a new home

well, as promised. here’s a little look-see into our prospective home!
i only say ‘prospective’ because we are in the final stages of closing on our current house. we are not officially closed but…it’s gonna happen. they really, really, want our home. 

so without further ado, here are the bones of our new home! i can’t wait to get in there and make it cozy, yet elegant!

img_3263 this is the formal living as soon as you walk through the door. i am a southern woman so dedicated rooms were a must on our checklist.
i loathe open floor plans. like….alot.

img_3266 this is the same room looking in from the formal dining. i don’t know why i didn’t get a picture of the tall window too but it’s up there! so much natural light!
that was another major must-have on our check list!
picture an elegant sofa, two accent chairs around a simple coffee table, a super chic rug and beautiful drapes…can you see it? I CAN!

this is a chopped off picture of the formal dining. this was on my must-have check list! now i can host all the things that i’ve wanted to!

yes yes and some more yes. but hold the phone. i low key HATE the color of these cabinets. so…first things first, before moving all of our stuff in, we will be hiring painters to come in and paint them white. and then the two sets of cabinets on either side of the sink, we will add glass to the front. the stove, microwave and dishwasher all come with the home but the dishwasher is poop so along with a new fridge, we will also be purchasing a better dishwasher. yay for new appliances!

img_3265 so you can see that we have a little room off of the kitchen to have a breakfast nook. and then LOOK AT THAT FIREPLACE!
k, so picture a huge sectional with chaise, lots of comfy pillows and throws and a big tv on the mantle. this is probably going to be my most favorite place to be in the entire house!

and around the corner there is a big laundry room to the left and a powder room to the right. i love that the laundry room is downstairs, i might actually get it all done on sundays now! hehe

img_3269 the upstairs hallway. to the left will be the guest room, that door right in the middle is a full bathroom and then there are two bedrooms at the front of the house. one is jaz’s room and the other will be a nursery for a future baby a!
**side note: you see that ledge all the way to the right?? how in the world do i decorate that? and don’t say leave it empty because. no. i mean it’s a huge ledge. ideas would be appreciated 🙂

img_3267 uhhhhh…hello master bedroom! there is so much room for activities! i’m obsessed!

img_3271 and the master bath! the cabinets in here will be white as well.
LOOK AT THE TUB! i can’t wait to lounge in that bad boy with a nice glass of wine! yes yes yes!

well, there you have it!
i can’t believe we found this property on a whim! it is so perfect for us.
we will be checking in until our close date which is around August 18, but with new builds you never know the exact finish date so that may very well change.
i will, of course, keep you guys updated!

this is cale’s second home purchase, but it is my first so you can imagine how flippin excited i am! i just want to live in it now!!!

stay tuned!

a very excited new homeowner,

our weekend adventures

sooooo last week in our adventures we went and spoke with our current lender to see if/when we could start looking for a new home. she basically said… NOW. so cale & i left just thinking okay, well we can keep our eyes out but it probably won’t be till the end of summer. HA we were wrong. we ended up finding THE PERFECT new build, in an awesome school district, neighborhood and way closer to our jobs. we had to have it!
with a contingency though {insert pouty face here} the ‘contingency’ being the sale of our home.
so we put in our offer with an agreement of putting our house on the market within 5 days and selling it within 30.
okay…did i mention we had no intention of selling our house so it was no where near ready to go on the market? no? k well i just did and i’ll do it again…

well…we called our bosses asked if we could take the entire rest of the week off {thank goodness i didn’t have any deadlines}. they said yes and we went.to.town.
i’ve never been so exhausted in the history of me, ever! but we got it done.
the house was supposed to be on the market saturday morning and we had it up by friday morning! yasssss. up on friday and an open house on sunday. yahooooo!
if we get ay offers and accept, we can lift the contingency off of our new home and IT IS OURS!! oh boy, let the ride begin!

k, lets start on the weekend!


it is up!!!
need a home?

