our weekend adventures


in case you missed it, i did a little ‘a work day in the life of me‘ over on my snapchat
// @jaevas. sorry if you were annoyed by it, but it was really fun to do that, ya’ll got to see where i work, what my daily shenanigans are as a working woman and then a momma bear/wife afterwards!

something else exciting happened…i hit 199 followers on the good ol’ blog! once that bad boy hits 200 i will be doing an awesome giveaway of all of my favorite things!
i’m thinking, hair care, candles, makeup, jewelry…the whole 9, y’all!
thank you so much for your continued support!

another girl scouts meeting and another friendship circle! this song is so catchy…”a circle is round, it has no endddd, that’s how long i want to be your friend…” i wake up singing that song…

after girlscouts, we came home and tended to all of our plant babies. look at how big our hydrangea bush is getting!


cale had to work {again} so jaz and i went and explored hobby lobby and targé. and of course, per the norm, we stopped and had phò.

we got to babysit this little rugrat while her mama & papa went on a little date night! she is such a little character! she is starting to say little words and gosh darnit, it is the cutest thing ever!

img_2805 img_2804
after a little teeny meltdown, which, can i just go off on a tangent here?

[is it weird that i was totally okay with it? i loved being able to comfort her and it just brought me back to when little jazmina was teeny tiny. i forgot how much i loved rocking her to sleep, scratching her back and playing with her hair. while she still loves when i do that {minus the rocking part} it’s just not the same from when she was a baby/toddler. 
~le sigh~ that time will come soon enough {not too soon though}  ]

anyway! after i got her to sleep {aaron & misha} came home and of course we played a little catan! and i kicked butt! it was my first win, in the many games we have played, so i was so excited! also, the beer in the picture….hands down the best grapefruit beer…EVER!

i’m sure i have mentioned in a lot of my previous posts that misha might be the craftiest person i know. she personalized my kate spade newlywed tote {here}, she hosted a beautiful friendsgiving {here} not to mention all of her diy stuff on her blog {here}! but now she has started her very own business!

⇒ the petite flag shop ⇐ 

i now have three… {this one} is at my office, so all of my catty co-workers can read it everyday and maybe be a little nicer {at least to me}
{this one} is in my home…because, obviously.
but the one pictured is very very special, this flag supports misha & aaron’s niece, a beautiful little girl who is battling cancer. you can read all about her journey and follow along {here} and the direct link to purchase this flag is {here}.

i received mine and it is beautiful!


this is my life every sunday. it never ends.

cale wasn’t feeling the best, so jaz and i left him to take a nap while we grocery shopped. these clouds were a bit ominous. it’s rare to see clouds this dark. eek!

came home to the cutest little cuddle puddle!

uhmmmm…can we just…adele you are amazing! when i downloaded the album{the day it was realeased!}, i was instantly drawn to this song. it’s upbeat, spunky and of course amazing {it’s adele…duh} so when i saw that this was her next single and that this was the video…holy balls. yes! everything about it, yes! girlcrush, for sure, ya’ll!

and because it was cold and rainy, some turkey chili was necessary! email me and let me know if you want to see the recipe!

well, it was a jam packed weekend yet again!
the weather was poopy though which was a bummer. we only got a little work done to the deck.
but we are gearing up for a road trip to coeur d’alene for the memorial day weekend and we are so excited!
what did you do this weekend??


3 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. Thank you so much for watching Eloise! She was so lucky to have her Auntie Jess her when she had a meltdown…

    Also thanks for the shout out and supporting the Shop! I love love all the flags that you have! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. her little jibberish chats totally make up for any meltdown she wants to have 😉 plus she just missed her mama, isn’t the the normal reaction for any woman when they miss their mom? hehe

      Liked by 1 person

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