home projects: a new deck

i have been going on and on….and on about our new deck in all of our recent ‘weekend adventures’.
so it’s finally time to share some progress pictures with y’all!

why are we doing so many small renos to our home, you ask?
our hope/goal is to buy a bigger home at some point next year. and in order to do so, we want to be sure that our home that we have now is ready to go on the market whenever we find the perfect new home. a few things we knew we wanted to update was the deck, back-splash in the kitchen, possibly counter tops, hardwood floors and building a pantry.
but the deck was going to be the biggest project of them all. once we get all of these little things done, we will be ready to put our little home on the market. {!!!!!}

cale has been working so hard on it and it is coming together so perfectly!

here is what the old deck looked like,

IMG_8250  IMG_8261 IMG_8255

the company that built our subdivision did the most half-ass job with our current deck.
everything about it was just poorly done, not to mention, incredibly small!

IMG_2375 IMG_2565
let the demolition commence!

woohooooo! all gone!

IMG_8451 IMG_8456

couldn’t not get some snaps of this handsome guy.

after clearing out all of the wood and recruiting a friend’s truck, we bought all the wood for the framing!


and just like it was nothing, cale banged this out in one day.
again….alllllll by his lonesome.

we are so thankful for famous dave (cale’s papa) for teaching him how to do this.
he has definitely been on cale’s speed dial just for some quick advice.
psa : papa bears, teach your kids to work with their hands. help them build something. show them some tips and tricks! if this isn’t proof that they will retain it, i don’t know what is.!

stay tuned to see how the rest comes along!

project supervisor : jess

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