our weekend adventures


rise & shine! this is what my poor husband has to look at in the morning…yikes!
thanks for loving me, honey!

look at these cute pups at my favorite coffee stand!

have you done your taxes? ugggghhhhh! cale and i definitely waited till the last minute to do ours because we knew we would be writing the check to the irs instead of the other way around.

finally caved and went to the doctor… one huge sinus infection for me! cool.

try working on this payroll spreadsheet when your head feels like a balloon.

we let jaz pick the restaurant and of course she chose olive garden. they have these fancy little kiosk thing and we kicked ass on harry potter trivia.


this little goon is headed down to texas to visit with her father. she gets so excited!

“Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life.”

she got to fly in the cutest plane ever!
see you in a week baby girl!

well, what do we do now that we are kidless?
play around in parking lots, duh!
look how small these cars are!

since we can’t take jaz to see adult movies we basically raced to the next showing of deadpool! we have been waiting so long to see this! and oh my gosh…
it was hilarious! we haven’t laughed that hard in a movie in a long time.

call the authorities, my husband and i are out of control! lol
we went home, played rumikub and drank a few beers. we got insanely crazy, ya’ll.


we went a celebrated a sweet girl’s first birthday and this huge feline was there and stole all of my attention! he has a big ol body and teeny tiny paws!

if you follow me on instagram {@jess_g_anderson} then you saw my tidbit of advice to all mommas:
invest in a nice camera, take lots of pictures and PRINT them!
you will thank yourself in the future when your babies are all grown up.

happy first birthday to little miss ellie girl!
what a doll!

project ‘new deck’ is underway! i can’t wait till it’s finished! in case you missed the new layout, you can find that {here}
i know i say this a lot, but i am so so very grateful for my handy husband who is taking this on all by himself.

after working up a mean sweat in the backyard {cale not me} we decided to go for a walk to get slurpees at the neighborhood 7-11.
we swung by our neighbors house and stole their dogs. teehee!

another beautiful weekend here in seattle!
it is always bittersweet to send jazmyne off to texas but it’s easier when it’s only for a week instead of a couple months.
i am off to colorado this thursday for a helluva girls weekend/my birthday weekend! i can’t wait to share some pictures with ya’ll!
i hope you had a good weekend and cheers to a hopefully not so brutal work week!


our weekend adventures


our cherry blossoms are a bloomin! seattle is so gorgeous this time of year!

big things are happening to our back deck!
the white square is what we have now….LOOK HOW BIG IT’S GOING TO BE!
so much room for activities! ps. my husband is awesome and so handy!

img_2197 img_2301
we had an appointment down in wallingford {seattle neigborhood} and had some free time afterwards.
it was a beautiful day so we took a stroll and ended up in front of our favorite cupcake shop…what a coinkidink.


it’s that time of year again where the tulips are taking over skagit county!
we haven’t had weather this beautiful in a while so we thought what a perfect day to make the trip to see some pretty flowers!


and queue the hanger.
i think i should really work on my emotions when i get hungry. i’m such a scary person. i’ll blame it on the low blood sugar…sorry, honey!

cale worked his magic and found the nearest burger joint. phew!


sunday morning coffee runs are a real treat for your eyes.

sundays are for cleaning and for pretty blooms all throughout the house!

a little bit of an ulta haul.
venus embrace – because my legs were in need of some major help!
biolage shampoo & conditioner – i always seem to find my way back to biolage after trying new shampoos. it really is the best.
revlon all in one mascara – saw this on tv and said why not? so far, meh. i have to play with it a little more.
biosilk silk therapy – shiniest and softest hair ever because of this goodness.
maybelline age rewind illuminator – for those condemning circles under my eyeballs.
formula 10.0.6 deep down detox mud mask – ulta reviewers rave about this mask so i’ll give it a go!
and claritin because screw you too allergies!

all the links above are shoppable 🙂

img_2314 img_2315
totally forgot that it was my birthday month, thank goodness ulta didn’t!

