nars lip pencil in cruella – i actually just did a review on this bad boy {here}. this might be my most important fall staple…a big, bold, red lip! ugh so pretty!

5} black booties – i dare you to walk into a store, go to the shoe section and tell me if you don’t find a pair of black booties…yeah, that’s not going to happen. fall is here and booties are out! get you some!

6} kendra scott addie earrings – please refer to #1 regarding my ks obsession. but these are new and i’m in love! rose gold is my fave and these will be sure to dress up any of my work outfits!

7} a chambray button down – i’m pretty sure all stores have jumped on the band wagon of all things chambray so finding this won’t be hard. you can literally do so many things with a chambray button down. keep it open with a tee underneath and you have a super casual look. close it up and tuck it in under a midi skirt and you have a sophisticated office look. possibilities are endless!

8} kate spade neutral handbag – i’m such a sucker for neutral tone everything. just because it’s incredibly easy to match it with any outfit especially if you are like me and don’t like to switch out your purses to match your outfits.

9} any color moto jacket – i have 4 moto jackets…a grey, white, black and a mint one. i am currently on the hunt for a luggage color one! these jackets aren’t heavy duty but they are perfect for the light winds and chills that fall brings.

10} neutral booties – as much as the black ones are a must have, i think some neutral ones are just as important. matter fact just buy them all!

happy fall, y’all!
now go do some shopping!


it’s review time!!

good morning!!!
it’s review time and this post is all about
the mighty mug! 

i accepted this ‘freebie’ in exchange for a review post because…
1. i am a working momma that always has a drink on my desk.
2. i watched the youtube videos and thought ‘what is this trickery?’
3. uhm…who doesn’t like free things?

alright, so the day that i received my tumbler in the mail i literally…literally… spilled my coffee all over my person and my desk. because i knocked it over with my elbow…i’m not lying…if you follow me on snapchat {@jaevas…shameless plug} you know that i am being honest and my fiance, daughter and co-workers can attest to me smelling like dry milk all day.

needless to say i whipped this out immediately and put it to the test.



i am constantly drinking water at work so i decided to go with a ice tumbler instead of a coffee mug…after my little incident i now regret that decision. but not really because this one is pretty cool too.


the little trick to this magical mug!
this part of the mug is sticky. not like gooey or tape sticky but like rubber sticky.
when i first tried it out i had dropped it… lol whoops, so the bottom got dirty which then made it tip a little easy but after i cleaned it off this mug did not budge.

here’s a youtube video that i found that shows you exactly how it works

so here are the pros & cons:


  • bpa free
  • this specific mug can hold hot & cold liquids
  • it’s cute {i wish it was pink, honestly but hey…whatever}
  • it has a double wall construction so it keeps my water cold


  • while it does stop most tipping, it’s not very effective when the cup is full. because of the weight the smartgrip loses it’s suction.
  • mmmmm…it’s not pink? but can that really even count as a con? haha

this product is win for this momma!
had i had my coffee in a mighty mug it most likely would not have gotten all over me and my desk. poops
i know this review is random as i usually only review beauty products but hey, i thought i’d broaden my horizons!
plus it’s definitely relative to my profession and clumsiness!

thanks for reading through and if you are interested in purchasing one of these, here are some quick links:
my exact mug // {here}
mighty mug go // 16 oz // {here}
mighty mug solo // 12 oz // {here}
mighty mug desk // 16 oz..compact version // {here}

thanks for stopping by!


 {these items were provided by mighty mug in exchange for a review. the opinions are 100% my own}