FullSizeRender 3
i actually did have to go to work on friday for some interviews and two young ladies came in wearing these t-shirts. “no makeup, still perfect”…i loved them! how confident of them, right?!

last weekend i went to a stella & dot jewelry party and i got my order! i love these ear jackets and renegade bracelet! rose gold is my jam lately.
linked here // renegade cluster bracelet  //  eva ear jacket

after work we had to be out of the house for the weekend so we went and stayed with one of my close friends! thanks for putting us up kellye & stefan! ❤


FullSizeRender 5
i was in desperate need of a mani/pedi, so kellye and i went to the spa and then treated ourselves to some delicious mexican food!

we played some late night games once everyone got home from their errands and the kiddo was asleep.


happy father’s day to the best dad i could have ever asked for jazmina.
thank you for being the papa you didn’t have to be, honey. i love you more than you know!

FullSizeRender 4
once we were all up and at em, we went to a renowned cafe in snohomish.
the wait was 2 hours, the hanger was real.

FullSizeRender 7
because this all happened so fast and the closing date for our new house is august 18, jaz will most likely be leaving for texas while we are still in our current home and coming home at the end of august to a brand spankin’ new casa! so we decided to take her to the new house to let her choose a room!

FullSizeRender 9
uggghhh, i am so excited!!!! i can’t wait to share more with you guys!

FullSizeRender 10
after going through the new home, we got the call from our realtor that we could come home. yay! we missed our bed! lulu and chandler are obviously not fans of car rides. why does loo do this? every time we are in the car she pants like a dog. what a weirdo.

uhhhhh it was such a crazy, stressful, busy week/weekend! i am so glad that it’s over but i have a feeling that was just the beginning. eeeekkk!


our weekend adventures


IMG_3066 IMG_3064
my little baby girl turned a whole 8 years old on friday.
please excuse me while i sob.
how is this even possible? how is she 8 years old???

the birthday girl requested lots of eggs and pancakes so of course she got it!

after we picked up mina girl from school, we went out to eat before we headed to the movie theatre to see alice through the looking glass.
it wasn’t as good as the first one but it was definitely enjoyable!


this was the start of a very busy day for us. first stop, our lender!
yes, people, it is that time to start looking for our new home!
ya ya ya ya ya!

then it was off to jazmyne’s birthday surprise! a shopping spree {kinda} and a fancy lunch with her best friend at the american girl store! she was sooooo excited!

goofballs, these two.

uhm. can we talk about how delicious this presentation looks? good on you american girl restaurant!

after lunch we went and poked around the mall for a bit and found this awesomeness!!!! if you follow me on instagram {jess_g_anderson} you saw the video. us grownups were so tempted on getting one for ourselves!

after all the rides we had to rush over to make jazmyne’s girl scouts awards ceremony. so so proud of this girl and her troop! they sold over 3,200 boxes of cookies this year!! holy moly, y’all!

FullSizeRender 2
with the news that our lender gave us, we couldn’t wait to start looking for new homes! even if it was 5 o’clock at night.


the kittens did not want momma to go upstairs and get ready.

after doing a little more looking whilst in bed the night before, i could not wait to go tour this home! oh my gawsh it was gorgeous! but a bust 😦 it was way too close to a main road and the road noise was awful!
we’ll find one eventually!

i was invited to a friend’s stella & dot jewelry party and it was so much fun!
who else is a fan of their jewelry?? i can’t wait to get my pieces!

okay…grocery shopping and then BAM! nostalgia in a bottle! did anyone else’s mom wear this when you were little? this takes me backkkkk!

oh my, what.a.busy.weekend. our saturday was jam packed! but we made it!
what did you do this weekend??


ps – the giveaway will be announced officially on tuesday! woohoo!

our weekend adventures


i had a training in seattle with a whole bunch of police officers! talk about super intimidating!

can you imagine how much i stuck out when i walked into a room full of men & women in uniforms and a gun on their hip, wearing this??? yeah, that was fun!

