our weekend adventures


i had the busiest day at work so i just relaxed on the couch as soon as i got home. i’m hoping that work slows down soon, it’s been so hectic! year end always makes me want to pull my hair out.


stupid cats woke me up incredibly early so i took advantage of the empty streets and hit an early morning barre class. my first class in 4 months! whoa….and OW OW OW! my person hurts alllll over! it felt so good to be back at it again!

we headed out to pick up my mother-in-law from the airport and i had way too much fun with a new app i downloaded. you can hear jaz cracking up in the background…hahaha! it gets me every time!

after picking her up we headed down to university village to meet up with cale’s sister, who was in from out of town as well, and brother for some delicious, albeit unhealthy as poop, delfino’s pizza! nom nom nom jaz loves when she gets to see her auntie berit!

and then of course we had to stop at trophy cupcakes to get my favorite cupcake ever…CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER! oh my goodness so good!


after sleeping in a little i got up and got ready to go to my sister-in-law’s baby shower! from left to right is bea {cale’s sister}, momma jo {cale’s momma}, glowing momma-to-be kelsey, and yours truly! i married into a wonderful family and i am forever grateful! we cannot wait to love and adore our new nephew, yay for baby boy anderson!

again, so lucky to now have all these women in my life.
also…what a day it was!

this was the view from the terrace…can you say gorgeous?

it was another great weekend for us. we are always excited to see berit and momma jo when they come in town and catch up on the recent shenanigans.
and cheers to the first baby shower of the year! i have another one for a friend next weekend and then another in march…IN TEXAS! woop woop, i can smell the kolaches and breakfast tacos already!

what did you do this weekend??


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