if you follow me on snapchat { @jaevas } then you got a step by step dinner instruction on these yummy stuffed steak rolls! stuffed with mushroom, onion and green pepper.
cale hates mushrooms but he loved these! so yummy!

it was such a gorgeous weekend here in the pnw! sun was out, mountains views were crystal clear and everyone was enjoying the outdoors!
unfortunately my allergies got the best of me and i laid pretty low on sunday. can i just be healthy for like a week?

what did you do this weekend?


an anderson update

first and foremost

s o r r y !

it was time for me to take a little blog hiatus, and boy did i enjoy it. however, i missed you guys!
i missed blogging all of our weekends, fun trips, food, outfits and anything diy!
so while it was nice not being plugged in or worrying about knocking out a post sunday night, i am so ready to get back to it!

so here is a little update on what’s been going on in our life since february.

jazmina joined me & cale in the four-eyes club. i didn’t think she could possibly get any cuter. i was wrong.

i have been such a slacker mom this year because of the wedding so i went all out for jazmyne’s valentines.
i really wanted to do a tutorial on these but because i procrastinated {shocker} i just didn’t have time. maybe next year!

our nephew, olen, was born!!! not just born on any day but born on leap day!
you guys, he’s perfect. and has the cutest little button nose. we love him so much!

speaking of births…most of my preggo friends had their babies, and all boys!! i haven’t met all of them but i’m gonna!
levi benjamin, charles baker & deacon ford!
such strong and beautiful names for 3 adorable baby boys.

i took a trip down to texas the beginning of march to attend one of my closest friend’s baby shower {yes…another baby!}
this is the first time i have been back since the wedding.
and let me tell you…it was awesome! usually my trips there were jam packed with meetings, trials, walk-throughs or anything wedding related whether it was mine or my friends.
this time, nothing was planned except for the baby shower. so my best friend and i just got to hang out, cuddle on the couch and watch tv. IT WAS AWESOME! we haven’t been able to do that since i moved to seattle {we used to be roommates} so it was just like old times. i enjoyed myself so much! i got to eat everything i wanted, see everyone i wanted to and do whatever i wanted!

isn’t she glowing?! i cannot wait to finally meet little lucas fox. i love his momma so much, i can’t imagine how much i’m going to love him too!

can we not forget that i finally tried my first piccadilly! it’s a snocone with pickles on top! omg. yes.

that’s right!
jazmyne jade is officially a girl scout!
she rocked her first cookie month! i am so so proud of her!

don’t worry, the hubby is still alive and kicking! haha
new snapchat filters are nastyyyyy, how awesome is this?!

oh yeah….i chopped the mane.
lob lob lob lob
i lob it!

cale’s parents flew in to meet mr. olen, so guess who got more baby time?
me me me me

IMG_2154 IMG_2153
we celebrated easter at {the lowers} for a beautiful brunch.
queue the flu, for me!

i was sick for a week straight but couldn’t take off from work because it was one of the craziest weeks. my boss finally ended up telling me to stay home, so i did and voila. one day of laying in bed and i was ready to run a marathon {ha!}!

we have been doing so much work to the house! i’ll make another post for those but just to keep you wanting more:
flipped the living room {it’s so different!}
a mini mud room
renovated master and office closets

still to be done:
create a pantry
demolish and build a new patio
install backsplash in the kitchen

why so many renos, you ask?
we are planning on moving into a bigger house next year and in order to do that we have to make sure our house is ready to go on the market whenever we find the perfect house.
which also means that NO i am not pregnant and will not be getting pregnant before we buy our new house.
we really don’t have the space in our current house for a babe. plus i want to do some traveling before we pop another one out. so in time people, in time.

well i think that about sums everything up!
we have been some busy andersons and it doesn’t look like we are slowing down!
can you believe it’s april! holy guacamole!

i missed you guys so much! thank you for staying loyal!

jess ♥