our weekend adventures


it was a crazy day at work so when i went to pick up jazmyne i got a much needed laugh.
i leave for work in the morning before her and cale wake up so she dresses herself…this is what cale let her go to school in.
*face palm*

cale wanted me to stop at ace hardware to pick up some ‘shims’. lol
this was a huge mistake. that would be like sending him into nordstrom and saying pick up some nude steve madden pumps.
that’s a whole bunch of nope!

the decking is going on people!
i know i promised a progress post but i just couldn’t get to it. but i like, promise PROMISE it’ll be this week!
P R O M I S E !


i went and trimmed the mom lob so of course jaz and i stopped at our favorite cafe for some crepes and pasta salad!

nom nom!

jaz is outgrowing all of her clothes by the minute. so we stopped at the rack to pick up a few denim shorts for her. but first, we played!

it’s been puking rain all weekend so jaz and i stopped and had pho. we are obsessed, y’all. why is it so good??

our friends invited us on a double date to the mariner’s game.
woohooo date night! it’s not very often that we get to get out just by ourselves so we indulged a bit.

way too excited for some cotton candy!

IMG_2726 IMG_2741
had so much fun with my hubby!
date nights are awesome!


i had lunch with a friend over at hop jack’s and didn’t get any photos of my delectable burger i ordered.
thanks for the belated birthday lunch, britt! it was so yummy!

i didn’t do very much other than our normal sunday shenanigans so i didn’t take any pictures.

it was a yucky weekend weather wise. so soggy!
but somehow we managed to keep ourselves very busy! the mariner’s game was so much fun, thanks kellye & stefan for asking us to go with you guys!

what did you get into this weekend? did any of your plans get rained out?


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