our weekend adventures


i still felt like poo so no pictures for this day. 😦


jaz had two games on saturday so i had to endure the sun…ahhhhh! i still wasn’t feeling 100% so i was miserable.

these poor girls. they were dying by the end of the second game. but it was a gorgeous day. good job seattle!

i came home to some wonderful surprises! proofs for the signage for our wedding!! ahhhhh!

i’ve been doing some thrift shopping for the frames for our wedding and this weekend was dedicated to making them prettiful again!
i can’t take credit here though, cale is such an amazing fiancé and handyman! this was phase 1.

they had such a rough saturday. laying around all day takes a lot out of ya.


cale & i slept in and woke up just in time for the seahawks game. ugh what a tough loss, it was a great game though! superbowl round 3? i think yes!

you guys! look at how awesome these turned out!!!! my honey is so awesome. I am so lucky to have a fiancè that wants to partake in wedding shenanigans. ❤

cale posted this recipe on my facebook wall and was practically drooling on everything. so he made a little trip to the store and bought all the ingredients and made the damn thing… pure sugar yall. pure sugar.

i still have a sore throat but i am finally feeling better after a week long sickness, ugh that was awful!!!
how was your yall’s weekend??


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