our weekend adventures {long}



every year we have put up our christmas tree on thanksgiving night {or at least close to it} and this year, because jazmyne was going to be going to texas for thanksgiving, we figured we would do it a little early. last year was when we started doing the time lapse video and i think it’ll stay. you can watch that ⇒{here}⇐ on my facebook. it’s a fun way to capture a family tradition throughout the years.

this was taken on wednesday but i love it and even though she will only be gone for a few days {she comes back monday} i will still miss her so much. split custody is hard…but split custody living states away is a million times harder.

we headed to the airport thanksgiving morning to send jaz on her way. do you guys know how many times i have been at the seatac airport this year? this is my 16th time… seriously. not even remotely kidding, although i wish i were. it’s been a busy travel year for me. i hate this place.

after dropping of the minas, cale and i headed to a friends house whose animals we were looking after while they were on vacation. apparently, thanksgiving in seattle means driving like complete idiots. so many accidents meant hours of sitting in traffic.

little miss eleanor! love this precious girl so so much!

we were invited over to our friends family’s home for dinner and they just adopted the cutest kittens!!! you know this crazy cat lady was all over them! eeee such little bittles!

we played quite the prank on our facebook friends that night… we captioned this picture with :
“we have so so much to be thankful for! I’M EXPECTING….
….a huge poop tomorrow! hahahahaha”
cale and i thought it was hilarious…others weren’t too amused and actually fell for it because they didn’t click ‘see more’. oh boy, it’s going to suck when we actually do get pregnant and i announce it because no one is going to believe me! haha
the girl who cried pregnant, i guess huh?
ahhh too funny!

we ended the night with a good ol’ game of cards against humanity…this game is ruthless!


i decided to brave the crowds with a friend for black friday deals…i got a serious amount of loot at costco, woop woop!

this was the only picture from that day. after shopping all day and having a few too many glasses of wine the night before, i threw on some jim jams and we watched the last hunger games movie to make sure we were caught up before we went and saw the new one.


cale and i woke up and decided that it was going to be ‘date day!‘ we basically haven’t had any alone time since the honeymoon so i was so excited! we decided to start it off with crepes & coffee at our favorite little cafe in seattle.

part 2 of date daythe hunger games mocking jay part 2. oh goodness. this was a great movie! we thoroughly enjoyed it. just make sure to refresh you memory on the last movie, it literally picks up exactly where it left off. but we would definitely recommend going and watching this.

part 3 of date day, we made a little pit stop at hobby lobby for some light clips for the house before we went and met up with cale’s brother and his wife at a new pizza place down the street from our houses. it was a double date!
check out this ombre sky though! seattle has been just gorgeous this weekend! clear blue skies every day and amazing sunsets.


alright….so scratch what i just said about the weather…this is what we woke up to sunday morning. yikes! hello fog!

so bundled up to put the lights up on the house! it’s cold, ya’ll!

such a goon.

costco for the win! love these candy canes and presents!!

ya’ll know what this means!!!
our first family holiday card as the andersons!!
our first holiday card ever, actually, so you can imagine how pumped i am! these go out on monday!

cale and i decided that we were just going to focus on mina girl this year since, i dunno…we just had an extravagant wedding and an incredible honeymoon a little less than 2 months ago! haha we figured that was a big enough present to last all year long.
it’s not even december yet, i’m terrified to see what her stash will look like at christmas!

even though jaz was in texas, cale and i still had a great time. it’s easier for me when she is only gone for a few days rather than a whole month like in the summer. and sometimes it’s nice to just spend some adult time with my husband but i want my baby back…like now.
i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and that you got to spend it with the ones you love the very most.
what kind of traditions do you and your family do?
is your christmas tree up? has christmas spirit officially hit your home??
ohhhh did you make out like a bandit for black friday?? tell me all about it!!

thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “our weekend adventures {long}

  1. I love your weekend updates. Tree looks great and I do love the ‘dork’ on the rooftop. LOL Can’t wait to start my holiday decorating, was funny how going on our trip I totally forgot it was Thanksgiving and then to come home to see the airports decorated and playing Christmas music. And did you snag one of those kittens? I would have had a hard time letting them go. lol

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