our weekend adventures {long}

new year’s eve!

we had a ‘sparkles and apps’ party at work and we might have been the most festive. you can’t see my pants but they are super sequin-y. which, let me hop on my soap box, sequin pants are not for us ladies whose thighs touch. i went home with two bald spots on my brand new leggings… no bueno!

i had the handsomest date to dinner! look at that stud! we got to get fancy for a nice dinner on the waterfront in seattle! jaz has been in texas since the 28th so these date nights are far and in between so when they DO happen, we go all out!

cheers to 2016!

seven course meal coming up…{insert pukey face here} seriously don’t know what we were thinking when we made these reservations!

so much for staying out to watch the fire works at the space needle. you could say a food coma was an understatement. we went straight home, got in our pjs and watched fireworks on tv. if you follow me on snapchat, you know lights were out by 12:16. i was le pooped.

new years day

us wives got all bundled up to watch our psycho husbands jump in lake washington for the polar bear plunge. these people are nuts!



but he did it! i think this is a tradition that’s going to stay! he was pretty pumped when he got his patch, hehe!

we went to our favorite cafe for crepes and coffe AND i finally got to wear my pimpin joy shirt!

after breakfast we went home to continue working on some home projects and lulu was in a stoic mood. ps…IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND! look at that blue sky!

jaz got a few games for christmas…santa decided to throw one in for us parents too! rumikub for the win! why is this game so addicting???

cale went to a guys night at one of our friend’s bar and…they busted out monopoly… these guys are some party animals!


these two…they are seriously like human siblings. they were fighting before this and then just quit and laid there with their paws in each other’s face. idiots, i tell ya.

i clean my kendras once a month, or at least i try to. my obsession is real, ya’ll. eek!

is this not the cutest mug! love love love! thanks, husband!

cale and i have always wanted to try a yoga studio down the street from our house and with the minion being out of town, we thought, hey why not?
we didn’t just try yoga…we tried HOT yoga! this was actually our 2nd class together and we love it! this is so much closer than pure barre and it’s a lot more relaxing for me. i will say though…holy soreness. hol-ee sorenesssssss.

new year, new….lol just kidding. i hate that new year, new me, crap. same me, different year, maybe i’ll try to eat a little bit better. maybe.

starting…tomorrow. haha jaz is gone so dinners aren’t my priority. cheerios it is!


this project is coming along! i can’t wait to share my handy-man husbands work! he practically started all over because he is such a perfectionist! but it is coming along and i can’t wait till this and the HUGE living room wall is finished!

we headed over to buffalo wild wings to watch the hawks CRUSH the cardinals! like….DOMINATED them! we so needed this after last weeks game. HELLLLLOO PLAYOFFS!
side note: we are too old to day drink. wanna know what we did after the game ended? went home and passed out on the couch. then woke up with most annoying headache. no bueno.

it was nice to have some quality time with cale this weekend and not have to worry about a little person. that being said, we miss our routine and jazmyne’s witty comebacks and little giggles. she comes home on tuesday and we could not be more excited. her not being home throws us all out of whack.
all in all it was a great new years! i can’t believe we are going into 2016 as husband and wife! it’s going to be tough to top the best year of my life but i think 2016 is going to give 2015 a run for it’s money!

i will be posting ‘a look back’ to 2015 but i’m just not sure how i want to do it since so much has happened! nevertheless, keep an eye out!

i hope you had a great new years and an even more fantastic 2015!
have any new years resolutions? i wanna hear em!


One thought on “our weekend adventures {long}

  1. I always enjoy your posts. First the ‘bald spots’ on the sequin leggings (at least you didn’t have the ‘fan pack pouch’ that I obviously had in my holiday dress (satin fabric is also not a friend) – didn’t help that I forgot the spanx. LOL

    And I would so love to come play games with you guys too – still trying to find others to join us for Cards Against Humanity. 🙂


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