our weekend adventures


i went and picked up my custom jewelry and veil!!!!! swoon! it’s getting so close!

my new favorite sweater from mindy mae’s market! 

we came home to the cutest thank you card from little miss eloise!!


so cale’s momma has been in town for a while now but his dad came up to join too! so we all went out for crepes and coffee to catch up.

IMG_0108 IMG_0110
my poor honey has been battling a wicked cold since thursday and after some yucky coughing he finally decided to go see the doc. i hate seeing him so sick 😦

after the doctor i dropped jaz and cale off with his parents and made a quick trip to the salon…my nails looked awful! and if you follow me on instagram {@jess_vasquez08} you’ll know that i jumped on the fall train since it was cold and rainy here. so i thought i’d tie it all together with a super fall color…deep purple!

IMG_0113 IMG_0116
we went over to cale’s brother’s house for a big ol’ anderson get together! which also included this big guy! such a sweet boy!


we woke up a bit late so we grabbed lunch instead of breakfast with cale’s parents and his sister. about halfway through our meal we gained a little friend. she was so cute!

we ran to fedex to send off a complete invitation suite to our photographer and to finish off a wedding project. eeeeeee!

and low & behold…i am sick. we really thought cale’s sicky thing was allergies but as it turns out, it’s not. right around the time i started feeling icky, jaz started coughing…yay!
so hot tea, phò and ice cream was what was on the menu for the rest of the night.

monday-labor day!

i woke up feeling awful. A W F U L!! so i woke up here and i stayed here, all day. no shame.

i did manage to crank out a post though on my fall must haves and you can find that {here}

seriously, this is what i did all day. sprinkle some cat naps in there and you have yourself an awesome labor day! ughhhhhh i hate being sick. 😦

well i hope you guys had a great 3-day weekend! ours could have been so great but our health had other plans, hmph. but it was great to spend time with all of cale’s family, those guys are such a hoot, i can’t wait to be an anderson too!

stay healthy everyone! lots and lots of vitamin c for me!


6 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

    1. ahhhh sorry i didn’t respond sooner! i never got my comment notifications! 😦 but thank you! it’s actually from Target! every once in a while i take a peek at their statement pieces and score big time!

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