our weekend adventures {long}



every year we have put up our christmas tree on thanksgiving night {or at least close to it} and this year, because jazmyne was going to be going to texas for thanksgiving, we figured we would do it a little early. last year was when we started doing the time lapse video and i think it’ll stay. you can watch that ⇒{here}⇐ on my facebook. it’s a fun way to capture a family tradition throughout the years.

this was taken on wednesday but i love it and even though she will only be gone for a few days {she comes back monday} i will still miss her so much. split custody is hard…but split custody living states away is a million times harder.

we headed to the airport thanksgiving morning to send jaz on her way. do you guys know how many times i have been at the seatac airport this year? this is my 16th time… seriously. not even remotely kidding, although i wish i were. it’s been a busy travel year for me. i hate this place.

after dropping of the minas, cale and i headed to a friends house whose animals we were looking after while they were on vacation. apparently, thanksgiving in seattle means driving like complete idiots. so many accidents meant hours of sitting in traffic.

little miss eleanor! love this precious girl so so much!

we were invited over to our friends family’s home for dinner and they just adopted the cutest kittens!!! you know this crazy cat lady was all over them! eeee such little bittles!

we played quite the prank on our facebook friends that night… we captioned this picture with :
“we have so so much to be thankful for! I’M EXPECTING….
….a huge poop tomorrow! hahahahaha”
cale and i thought it was hilarious…others weren’t too amused and actually fell for it because they didn’t click ‘see more’. oh boy, it’s going to suck when we actually do get pregnant and i announce it because no one is going to believe me! haha
the girl who cried pregnant, i guess huh?
ahhh too funny!

we ended the night with a good ol’ game of cards against humanity…this game is ruthless!


i decided to brave the crowds with a friend for black friday deals…i got a serious amount of loot at costco, woop woop!

this was the only picture from that day. after shopping all day and having a few too many glasses of wine the night before, i threw on some jim jams and we watched the last hunger games movie to make sure we were caught up before we went and saw the new one.


cale and i woke up and decided that it was going to be ‘date day!‘ we basically haven’t had any alone time since the honeymoon so i was so excited! we decided to start it off with crepes & coffee at our favorite little cafe in seattle.

part 2 of date daythe hunger games mocking jay part 2. oh goodness. this was a great movie! we thoroughly enjoyed it. just make sure to refresh you memory on the last movie, it literally picks up exactly where it left off. but we would definitely recommend going and watching this.

part 3 of date day, we made a little pit stop at hobby lobby for some light clips for the house before we went and met up with cale’s brother and his wife at a new pizza place down the street from our houses. it was a double date!
check out this ombre sky though! seattle has been just gorgeous this weekend! clear blue skies every day and amazing sunsets.


alright….so scratch what i just said about the weather…this is what we woke up to sunday morning. yikes! hello fog!

so bundled up to put the lights up on the house! it’s cold, ya’ll!

such a goon.

costco for the win! love these candy canes and presents!!

ya’ll know what this means!!!
our first family holiday card as the andersons!!
our first holiday card ever, actually, so you can imagine how pumped i am! these go out on monday!

cale and i decided that we were just going to focus on mina girl this year since, i dunno…we just had an extravagant wedding and an incredible honeymoon a little less than 2 months ago! haha we figured that was a big enough present to last all year long.
it’s not even december yet, i’m terrified to see what her stash will look like at christmas!

even though jaz was in texas, cale and i still had a great time. it’s easier for me when she is only gone for a few days rather than a whole month like in the summer. and sometimes it’s nice to just spend some adult time with my husband but i want my baby back…like now.
i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and that you got to spend it with the ones you love the very most.
what kind of traditions do you and your family do?
is your christmas tree up? has christmas spirit officially hit your home??
ohhhh did you make out like a bandit for black friday?? tell me all about it!!

thanks for stopping by!


a tasty series : mini oreo cheesecakes

hello and welcome to blog diabeetus.
haha just kidding {kinda}

in case you don’t have a facebook {i have trust issues with people that don’t} then i will fill you in on something my husband has stumbled across…


→  buzzfeed’s tasty  ←

it’s basically a 10-15 second video of a delicious, heart attack causing, but again, so delicious recipe.
and my husband watches every one and usually posts them to my wall so i know what to stop at the store for, on my way home.

