our weekend adventures


the vgals {volunteer guardian ad litems} put out their giving trees and we finally got our kids to get gifts for this christmas!
**fun fact about me** i was in foster care from age 11 through 18, i aged out and it might have been the greatest thing to happen to me. now i’m at a point in my life that i am able to give more than just gifts for my own child, now i can make a foster youth feel as i did when i opened my gifts from my casa {court appointed special advocate, same as vgal}. i was always so excited!! **
please consider calling a shelter or finding programs similar to this one, nearest to you and if you are able, donate a gift or two. you are making a difference, i promise.

i had to come home and start on the brine for the turkey that i was bringing to our 2nd annual friendsgiving!!


jaz and i had so many errands to run saturday morning and the sogginess did not bode well. but jaz did notice that all of our trees down our street changed colors…like, overnight! it was a nice pop of color to see against that very grey sky.

friendsgiving 2015

so when i moved to seattle a couple years ago, i wanted to start something, something similar to what i would go to in texas with all of my closest friends. and that little tradition is called friendsgiving.
so i got close to 30 people to marry a date and time and i was ecstatic! my first dinner party in seattle, woohooo!! well somehow i managed to volunteer myself for both friendsgiving AND neighborgiving…so i knew lots of planning was to be had in order to pull off another great get-together.
[i actually did a post on our first friendsgiving →{here}← go check it out, and also keep in mind that was one of my very first posts so…sorry if it’s a little boring, haha! ]
so, i knew i couldn’t host this year with the wedding and all so i asked my dear friend {misha} if her and husband minded hosting….they have a beautiful {newly renovated} craftsman in the cutest part of seattle and misha always throws a killer dinner party! any who, she said yes and i knew she would knock it out of the park, and she did!!!

the beautiful place settings.

loved it!

misha’s late grandmother had all of this beautiful crystal that she was able to keep. so pretty!

table decor

she’s a blogger too! and a super creative blogger at that. most of this decor and all of her seasonal decor is diy, go check out her blog and get some super cute ideas! {emerald city diaries}

i was in charge of the real turkey, but i thought it would be fun to make a cheese and meat board turkey too!
seriously, how fun is this guy??

the andersons – 2015

yep, i hear ya ovaries…momma hears ya! miss eloise always makes my baby fever run wild!

↓ friendsgiving 2014 ↓
eloise, jazmyne, neva, cameron, lily & audrey

↓ friendsgiving 2015 ↓
eloise, jazmyne, lily & cameron
we were missing a few of our babies but next year, we will have two more little additions, maybe more…. OP!

everything was delicious and beautiful! i can’t wait for next year!!


we quite literally, did absolutely nothing except get ready to watch the seahawks vs. cardinals game.
this moment gave me chills, the nfl held a moment of silence for the tragedy that happened in paris on friday,
the u.s. supports you, france. we care. ♥

the seahawks, however, can’t support the ball.
this was the most annoying game i have ever watched. almost every play got reviewed, reversed, re-reversed, red flagged…you name it! ugh…ultimately landing us with a loss. no good, seahawks…no freakin good!

the game got us too riled up so this is me at 11:44 pm, honey masking and blogging it up!

how was your weekend?
do you host a friendsgiving or a thanksgiving dinner? i would love to see your set up!

until next time!


11 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. Another great post! You’ll be happy to hear that my company is also doing a foster tree (giving to kids/youth) too – which does make me happy as well.
    Love the Friendsgiving – wish I could get more people to do those as well. But you are infectious my dear – in a GOOD way! Keep that amazing smile.
    And Happy Thanksgiving to the OFFICIAL Anderson family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh yay!!! giving trees are so special to me.
      and thank you! you are so sweet!
      it’s still so weird to say The Andersons…i’ll get used to it…eventually haha!
      hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving too! and stay warm, there was ice on my windshield this morning. eek!


      1. Have you found yourself having to re-write your last name too? 🙂 I actually liked the frost this morning (but I love Fall) – just not the leftover tree branches from the wind/rain. And we will be warm for Thanksgiving – heading to Bora Bora on Thursday morning… eek is right! My 2nd official International Trip.


  2. Love love love! It was so fun to see you this weekend and seriously let’s do friendsgiving every month! It was awesome! My pics will be going up Wednesday! Also, we had the same plans on Sunday. What a horrid game… Xo


  3. Okay love this and two things: 1) I hear your ovaries too and every time you post a gram photo and I notice you’re drinking, I think: Damnit. Hahaha okay and 2) I will look into finding an organization in our area to give some gifts too. I didn’t know this about you, and I’m not sure if you’re interested but I just read a book called “Etched in Sand” and it was pretty interesting. It’s by a woman who was raised in and out of the system, which the book is about. But now she’s trying to change the way foster kids “age out” because she knows it’s so tough for them. Anyway, just thought you might be interested! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i will buy it tonight! you definitley have me intrigued! I’ve always wanted to shre my experience with foster youth but I get so emotional when i talk about it that there would be no way i could stand in front of an audience and speak. But this book may guide me! Thanks Shauna!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t hold me to it! It wasn’t AMAZING, but I think you may like it just based on your experience! I found it at a resale shop and JUST returned it this weekend, or I would have mailed it to you! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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