our weekend adventures


casual fridays makes my heart happy. i love being comfy! it makes fridays that much better.

i got this bad boy a couple weeks ago and i’m still loving it! i haven’t always been a fan of drip coffee but spending 6$ on a cup every day, 5 days a week, yeahhhh that little 6$ turns into close to $150 a month and welp… that’s like 3 tops or a pair of shoes sooooo. yeah.

i feel like a broken record saying that work has been crazy but it’s true! i have been so incredibly busy that friday nights have just turned into relaxing at home and hanging out with cale and jaz.


i got to play with this little princess at a friend’s baby shower. obviously sesame street was way more entertaining than auntie jess.

it was so much fun celebrating this momma-to-be! she is absolutely glowing and so stunning, little baby strohmeyer will be here so soon!

later on in the evening we went to university village down in seattle to meet up with some of cale’s family. i love how lit every tree is throughout this plaza.

we came home to the BEST DELIVERY EVER….
our wedding photos!!!
oh my gosh we love them!!
unfortunately, we were asked not to post them on here just yet, our photographer wants to wait until she hears back from publications to see if they run us in a feature!! eeeekkk!!
but if you follow me on instagram then you already saw that i shared a few there!!!
if you don’t then you should!! // @jess_g_anderson
once i get the green light from stephanie, i will post some on here!


we woke up early and picked up cale’s momma and went and grabbed coffee and crepes. yum yum! it’s crazy how much of a coffee freak i have turned into. but i love it…luhvvveee it!

‘hi my name is lusers and i look sad all of the time’

so if you haven’t noticed, when momma jo comes into town, we eat at all the best restaurants/fattening food places. this evenings menu was dick’s drive in and buster brownie cake! helllllo diabeetus!

and then to round up the very busy weekend we landed in the er when a family friend was stuck in here after breaking a few bones. eek!

it was such a busy weekend with lots of fun shenanigans! my mother-in-law has been in town since last weekend so we made sure to try and spend as much time with her as possible. why does momma cooking never get old? that’s a serious question…why is mom cooking so darn good? i literally could sit on my couch all day and eat whatever my mom cooks when i see her, well same goes for cale’s mom. she is the best cook and we are always well fed when she visits. HALLELU!

any who, i think next weekend will be a lot less busy and that is exactly what i need. i feel like i have been going full speed every day of the week for the past two weeks and this momma needs a break!

what did you get into this weekend?


our weekend adventures


i had the busiest day at work so i just relaxed on the couch as soon as i got home. i’m hoping that work slows down soon, it’s been so hectic! year end always makes me want to pull my hair out.


stupid cats woke me up incredibly early so i took advantage of the empty streets and hit an early morning barre class. my first class in 4 months! whoa….and OW OW OW! my person hurts alllll over! it felt so good to be back at it again!

we headed out to pick up my mother-in-law from the airport and i had way too much fun with a new app i downloaded. you can hear jaz cracking up in the background…hahaha! it gets me every time!

after picking her up we headed down to university village to meet up with cale’s sister, who was in from out of town as well, and brother for some delicious, albeit unhealthy as poop, delfino’s pizza! nom nom nom jaz loves when she gets to see her auntie berit!

and then of course we had to stop at trophy cupcakes to get my favorite cupcake ever…CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER! oh my goodness so good!


after sleeping in a little i got up and got ready to go to my sister-in-law’s baby shower! from left to right is bea {cale’s sister}, momma jo {cale’s momma}, glowing momma-to-be kelsey, and yours truly! i married into a wonderful family and i am forever grateful! we cannot wait to love and adore our new nephew, yay for baby boy anderson!

again, so lucky to now have all these women in my life.
also…what a day it was!

this was the view from the terrace…can you say gorgeous?

it was another great weekend for us. we are always excited to see berit and momma jo when they come in town and catch up on the recent shenanigans.
and cheers to the first baby shower of the year! i have another one for a friend next weekend and then another in march…IN TEXAS! woop woop, i can smell the kolaches and breakfast tacos already!

what did you do this weekend??


our weekend adventures {long}


we got our slo-mo video back from our wedding and it’s awesome!