i recently saw one and immediately regretted what my salivary glands were doing and i knew, because of my impulsiveness, that i would be stopping at the store to pick up everything i needed.
that my friends, was this glorious, mini oreo cheesecake goodness.
it had me at oreo. 

so to clue you in on why i am calling this the ‘tasty series‘ :
cale has tried two different recipe from this and they came out superb. i have tried just this one that i am about to show you and it knocked people’s socks off!
so we decided that we are going to do a husband & wife mini-series. basically of us getting fat on carb saturated recipes.

obviously my disclaimer is that these are not my recipes and
the purpose of these posts are just for fun and to review them.
{please don’t sue me}

oreo cheesecakes!

what you’ll need:
16 oz softened cream cheese
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
package of regular oreos {not double stuff}



preheat your oven to 275°


1 } mix the cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, vanilla and eggs together in a bowl. it’s best to do it when your cream cheese has softened.

should look something like this


2 } line your pan with some cupcake liners. AND THEN…{name that movie!}


3 } drop some oreos in. use all the will power in the world to not pop one in your mouth. you already did it, didn’t you? that’s okay…me too. now use a large spoon to scoop the concoction you created atop of the oreos. go ahead and fill those bad boys up to the brim.


4 } separate about 10 oreos, meaning scrap off the filling. you will only use the actual cookie part. you can either break the cookies with your hands or just take a big{er} knife and chop chop chop. something similar to ⇑ is what you want.


5 } sprinkle the oreo chunks to the tops of the cupcakes. stick these in your preheated oven and let them bake for about 22 minutes. when ready, let them cool to room temperature, then place them in the fridge for 2-3 hours.








not going to lie though, i ate about 4 or 5 of them.
so so good!

have you guys tried any of tasty’s recipes?
if so which ones?? i would love to see or hear about your experience!

i hope you guys enjoyed this, there will be lots more recipes to come from the new
mr & mrs!

till then!!

chef jess

our weekend adventures


my girl dropped her album and i am so pumped. she literally…literally, has the voice of an angel. gosh this album is fantastic, it’s on repeat and will be for the rest of my life.

so fall is over and winter is in full effect. just an fyi.

we haven’t had a family dinner night with just the three of us since before the wedding so of course we chose our favorite mexican restaurant! yum!

cale hates when i mess with the thermostat in the car. yes it really needed to be at 90°, it was that cold!


oh yes, it’s the best time of the year and ain’t nobody stopping my christmas spirit.

these two ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i give myself a little credit that i didn’t go out and search for this glorious magazine. ugh, of course not…ha nope i have a subscription so it was delivered to my front door. ha!

we attended our second friendsgiving with our lovely neighbors! we always love getting together with everyone, especially when we can send all the kids upstairs and just have good old fashioned adult time. thank you jessica & david for hosting such a wonderful dinner!

the andersons // friendsgiving //2015 }


i rolled out of bed, made some breakfast and went on my usual sunday errands. i didn’t realize that i looked like a bum bum until i walked by a full length mirror. yikes! sorry if you saw me it was just one of those days.

now that the cold weather is here to stay {they are calling for chance of snow this week {!!!!!} } i decided to make all of my favorite soups! this is my {chicken & green chile soup} i posted this recipe a couple months back.
it is seriously my favorite soup!

so we may or may not have put up our christmas tree already… okay we did! but we have a valid excuse, we usually put up our tree thanksgiving night but this year jazmyne is going to texas to stay with her grandparents on thanksgiving morning. so we won’t have time to put it up and we definitely do not have any free time to do it this week, so we had no choice! don’t be a scrooge!! get in the christmas spirit!!

what did you guys do this weekend??
who else put up their tree??


products i’m in love with

i just wanted to do a quick, little post about some recent items that i have fallen completely in love with!
i had used the same products for so long that i started wondering if maybe there might be some new products that i might love more.
i am thrilled with of these products!
november favorites

1 }  prep & prime from mac – let me start out by saying, i never used a primer. i didn’t understand them nor did i want to get my hands messy. now let me retract everything i have ever thought about a primer and sit down. ya’ll, this stuff is my jam!! first off, it’s a spray not a lotion, which…halleluh because, no mess! it’s incredibly light weight and it makes my foundation slide on like a dream! oh and it smells nice.

