our weekend adventures

can i just recap on my awesome trip to colorado last weekend?

we walked around the denver botanic gardens and it was beautiful!
here are few more!

IMG_8296 IMG_8322
look how beautiful!!!

this lovely lady played chauffeur to us all weekend! love you rhi!

i had the best girls weekend!

k now back to our normal shenanigans!


jaz & cale got me a little betta fishy for my birthday!! blog family, meet franklin da fishy aka-frankie!
oh man do i love him! he just stares at me like this all day. my poor co-worker that sits next to me, she has to endure baby talk alllllll day.

it was a dear friend’s last day and the probation officers had this made specially for her. it was so beautiful!!


i gladly volunteered to go get coffee in cale’s new whip. after totaling his car a couple weeks back he finally chose a keeper!

while i was in colorado, my hubby worked on building a little pantry in our closet under out stairs. it’s amazing what a difference a few shelves can make!

spring cleaning day for mama bear while baby & papa bear got to building the new deck! i seriously cannot wait for that thing to done! it’s going to be so nice!

sorry for the worst quality picture ever but we let lulu out on the leash and she loved it!
adventure kitty!


someone woke up with a wicked sun burn. eek!

SOS! i just noticed that i am missing my matching kendra scott necklace! uhhhhh you guys i am so bummed! i must have left it somewhere in colorado. seriously….so upset!

happy early mommy’s day to me! i am so excited for these new babies!

we shaved lulu’s belly by ourselves and found a lump. cale thinks it’s nothing but of course i’m freaking out. a little lump could be a huge sickness. insert crying face here. 😦 i love my lusers.

mother’s day cards are signed, stamped and will be put in the mail!
gifts are already on their way!
what did you get your mommas/gmas?

another beautiful weekend for seattle. i kept an eye on the weather all week just to prepare for our deep spring cleaning! i was so pumped to get down in dirty and clean every nook and crevice and then i ripped/tore/stretched something in my lower back that is excruciating. so my wind was very quickly swept away so only the kitchen got a deep cleaning. the rest of the house just got a normal, sunday cleaning. whomp whomp…there’s always next weekend!

cale poured the concrete for our new deck and finished the pantry! our little house projects are coming along nicely! our house will be ready to sell in no time!

hope you guys had a great weekend! what kind of shenanigans did you get into??
what are y’alls plans for mother’s day?


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