our weekend adventures


i posted my bridals friday morning, did you see???
if you missed it, you can read all about dori →{here}←

work this week was a doozy…we are getting audited in all of our departments {payroll, accounts payable and grants} and i’m about to pull my hair out! bleghhhhh! so coming home to this view in our neighborhood was the calmness that i needed. yay for fridays!

lulu had a rough week too.


hopefully jaz’s last game!!! its starting to get cold and rainy so we are crossing our fingers that this will be here last game for the season!

look at us big babies! but seriously…it was friggen cold!

after mina’s game, cale wanted to stop by a little swedish store to get his favorite goat cheese and cracker thing {tastes awful….} and we decided to play dress up instead!

winter is almost here which means…lulu’s fur is getting long! time to start the brushing!!


we met up with our good friends and their babies for dimsum! yum yum yum!!

and yes i got my baby fix! little miss eleanor, y’all! so chunky and so sweet!!!!

jaz got her baby fix too! these two are something else!

i just can’t get enough! and yes…jaz had a wardrobe change…sighhh…what have i created!

friendsgiving is next weekend and i volunteered to do the turkey again…just as long as i didn’t have to host! haha hosting last year was quite the chore and planning that AND a wedding would have killed me. not to toot my own horn…but uh…BOTH of my turkeys last year turned out fantastically….ahem {toot toot}. i’m excited! yay food!

i had a couple of my neighbor friends over for some snacks and wine to catch them up on how the wedding went and to catch up on all the things i missed while i was in wedding lala land! it’s always a good time with my ladies!

hoped you stayed dry this weekend! it was quite the soggy one.
for the most part, our weekend was pretty quiet, which was so nice. laying around the house in our pjs while it’s raining is seriously the best!
quiet weekends are my jam!!

what did you do??

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