2 } be curly by aveda – as you have seen in my last weekend adventure post, i chopped all of my hair off {eek!}. my stylist suggested i try this stuff when i wanted to wear my hair natural. i was skeptical at first as i have tried every product imaginable to tame my curls and waves but i decided to give this product a go. holy grail of curly hair products. not joking. i’ll leave it there.

3 } butterfly mascara by l’oreal – so far my favorite drugstore mascara, however…i am still on the hunt for that holy grail. i always jump the gun and say ‘omg this is best mascara, ever!’ and then continue to use it and realize meh, not so much. but so far so good, it definitely lengthens!

4 } studio sculpt by mac – yes yes yes! i was using kat von d’s foundation but it started to get too cakey for me so i went into mac and had them play around with my face. and holy yes! i love this foundation because you can literally use a pea size drop and it will fully cover your face. or, during those pesky times of the month, you can layer it and still look natural! love love love!

5 } stipled brush from mac – i have all the sizes, large, medium and mini… that is just how much i love love love them. i use the medium brush for my morning application and finish it with the large brush and then i keep the mini in my purse for little touch-ups throughout the day. these make my makeup look like it was airbrushed

6 } mineral veil by bareminerals – this stuff…oh boy this stuff is a miracle in a little container. this sets my foundation beautifully and makes it last all day. somedays when i don’t feel like putting on foundation, i’ll just throw some of this on and rock the natural look. it blurs all the right lines. i’ve gone through 3 of these bad boys and i ain’t stoppin.

have you tried any of these products?
did you like them? did you love them…did you hate them?? tell me why!
what are your current favorite beauty products?

jess ♥ 

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our weekend adventures


the vgals {volunteer guardian ad litems} put out their giving trees and we finally got our kids to get gifts for this christmas!
**fun fact about me** i was in foster care from age 11 through 18, i aged out and it might have been the greatest thing to happen to me. now i’m at a point in my life that i am able to give more than just gifts for my own child, now i can make a foster youth feel as i did when i opened my gifts from my casa {court appointed special advocate, same as vgal}. i was always so excited!! **
please consider calling a shelter or finding programs similar to this one, nearest to you and if you are able, donate a gift or two. you are making a difference, i promise.

i had to come home and start on the brine for the turkey that i was bringing to our 2nd annual friendsgiving!!


jaz and i had so many errands to run saturday morning and the sogginess did not bode well. but jaz did notice that all of our trees down our street changed colors…like, overnight! it was a nice pop of color to see against that very grey sky.

friendsgiving 2015

so when i moved to seattle a couple years ago, i wanted to start something, something similar to what i would go to in texas with all of my closest friends. and that little tradition is called friendsgiving.
so i got close to 30 people to marry a date and time and i was ecstatic! my first dinner party in seattle, woohooo!! well somehow i managed to volunteer myself for both friendsgiving AND neighborgiving…so i knew lots of planning was to be had in order to pull off another great get-together.
[i actually did a post on our first friendsgiving →{here}← go check it out, and also keep in mind that was one of my very first posts so…sorry if it’s a little boring, haha! ]
so, i knew i couldn’t host this year with the wedding and all so i asked my dear friend {misha} if her and husband minded hosting….they have a beautiful {newly renovated} craftsman in the cutest part of seattle and misha always throws a killer dinner party! any who, she said yes and i knew she would knock it out of the park, and she did!!!

the beautiful place settings.

loved it!

misha’s late grandmother had all of this beautiful crystal that she was able to keep. so pretty!

table decor

she’s a blogger too! and a super creative blogger at that. most of this decor and all of her seasonal decor is diy, go check out her blog and get some super cute ideas! {emerald city diaries}

i was in charge of the real turkey, but i thought it would be fun to make a cheese and meat board turkey too!
seriously, how fun is this guy??

the andersons – 2015

yep, i hear ya ovaries…momma hears ya! miss eloise always makes my baby fever run wild!

