honeymoonin’ and groovin’ in aruba!


well, in case you didn’t know…


october 18, 2015 was the best and most perfect day ever!!!

okay so I have so many posts coming up for ya’ll and yes they are wedding related…duh! i can’t quite post professional photography pictures yet as my photographer is trying to get them published and I think everyone knows that other blogs and websites love exclusivity sooo..yeah.

but i will be posting my bridals {eeeeeek} and a few photos from friends and family, a roundup if you will.

in case you missed our beautiful ‘same day edit’ i guess I can link it again.

I seriously can watch that thing over and over again!! make me cry every single time!

on to the post!


aruba… i repeat….ARUBA!!!


one day married!


we stayed in the luxorious hotel ella in downtown austin on the night of our wedding. honestly, we were exhausted so we didn’t even get to appreciate how great our suite was. the bed was huge, the bathroom was granite everything and we had our own balcony. we did however, wake up and enjoyed some mimosas as newlyweds. reliving each minute of the night before and discussing things that happened that i had no idea about. {thanks to my coordinator i was kept out of the loop with any problems that arose…which is a good thing. haha}


cale finally got to join the husbands club!


and of course the guys had to get a real good look at the new bling!


still getting used to my bands and seeing a ring on his finger!!!

two days married!


early early 6 AM flight to paradise!

it’s our honeymoon right? so we extra splurged and decided to fly first class there and back.



i will never get used to this!!!

{beware…lots more ring pictures coming up!}


dun dun dun….WE HAVE ARRIVED!!!

this was just the view from our room! ugh…swoon!

we chose bucuti and tara beach resort from the rave reviews on tripadvisor and boy, they weren’t kidding! this place is fantastic! best customer service we have EVER received!


upon arrival we were greeted at the reception desk with two glasses of champagne and then a complimentary bottle was waiting for us in our room. being newlyweds really has it’s perks.


such a sweet welcome message to remind us to relax and enjoy our honeymoon!


all those white umbrellas are for the sole use of bucuti guests which mind you, is a adult only resort…moms know what i’m getting at…peace & quiet!


cheers to a great honeymoon! let the festivities begin!

first stop…sunset massages!


IMG_6939 IMG_6944 IMG_6941

after a long year and a half of planning a wedding and surviving the actual wedding, this was well needed!


our first dinner!

three days married!


breakfast on the beach!


hanging out by the beach with this handsome guy!


just taking it all in! it is so gorgeous!

we decided that we were in dire need of munchies so we trekked to the nearest grocery store…bad idea. walking in about 90% humidity is the absolute worst. also…american ‘munchies’…not the same in foreign countries…just an fyi.


after spending all day at the beach we had to leave the white sands…but only for a few minutes because our toes were right back in it when we got to our dinner reservations at barefoot restaurant.


our table… gasp!!!!




2nd night dinner with my husband!

four days married!

IMG_0665 IMG_0669

we hung out for most of the morning, just catching some rays and apparently ‘partying naked’.

next up : deep sea fishing!!!

sorry for the worst resolution picture but I CAUGHT A FREAKIN’ SAILFISH!
how cool is that…i mean seriously. so cool!
it took me a good 10-15 minutes to reel this bad boy in and after trying to quit 5 or 6 times, we finally pulled him aboard!!
subsequently, however, i puked my ever living brains out. deep sea fishing is just not my jam.


after i caught the big boy, we had to release him and cale caught the rest of our dinner {i was so sick, ya’ll}… but he was able to catch a mahi mahi…our favorite!

once we got back they cleaned our fish (cale caught 5!} and then cooked them 5 different ways for us! nom nom nom!

there was so many wild iguanas just roaming about! this one actually took a picture with cale!

five days married!

IMG_0692 IMG_0751 IMG_0704

waking up and playing on the beach was basically our routine by this point.

next up : snorkeling!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.16.28 PM
we went on a private snorkeling trip and it was

we went to three different spots, the first one was full of colorful schools and lots of dori fish!!! yes…we tried to catch dori. the second was a sunken ship in the middle of the ocean. hurricane patricia had already made landfall so waves were pretty choppy and kept crashing over my snorkel and…i freaked out after the fifth mouthful of salt water blegh!! the third site was full of weird fish but ultimately, the first stop was our favorite! unfortunately, we didn’t get many pictures, just videos. 🙂

after all the fun in the sun we decided to go get some good ol’ pizza and ditched our fancy shmancy dinner reservations only to find out that the whole island’s power was knocked out. eek! lucky for us, our resort has back up generators {this must happen often} and we got to eat bar food and drink all night long! just what we needed!

the sunsets are unreal on this island!

six days married!

we woke up crazy early, rented a 4×4 jeep and explored the island!

typical tourist stop…

stopped at baby beach, stacked some rocks and made out.
perfect honeymoon!


we went four wheelin’ and stumbled upon this untouched site! i’m standing on coral…pure coral.


kissy kissy smoochie smoochie!

cheers to the roughest ride imaginable…

a teeny tiny natural pool! cale busted ass and i was freaked i was going to put my hand on a crab. pretty much sums up how we felt about that.
just kidding, it was pretty neat!


don’t let this picture fool you…this terrain was mega rough and my head took a few good hits to the side of the jeep.

oh oh…this aruba’s map. notice, there are…NO STREET NAMES!!! the numbers are simply landmarks. this was literally the most frustrating thing ever! we did however, stop at that little pizza guy you see near #28. it was the most janky little place but so so good!

next up : private cabana dinner at sunset!

yes, we got to dine in this beautiful little cabana. just the two of us. reminiscing on our wedding day, on each and every day and night of our honeymoon thus far and planning the rest of our lives as a little family.

it was such a perfect night!



cheers to a long & happy marriage, my love!

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