kate spade surprise sale faves-ENDED



i get so excited when this sale comes around!
kate spade is never gaudy or too flashy and that’s what i really love about her items. they just scream class. but like in the classiest way to scream.

below i linked my favorites that are on the site.

**cough**cough** cale look **cough**cough**


peachls ks9
cove street provence
ORIG – $428
SALE -$149 
i am loving these summer colors!
which do you guys like??
guava // {here} or island deep // {here}
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our weekend adventures


in case you missed it, i did a little ‘a work day in the life of me‘ over on my snapchat
// @jaevas. sorry if you were annoyed by it, but it was really fun to do that, ya’ll got to see where i work, what my daily shenanigans are as a working woman and then a momma bear/wife afterwards!

something else exciting happened…i hit 199 followers on the good ol’ blog! once that bad boy hits 200 i will be doing an awesome giveaway of all of my favorite things!
i’m thinking, hair care, candles, makeup, jewelry…the whole 9, y’all!
thank you so much for your continued support!

another girl scouts meeting and another friendship circle! this song is so catchy…”a circle is round, it has no endddd, that’s how long i want to be your friend…” i wake up singing that song…

after girlscouts, we came home and tended to all of our plant babies. look at how big our hydrangea bush is getting!


cale had to work {again} so jaz and i went and explored hobby lobby and targé. and of course, per the norm, we stopped and had phò.

we got to babysit this little rugrat while her mama & papa went on a little date night! she is such a little character! she is starting to say little words and gosh darnit, it is the cutest thing ever!

img_2805 img_2804
after a little teeny meltdown, which, can i just go off on a tangent here?

[is it weird that i was totally okay with it? i loved being able to comfort her and it just brought me back to when little jazmina was teeny tiny. i forgot how much i loved rocking her to sleep, scratching her back and playing with her hair. while she still loves when i do that {minus the rocking part} it’s just not the same from when she was a baby/toddler. 
~le sigh~ that time will come soon enough {not too soon though}  ]

anyway! after i got her to sleep {aaron & misha} came home and of course we played a little catan! and i kicked butt! it was my first win, in the many games we have played, so i was so excited! also, the beer in the picture….hands down the best grapefruit beer…EVER!

i’m sure i have mentioned in a lot of my previous posts that misha might be the craftiest person i know. she personalized my kate spade newlywed tote {here}, she hosted a beautiful friendsgiving {here} not to mention all of her diy stuff on her blog {here}! but now she has started her very own business!

⇒ the petite flag shop ⇐ 

i now have three… {this one} is at my office, so all of my catty co-workers can read it everyday and maybe be a little nicer {at least to me}
{this one} is in my home…because, obviously.
but the one pictured is very very special, this flag supports misha & aaron’s niece, a beautiful little girl who is battling cancer. you can read all about her journey and follow along {here} and the direct link to purchase this flag is {here}.

i received mine and it is beautiful!


this is my life every sunday. it never ends.

cale wasn’t feeling the best, so jaz and i left him to take a nap while we grocery shopped. these clouds were a bit ominous. it’s rare to see clouds this dark. eek!

came home to the cutest little cuddle puddle!

uhmmmm…can we just…adele you are amazing! when i downloaded the album{the day it was realeased!}, i was instantly drawn to this song. it’s upbeat, spunky and of course amazing {it’s adele…duh} so when i saw that this was her next single and that this was the video…holy balls. yes! everything about it, yes! girlcrush, for sure, ya’ll!

and because it was cold and rainy, some turkey chili was necessary! email me and let me know if you want to see the recipe!

well, it was a jam packed weekend yet again!
the weather was poopy though which was a bummer. we only got a little work done to the deck.
but we are gearing up for a road trip to coeur d’alene for the memorial day weekend and we are so excited!
what did you do this weekend??


home projects: a new deck

i have been going on and on….and on about our new deck in all of our recent ‘weekend adventures’.
so it’s finally time to share some progress pictures with y’all!

why are we doing so many small renos to our home, you ask?
our hope/goal is to buy a bigger home at some point next year. and in order to do so, we want to be sure that our home that we have now is ready to go on the market whenever we find the perfect new home. a few things we knew we wanted to update was the deck, back-splash in the kitchen, possibly counter tops, hardwood floors and building a pantry.
but the deck was going to be the biggest project of them all. once we get all of these little things done, we will be ready to put our little home on the market. {!!!!!}

cale has been working so hard on it and it is coming together so perfectly!

here is what the old deck looked like,

IMG_8250  IMG_8261 IMG_8255

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our weekend adventures


it was a crazy day at work so when i went to pick up jazmyne i got a much needed laugh.
i leave for work in the morning before her and cale wake up so she dresses herself…this is what cale let her go to school in.
*face palm*

cale wanted me to stop at ace hardware to pick up some ‘shims’. lol
this was a huge mistake. that would be like sending him into nordstrom and saying pick up some nude steve madden pumps.
that’s a whole bunch of nope!

the decking is going on people!
i know i promised a progress post but i just couldn’t get to it. but i like, promise PROMISE it’ll be this week!
P R O M I S E !


i went and trimmed the mom lob so of course jaz and i stopped at our favorite cafe for some crepes and pasta salad!

nom nom!

jaz is outgrowing all of her clothes by the minute. so we stopped at the rack to pick up a few denim shorts for her. but first, we played!

it’s been puking rain all weekend so jaz and i stopped and had pho. we are obsessed, y’all. why is it so good??

our friends invited us on a double date to the mariner’s game.
woohooo date night! it’s not very often that we get to get out just by ourselves so we indulged a bit.

way too excited for some cotton candy!

