our weekend adventures


i got to work and had the best surprise! that’s MRS. jessica anderson! 🙂

casual friday in my favorite tennis! they make me look like i have baby feets!

IMG_0779 IMG_0782
carving pumpkins and watching hocus pocusit’s tradition!

friday night cuddle puddle! cale and all his girls…chandler bing was being a poop.

saturday {halloween}

jaz had a football game halloween morning. jaz practically got pulled off that girl’s shoulders because they didn’t cut any holes…fail! lol

love love love these fall colors!!!

so i’ve been growing my hair out just for the wedding and boy was it long! i knew that i was going to chop it all off immediately after and i am so happy i actually did it!! i love love love love love it!

a quick run to uvillage and took the infamous OOTD bathroom selfie

we headed to our friends, aaron & misha‘s, for the annual halloween parade in their neighborhood. they were dressed up as the flintstones…. isn’t little miss eloise the cutest pebbles ever?!

the anderson family – halloween 2015

it’s so yucky and wet here that jaz unfortunately, had to wear her coat the whole time so no one actually knew what she was, which was a mermaid. but she was the cutest little mermaid ever!!!!

after trick-or-treating we went back to their house and played a few games, drawlful is so fun…ugh but so so hard!


morning kitty cuddles with papa bear.

IMG_0824 IMG_0826
momma’s not the only one who chopped off all of their hair this weekend!! similar to me, we were only growing her hair out for the wedding. once she saw mine and how i chopped it all off, she wanted hers gone too. thank goodness!!!

i had to drop off my wedding bands and engagement ring so they can solder them together. keeping 3 bands in the same place on your finger is really tough and quite annoying. it feels so weird to be ringless!! check out that tan line though! yikes!

seahawks vs. the cowboys. all i have to say is that our offense needs to step their damn game up! if russell freaking wilson gets sacked one more time….ugh!!!!! get it together hawks! it wasn’t a pretty win but a win nonetheless.

cale has discovered ‘tasty’ on facebook and has been making every diabeetus recipe he watches. macaroni and cheese cupcakes were on his agenda tonight.

it’s been a yucky weekend so some hot & hearty soup was necessary.
you can find my recipe for this creamy chicken tortilla soup →{here}←

oreos and milk in my pure barre mug…kind of ironic, eh? haha

how was your halloween weekend???
i hope you stayed dry and had so much fun! cale and i have made it our mission to have the best costumes next year! i can’t wait!

oh, i’ve changed a few of my social media names, so if you don’t already follow me then you should! my usernames are all listed below! lets be friends!

instagram heart shaped free social media icon – @jess_g_anderson

twitter heart shaped free social media icon – @jess_g_anderson

pinterest heart shaped free social media icon       – @JgAnderson1

snapchat-logo-F20CDB1199-seeklogo.com   – @jaevas

instagram, twitter and pinterest are all linked if you click on the icon and luckily they had some usernames that i liked…snapchat, however, won’t let you change your username and keep all of your friends. uhhhhh i have so many of y’all that i just don’t want to start all over again. so that’ll stay with my maiden name. whomp whomp!

thanks for stopping by and thank you for sticking with me while i took a little wedding hiatus! i have the best followers ever!

 anderson ever after-jes

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