our weekend adventures


rise & shine! this is what my poor husband has to look at in the morning…yikes!
thanks for loving me, honey!

look at these cute pups at my favorite coffee stand!

have you done your taxes? ugggghhhhh! cale and i definitely waited till the last minute to do ours because we knew we would be writing the check to the irs instead of the other way around.

finally caved and went to the doctor… one huge sinus infection for me! cool.

try working on this payroll spreadsheet when your head feels like a balloon.

we let jaz pick the restaurant and of course she chose olive garden. they have these fancy little kiosk thing and we kicked ass on harry potter trivia.


this little goon is headed down to texas to visit with her father. she gets so excited!

“Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life.”

she got to fly in the cutest plane ever!
see you in a week baby girl!

well, what do we do now that we are kidless?
play around in parking lots, duh!
look how small these cars are!

since we can’t take jaz to see adult movies we basically raced to the next showing of deadpool! we have been waiting so long to see this! and oh my gosh…
it was hilarious! we haven’t laughed that hard in a movie in a long time.

call the authorities, my husband and i are out of control! lol
we went home, played rumikub and drank a few beers. we got insanely crazy, ya’ll.


we went a celebrated a sweet girl’s first birthday and this huge feline was there and stole all of my attention! he has a big ol body and teeny tiny paws!

if you follow me on instagram {@jess_g_anderson} then you saw my tidbit of advice to all mommas:
invest in a nice camera, take lots of pictures and PRINT them!
you will thank yourself in the future when your babies are all grown up.

happy first birthday to little miss ellie girl!
what a doll!

project ‘new deck’ is underway! i can’t wait till it’s finished! in case you missed the new layout, you can find that {here}
i know i say this a lot, but i am so so very grateful for my handy husband who is taking this on all by himself.

after working up a mean sweat in the backyard {cale not me} we decided to go for a walk to get slurpees at the neighborhood 7-11.
we swung by our neighbors house and stole their dogs. teehee!

another beautiful weekend here in seattle!
it is always bittersweet to send jazmyne off to texas but it’s easier when it’s only for a week instead of a couple months.
i am off to colorado this thursday for a helluva girls weekend/my birthday weekend! i can’t wait to share some pictures with ya’ll!
i hope you had a good weekend and cheers to a hopefully not so brutal work week!


One thought on “our weekend adventures

  1. I waited for the last minute to do our taxes too because I though for sure we would owe but we actually didn’t this year! Woot for small miracles, lol.


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