our weekend adventures

sorry this is so late but i just have to say one thing…

i have the bestest best friend and an amazing husband!


cale was being so weird all week and not allowing me to make any plans for the weekend. but he wouldn’t tell me why and it was killing me! i hate surprises so he was extra excited because he knew how much it was eating me up!
he told me to go pick up jaz per the usual after work schedule and when we got home….
{sorry for the profanity but it was necessary}
she lives in texas so this is a huge deal…like…i died. {watch the video cale took here}
these turds have been planning this since the beginning of november! NOVEMBER!! ugh, what poops!

so excited you guys.


one of preslee’s favorite brunch spots in seattle is portage bay, we actually were able to try out their new location.

salmon eggs benedict, dead

after brunch we went and got our nails done and this is what we walked into when we got home. someone found their old legos! him & jaz were having a ball!

we relaxed for a little bit then got ready for our night out! we love this bar!

the happiest of happies.

last christmas, as one of my stocking stuffers, cale bought me a painting with a twist voucher for 2 and we just didn’t have the time to use it and i completely forgot about it…turns out he and pres schemed and set this up. so excited!

♥ ♥ ♥

we are obsessed with polaroids!
typical us, never serious.

after painting we headed to a dive bar just down the street from my  house and had the best time!
• broke the pool table
• ate an entire order of garlic fries
• taught a girl how to two step
• got spun around the dance floor by some random cowboys…then dropped. yes he dropped me haha
• met the most hysterical woman ever who couldn’t stop singing ‘bitch betta have my money!’


no pictures to be had this day. lots of tv {watched the hawks CRUSH the vikings…yesssssss!}, some borracho beans and the couch. which is what we usually did when we lived together in texas so it was just like old times and that’s what i miss the most.

even though it was a short visit i still had such a great time with my person. it sucks that we live so far apart and that we don’t get to see each other often but when we do it’s like no time has passed at all.
even though this weekend was all about me and my best friend, i still am so very grateful for my wonderful husband. he planned schemed with preslee for so long and didn’t slip once. and then he volunteered to be the permanent babysitter all weekend.

it was a fantastic weekend and a surprise that i will never forget.


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