if you missed my post about it you can find that // {here}

it’s been a crazy work week with nothing but deadlines so i relaxed on the couch and these two played with legos all night.


my two favorite boys! chandler bing is slowly but surely warming up to us! we just hit our year anniversary since getting him! he’s such a handsome fella!

my photographer sent me this sneak and OH MY GOSH!
we are supposed to get the rest next week. I AM SO EXCITED YOU GUYS!
stephanie hunter photography is incredible!

i have heard so much about micellar water from some of my favorite beauty bloggers, so i thought i’d jump on the bandwagon and give it a go! have y’all tried this stuff yet? what did you think?

after running a lot of errands during the day, jaz and i watched this sweet girl for a little while. i forgot how hilarious toddlers are…”yep…i go poopies everywhere all the time”
so fun! jaz just loved having little miss eleanor over, she is going to be such a great big sister! {not pregnant, lol}


seahawks vs. panthers
because kickoff was at 10am again we decided to have a pancake party and had our friends, britt & ludwig, over.

this was my heartbeat during that game! what the hell was that first half???? grrrr…such a tough loss.
we’ll be back next year!

after the game we went over to cale’s brother to see his relatives from out of town and jaz loves when she can see her cousins! it’s always a good time.


jaz and i got to stay home from work and school so you know what that means…cleaning!!
you guys should have seen this bathroom {jaz’s} it was disgusting. chunks of toothpaste everywhere…like on the toilet! don’t ask because i have no idea how she does it. so my greatest feat of my day off was cleaning this. let’s just see how long it takes her to destroy it again. ew.

have y’all seen these adorable snapchat filters?
love this one!
follow me!! // {@jaevas}

i have been shopping, for what seems like forever, for something to go under our new shelf and i finally found some that i love! thanks target!

it was a great 3-day weekend for us and we got so much done!
did you do anything fun or exciting this weekend?


anderson ever after : slo mo booth!

hey guys!!!

a couple nights ago we got an email from spinning leaf films that our slomo booth video was ready!!!!

what’s a slomo booth you ask?
well, instead of having a photo booth at our wedding we opted for this interactive, incredibly fun slow-motion booth for our guests to enjoy and be silly!
it was such a hit and there was a line to go in it all night long!
cale and i were not disappointed with the final product.

in other wedding news, i know i promised a few pictures from it but we are still waiting to get those back. because we chose a photographer that shoots with real film, it takes twice to three times longer than the usual digital photographer because she has to actually send the negatives to a processor!
how awesome is that?!

with out further ado…
here is our slomo video from our wedding day!
{ps..i fall a lot but i have great reasons… 1) that chest bump was 100% full force and i really hurt my wrist when i landed on it, meh.  2) one of my bridesmaids stepped on my dress while she was sword fighting my other bridesmaid, so dori and i went downnnn. )

if you missed our wedding video, here is that!

thanks for stopping by!!!

i’m almost to 200 subscribers not counting email subscribers (i’m technically at 205 if i included those)
hmmmm…..i think a giveaway is on our midst…..yay!
stay tuned!


our weekend adventures


cale is still in the midst of home projects which does this to my floors…. i can’t wait till it’s all done!


cale was scheduled to work this weekend and couldn’t give it up so you know what that means…
mommy & baby’s day out!

first stop was to get the nails did. in love with this tiffany blue!

we went to every home decor store to try and find something for our new shelf in the living room, but no dice. so we ended up at nordstrom’s cafe to get my favorite salad!

it has arrived!!!
during our wedding ceremony, instead of mixing sand for the unity ceremony, we mixed little glass pieces. we each chose a color significant to us. cale chose green, for the emerald city and to symbolize growth, i chose white to symbolize new beginnings and jaz chose pink…well because…her favorite color is pink haha. once the wedding was over we sent our mixed glass to a phenomenal glass blower to create this beautiful sculpture for us to have as a forever keepsake of our amazing wedding day! we are so happy with how it turned out and will forever cherish it!
all of the amazing credit to UNITY IN GLASS, if you are a bride-to-be or know of someone getting married soon, i could not recommend this company more. they have so many different sculptures to choose from! ahhh you will not be disappointed!