↓ friendsgiving 2014 ↓
eloise, jazmyne, neva, cameron, lily & audrey

↓ friendsgiving 2015 ↓
eloise, jazmyne, lily & cameron
we were missing a few of our babies but next year, we will have two more little additions, maybe more…. OP!

everything was delicious and beautiful! i can’t wait for next year!!


we quite literally, did absolutely nothing except get ready to watch the seahawks vs. cardinals game.
this moment gave me chills, the nfl held a moment of silence for the tragedy that happened in paris on friday,
the u.s. supports you, france. we care. ♥

the seahawks, however, can’t support the ball.
this was the most annoying game i have ever watched. almost every play got reviewed, reversed, re-reversed, red flagged…you name it! ugh…ultimately landing us with a loss. no good, seahawks…no freakin good!

the game got us too riled up so this is me at 11:44 pm, honey masking and blogging it up!

how was your weekend?
do you host a friendsgiving or a thanksgiving dinner? i would love to see your set up!

until next time!


what i wore to work: november

i am going to try my best to keep this series going, just as long as i remember…hehe
so here is november’s post for

what i wore to work

follow me on instagram to see more outfits that i may post throughout the month!

i work in a professional office as an accounting specialist, so sometimes i meet with the head honchos and have to look my best. i work behind a locked door but i do interact with the public, very seldom but it occasionally happens and when it does i have to look professional.
so for me, distressed denim, leggings and relaxed shirts are not appropriate for my work place.  whomp whomp!
but that’s okay! if you can’t tell by my love for polka dots and the color pink, i’m much more of a, high-waisted skirt with some cute bow pumps, gal anyway!


peplum top // h&m //similar // {here}
ankle pixie pants // old navy // ON SALE // {here}
pointed pumps // bcbgeneration // {here}
sutton satchel purse // michael kors // dusty rose is sold out everywhere, similar // {here}
statement necklace // kate spade // similar // {here}


long sleeve layering tee // target // {here}
straight leg pants // the limited // {here}
wedge pumps // jessica simpson // {here}
selma satchel purse // michael kors // {here}
leopard scarf // similar {here}


crew neck tee // ann taylor // {here}
ankle dress pants // old navy // similar // {here}
neutral bow purse // kate spade // {here}
rayne tassel necklace // kendra scott // {here}


relaxed tee // old navy // SALE // {here}
striped skirt // the loft // similar style // {here}
black pumps // steve madden // {here}
sutton satchel purse // michael kors // {here}


long sleeve striped tee // target // {here}
vest // northface // {here}
skinny jeans // paige denim // {here}
booties // sam edelman // similar // {here}
layered necklace // forever 21 // similar // {here}

what’s your work style?
see you next month!

our weekend adventures


i posted my bridals friday morning, did you see???
if you missed it, you can read all about dori →{here}←

work this week was a doozy…we are getting audited in all of our departments {payroll, accounts payable and grants} and i’m about to pull my hair out! bleghhhhh! so coming home to this view in our neighborhood was the calmness that i needed. yay for fridays!

lulu had a rough week too.


hopefully jaz’s last game!!! its starting to get cold and rainy so we are crossing our fingers that this will be here last game for the season!

look at us big babies! but seriously…it was friggen cold!

after mina’s game, cale wanted to stop by a little swedish store to get his favorite goat cheese and cracker thing {tastes awful….} and we decided to play dress up instead!

winter is almost here which means…lulu’s fur is getting long! time to start the brushing!!


we met up with our good friends and their babies for dimsum! yum yum yum!!

and yes i got my baby fix! little miss eleanor, y’all! so chunky and so sweet!!!!

jaz got her baby fix too! these two are something else!

i just can’t get enough! and yes…jaz had a wardrobe change…sighhh…what have i created!

friendsgiving is next weekend and i volunteered to do the turkey again…just as long as i didn’t have to host! haha hosting last year was quite the chore and planning that AND a wedding would have killed me. not to toot my own horn…but uh…BOTH of my turkeys last year turned out fantastically….ahem {toot toot}. i’m excited! yay food!

i had a couple of my neighbor friends over for some snacks and wine to catch them up on how the wedding went and to catch up on all the things i missed while i was in wedding lala land! it’s always a good time with my ladies!

hoped you stayed dry this weekend! it was quite the soggy one.
for the most part, our weekend was pretty quiet, which was so nice. laying around the house in our pjs while it’s raining is seriously the best!
quiet weekends are my jam!!

what did you do??

jess sig