our weekend adventures


our cherry blossoms are a bloomin! seattle is so gorgeous this time of year!

big things are happening to our back deck!
the white square is what we have now….LOOK HOW BIG IT’S GOING TO BE!
so much room for activities! ps. my husband is awesome and so handy!

img_2197 img_2301
we had an appointment down in wallingford {seattle neigborhood} and had some free time afterwards.
it was a beautiful day so we took a stroll and ended up in front of our favorite cupcake shop…what a coinkidink.


it’s that time of year again where the tulips are taking over skagit county!
we haven’t had weather this beautiful in a while so we thought what a perfect day to make the trip to see some pretty flowers!


and queue the hanger.
i think i should really work on my emotions when i get hungry. i’m such a scary person. i’ll blame it on the low blood sugar…sorry, honey!

cale worked his magic and found the nearest burger joint. phew!


sunday morning coffee runs are a real treat for your eyes.

sundays are for cleaning and for pretty blooms all throughout the house!

a little bit of an ulta haul.
venus embrace – because my legs were in need of some major help!
biolage shampoo & conditioner – i always seem to find my way back to biolage after trying new shampoos. it really is the best.
revlon all in one mascara – saw this on tv and said why not? so far, meh. i have to play with it a little more.
biosilk silk therapy – shiniest and softest hair ever because of this goodness.
maybelline age rewind illuminator – for those condemning circles under my eyeballs.
formula 10.0.6 deep down detox mud mask – ulta reviewers rave about this mask so i’ll give it a go!
and claritin because screw you too allergies!

all the links above are shoppable 🙂

img_2314 img_2315
totally forgot that it was my birthday month, thank goodness ulta didn’t!

if you follow me on snapchat { @jaevas } then you got a step by step dinner instruction on these yummy stuffed steak rolls! stuffed with mushroom, onion and green pepper.
cale hates mushrooms but he loved these! so yummy!

it was such a gorgeous weekend here in the pnw! sun was out, mountains views were crystal clear and everyone was enjoying the outdoors!
unfortunately my allergies got the best of me and i laid pretty low on sunday. can i just be healthy for like a week?

what did you do this weekend?


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