seahawks had a 10am kickoff…who does that?? so coffee and no makeup was a must!
but uhhhh…DID YOU SEE THAT GAME??!?!?!!?
holy shit balls. it damn near gave me a fuggin heart attack! i feel so bad for minnesota’s kicker though…that has to be rough. eek.
but wahooooooo!!! next up, the cardinals.

someone stole my mug…

made my favorite white bean chicken chili! nom nom nom

this might be one of the worst things that’s happened to me! my clothes broke our rack in the closet! of course this only fueled cale’s endless rant about me having too much clothes. yada yada yada. whoopsie

how was your weekend? did you watch that game?!


our weekend adventures {long}

new year’s eve!

we had a ‘sparkles and apps’ party at work and we might have been the most festive. you can’t see my pants but they are super sequin-y. which, let me hop on my soap box, sequin pants are not for us ladies whose thighs touch. i went home with two bald spots on my brand new leggings… no bueno!

i had the handsomest date to dinner! look at that stud! we got to get fancy for a nice dinner on the waterfront in seattle! jaz has been in texas since the 28th so these date nights are far and in between so when they DO happen, we go all out!

cheers to 2016!

seven course meal coming up…{insert pukey face here} seriously don’t know what we were thinking when we made these reservations!

so much for staying out to watch the fire works at the space needle. you could say a food coma was an understatement. we went straight home, got in our pjs and watched fireworks on tv. if you follow me on snapchat, you know lights were out by 12:16. i was le pooped.

new years day

us wives got all bundled up to watch our psycho husbands jump in lake washington for the polar bear plunge. these people are nuts!



but he did it! i think this is a tradition that’s going to stay! he was pretty pumped when he got his patch, hehe!

we went to our favorite cafe for crepes and coffe AND i finally got to wear my pimpin joy shirt!

after breakfast we went home to continue working on some home projects and lulu was in a stoic mood. ps…IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND! look at that blue sky!

jaz got a few games for christmas…santa decided to throw one in for us parents too! rumikub for the win! why is this game so addicting???

cale went to a guys night at one of our friend’s bar and…they busted out monopoly… these guys are some party animals!


these two…they are seriously like human siblings. they were fighting before this and then just quit and laid there with their paws in each other’s face. idiots, i tell ya.

i clean my kendras once a month, or at least i try to. my obsession is real, ya’ll. eek!

is this not the cutest mug! love love love! thanks, husband!

cale and i have always wanted to try a yoga studio down the street from our house and with the minion being out of town, we thought, hey why not?
we didn’t just try yoga…we tried HOT yoga! this was actually our 2nd class together and we love it! this is so much closer than pure barre and it’s a lot more relaxing for me. i will say though…holy soreness. hol-ee sorenesssssss.

new year, new….lol just kidding. i hate that new year, new me, crap. same me, different year, maybe i’ll try to eat a little bit better. maybe.

starting…tomorrow. haha jaz is gone so dinners aren’t my priority. cheerios it is!


this project is coming along! i can’t wait to share my handy-man husbands work! he practically started all over because he is such a perfectionist! but it is coming along and i can’t wait till this and the HUGE living room wall is finished!

we headed over to buffalo wild wings to watch the hawks CRUSH the cardinals! like….DOMINATED them! we so needed this after last weeks game. HELLLLLOO PLAYOFFS!
side note: we are too old to day drink. wanna know what we did after the game ended? went home and passed out on the couch. then woke up with most annoying headache. no bueno.

it was nice to have some quality time with cale this weekend and not have to worry about a little person. that being said, we miss our routine and jazmyne’s witty comebacks and little giggles. she comes home on tuesday and we could not be more excited. her not being home throws us all out of whack.
all in all it was a great new years! i can’t believe we are going into 2016 as husband and wife! it’s going to be tough to top the best year of my life but i think 2016 is going to give 2015 a run for it’s money!

i will be posting ‘a look back’ to 2015 but i’m just not sure how i want to do it since so much has happened! nevertheless, keep an eye out!

i hope you had a great new years and an even more fantastic 2015!
have any new years resolutions? i wanna hear em!