it’s review time!!

good morning!!!
it’s review time and this post is all about
the mighty mug! 

i accepted this ‘freebie’ in exchange for a review post because…
1. i am a working momma that always has a drink on my desk.
2. i watched the youtube videos and thought ‘what is this trickery?’
3. uhm…who doesn’t like free things?

alright, so the day that i received my tumbler in the mail i literally…literally… spilled my coffee all over my person and my desk. because i knocked it over with my elbow…i’m not lying…if you follow me on snapchat {@jaevas…shameless plug} you know that i am being honest and my fiance, daughter and co-workers can attest to me smelling like dry milk all day.

needless to say i whipped this out immediately and put it to the test.



i am constantly drinking water at work so i decided to go with a ice tumbler instead of a coffee mug…after my little incident i now regret that decision. but not really because this one is pretty cool too.


the little trick to this magical mug!
this part of the mug is sticky. not like gooey or tape sticky but like rubber sticky.
when i first tried it out i had dropped it… lol whoops, so the bottom got dirty which then made it tip a little easy but after i cleaned it off this mug did not budge.

here’s a youtube video that i found that shows you exactly how it works

so here are the pros & cons:


  • bpa free
  • this specific mug can hold hot & cold liquids
  • it’s cute {i wish it was pink, honestly but hey…whatever}
  • it has a double wall construction so it keeps my water cold


  • while it does stop most tipping, it’s not very effective when the cup is full. because of the weight the smartgrip loses it’s suction.
  • mmmmm…it’s not pink? but can that really even count as a con? haha

this product is win for this momma!
had i had my coffee in a mighty mug it most likely would not have gotten all over me and my desk. poops
i know this review is random as i usually only review beauty products but hey, i thought i’d broaden my horizons!
plus it’s definitely relative to my profession and clumsiness!

thanks for reading through and if you are interested in purchasing one of these, here are some quick links:
my exact mug // {here}
mighty mug go // 16 oz // {here}
mighty mug solo // 12 oz // {here}
mighty mug desk // 16 oz..compact version // {here}

thanks for stopping by!


 {these items were provided by mighty mug in exchange for a review. the opinions are 100% my own}

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