IMG_2726 IMG_2741
had so much fun with my hubby!
date nights are awesome!


i had lunch with a friend over at hop jack’s and didn’t get any photos of my delectable burger i ordered.
thanks for the belated birthday lunch, britt! it was so yummy!

i didn’t do very much other than our normal sunday shenanigans so i didn’t take any pictures.

it was a yucky weekend weather wise. so soggy!
but somehow we managed to keep ourselves very busy! the mariner’s game was so much fun, thanks kellye & stefan for asking us to go with you guys!

what did you get into this weekend? did any of your plans get rained out?


our weekend adventures


every friday i do a 50% water change for frankie. something always gets spilled on, this time, it was the payroll distribution authorization form. lol whoopsie!

right after school jazmyne had her girl scouts meeting, this is one of her favorite parts, the friendship circle!

while jaz was at girl scouts, i ran and got a fresh mani. just a natural color this time.


bingers only cuddles on his terms, in this case, he only let me cuddle with his tail.

we recruited our friend, britt, and made a trip to lowes for lumber and flowers! this was my haul!

look at my handsome handyman! he got the framing knocked out! all by his freaking self…actually, that’s a lie. he let me slide some huge boards over to him… -_-
he is hellbent on doing this all himself. it looks so good though! i will be doing a separate post on the progress this week!

we are also starting to look into countertops and backsplash too!
so many house projects, which only means the closer we are to selling it and buying a bigger home!

ohhhhh boy! he never learns!

mother’s day ♥ 

she was so excited to give me these sweet gifts!

img_2669 img_2670
the sweetest mother’s day cards from my baby girl and hubby. and the cutest gifts!
i love mommy’s day!

and the most beautiful flowers!

we met up with {the lowers} for a mother’s day brunch at toulouse petit in seattle to celebrate us mommies.

jaz, of course, got her eloise fix.

same goes for uncle cale! we love our little eloise!

i see the word benedict and i come a-runnin! so delicious!

i love this little family of mine. thank you for making me feel so special and appreciated!
and thank you to everyone who texted or called to wish me a happy mother’s day! i love y’all!

another mother’s day in the books and another year of being a momma to my sweet baby girl!
it was such a great weekend and i am so grateful to have the friends and family that i do.
i hope you guys spoiled your momma’s and made her feel so special! she deserves it and so much more!


our weekend adventures

can i just recap on my awesome trip to colorado last weekend?

we walked around the denver botanic gardens and it was beautiful!
here are few more!

IMG_8296 IMG_8322
look how beautiful!!!

this lovely lady played chauffeur to us all weekend! love you rhi!

i had the best girls weekend!

k now back to our normal shenanigans!


jaz & cale got me a little betta fishy for my birthday!! blog family, meet franklin da fishy aka-frankie!
oh man do i love him! he just stares at me like this all day. my poor co-worker that sits next to me, she has to endure baby talk alllllll day.

it was a dear friend’s last day and the probation officers had this made specially for her. it was so beautiful!!


i gladly volunteered to go get coffee in cale’s new whip. after totaling his car a couple weeks back he finally chose a keeper!

while i was in colorado, my hubby worked on building a little pantry in our closet under out stairs. it’s amazing what a difference a few shelves can make!

spring cleaning day for mama bear while baby & papa bear got to building the new deck! i seriously cannot wait for that thing to done! it’s going to be so nice!

sorry for the worst quality picture ever but we let lulu out on the leash and she loved it!
adventure kitty!


someone woke up with a wicked sun burn. eek!

SOS! i just noticed that i am missing my matching kendra scott necklace! uhhhhh you guys i am so bummed! i must have left it somewhere in colorado. seriously….so upset!

happy early mommy’s day to me! i am so excited for these new babies!

we shaved lulu’s belly by ourselves and found a lump. cale thinks it’s nothing but of course i’m freaking out. a little lump could be a huge sickness. insert crying face here. 😦 i love my lusers.

mother’s day cards are signed, stamped and will be put in the mail!
gifts are already on their way!
what did you get your mommas/gmas?

another beautiful weekend for seattle. i kept an eye on the weather all week just to prepare for our deep spring cleaning! i was so pumped to get down in dirty and clean every nook and crevice and then i ripped/tore/stretched something in my lower back that is excruciating. so my wind was very quickly swept away so only the kitchen got a deep cleaning. the rest of the house just got a normal, sunday cleaning. whomp whomp…there’s always next weekend!

cale poured the concrete for our new deck and finished the pantry! our little house projects are coming along nicely! our house will be ready to sell in no time!

hope you guys had a great weekend! what kind of shenanigans did you get into??
what are y’alls plans for mother’s day?