i really do have a crazy admiration of law enforcement though. i’ve worked with so many departments that i know how tough it is. from the sheriff’s office, jp’s office, constable’s office, superior & juvenile court, it’s really amazing what they do for such little appreciation.

after a dinner with our good friends, we got to come home to a beautiful sunset! i love the summer time here in seattle!


after recruiting some help {thanks britt} we got the railings knocked out! my hubby has done such an amazing job building this thing! we are almost done, y’all! i can’t wait to decorate it!

after working all day on the deck {in the hot sun!} britt and i got dinner and went to watch me before you. this not your father’s root beer is just what i needed! so yummy!

and this is how i felt after me before you. a complete mess! holy cow did i bawl like a little baby! so good though.


if you follow me on snapchat then you got to participate in a poll for which color we should stain the deck!
the winner with the majority votes was…….

so while the sunsets have been beautiful, the sun itself has not been setting till…
i think i complain about this every year, but c’mon! going to bed when it’s still light out makes me feel so old!

this weekend was amazing! it hit 90° people! so so hot! we had to install our ac window unit it was THAT hot, and now we are thinking of getting one for upstairs too, it was almost unbearable to sleep in. yuck.
i hope everyone had a great weekend!


our weekend adventures {long}


lulu always loves to cuddle with me in the morning…while on the potty. this is literally the only time she willingly jumps onto my lap, so i’ll take all the potty cuddles i can get!

woke up to the best notification! you guys are so amazing!
IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME! i am so excited, y’all! stay tuned! it should be up next week!

because it’s a 3 day weekend, we decided to take a trip to fancy coeur d’alene, id. we have friends that live there that we haven’t seen since the wedding {whoa}! they just had a new baby boy so of course i have to love all over him too! some of our other friends, that live here, were coming too so we snagged him up in seattle once i got off of work.

munchie stop, duh. and okay, did y’all know that sunflower seed bags are resealable nowadays!? my mind was blown.

the hanger was real by the end of what should have only been a 4 1/2 hours drive but turned into a 7 1/2 hour drive because SOMEONE thought that doing construction on the roads during a holiday weekend was okay!!!!! i am so ashamed of the b**** i become when i am hungry but gah lee just get me a burger for crying out loud!


whoa. the old european is cale’s favorite restaurant in cda, so we always have to go when we are there. no one’s complaining though, it’s amazing.

i cannot get enough of these two! jaz does so well with little ones and it is so overwhelmingly awesome that it seriously makes me want to cry. babies and toddlers are instantly drawn to her. she is going to be the best big sister ever.
there was another little minion running around but she was always that…running around so i couldn’t get any pictures of her! but jazmyne had a ball with these two, they definitely kept her occupied and entertained.

after breakfast we let the kiddos loose to play in the most awesome playscape ever!
neva diva was not feelin’ the rock climbing.

after naptime we all hopped in the boat in search of dinner!

tacos tacos tacos! yes please!

how freaking adorable. this is how they were on the entire ride home.


we woke up, had breakfast and took the girls to the beach to let out some energy! oliver, the watch dog, was standing guard and watching the tiny humans.

after a little cookout, we decided to hit the road back to seattle so we wouldn’t have to fight the traffic on memorial day. smartest decision ever. there was no one on the road!

okay maybe one other person, but almost no one! it was fantastic!

it didn’t take long for this one to be zonked out. she swore up and down though that she was not asleep. uhhhhh….i have proof child. you were most definitely asleep.

i typically don’t like starbucks. like at all. but this fraps were necessary.


yay to waking up in our own bed!
what a gorgeous day it was! and guess how we spent it? cleaning and working on the deck! wooooo. i am not even being facetious either. i honestly enjoy cleaning. not like the cleaning itself, but the outcome makes me REALLY happy.

phew! it was long weekend but such a great one. it is always so nice to get to catch up with good friends and just enjoy each other’s company!

remember to stay tuned for the giveaway! i can’t wait to share it with y’all!

-a very busy jess