our weekend adventures


every friday i do a 50% water change for frankie. something always gets spilled on, this time, it was the payroll distribution authorization form. lol whoopsie!

right after school jazmyne had her girl scouts meeting, this is one of her favorite parts, the friendship circle!

while jaz was at girl scouts, i ran and got a fresh mani. just a natural color this time.


bingers only cuddles on his terms, in this case, he only let me cuddle with his tail.

we recruited our friend, britt, and made a trip to lowes for lumber and flowers! this was my haul!

look at my handsome handyman! he got the framing knocked out! all by his freaking self…actually, that’s a lie. he let me slide some huge boards over to him… -_-
he is hellbent on doing this all himself. it looks so good though! i will be doing a separate post on the progress this week!

we are also starting to look into countertops and backsplash too!
so many house projects, which only means the closer we are to selling it and buying a bigger home!

ohhhhh boy! he never learns!

mother’s day ♥ 

she was so excited to give me these sweet gifts!

img_2669 img_2670
the sweetest mother’s day cards from my baby girl and hubby. and the cutest gifts!
i love mommy’s day!

and the most beautiful flowers!

we met up with {the lowers} for a mother’s day brunch at toulouse petit in seattle to celebrate us mommies.

jaz, of course, got her eloise fix.

same goes for uncle cale! we love our little eloise!

i see the word benedict and i come a-runnin! so delicious!

i love this little family of mine. thank you for making me feel so special and appreciated!
and thank you to everyone who texted or called to wish me a happy mother’s day! i love y’all!

another mother’s day in the books and another year of being a momma to my sweet baby girl!
it was such a great weekend and i am so grateful to have the friends and family that i do.
i hope you guys spoiled your momma’s and made her feel so special! she deserves it and so much more!


2 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. I am so happy we got to hang out this Mother’s Day! Brunch was so fun… I think we should start doing monthly brunches or dinners followed by Catan! See you all soon. And can’t wait to see the updates to the kitchen and deck!!! Ahh! So fun.

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