our weekend adventures {long}


lulu always loves to cuddle with me in the morning…while on the potty. this is literally the only time she willingly jumps onto my lap, so i’ll take all the potty cuddles i can get!

woke up to the best notification! you guys are so amazing!
IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME! i am so excited, y’all! stay tuned! it should be up next week!

because it’s a 3 day weekend, we decided to take a trip to fancy coeur d’alene, id. we have friends that live there that we haven’t seen since the wedding {whoa}! they just had a new baby boy so of course i have to love all over him too! some of our other friends, that live here, were coming too so we snagged him up in seattle once i got off of work.

munchie stop, duh. and okay, did y’all know that sunflower seed bags are resealable nowadays!? my mind was blown.

the hanger was real by the end of what should have only been a 4 1/2 hours drive but turned into a 7 1/2 hour drive because SOMEONE thought that doing construction on the roads during a holiday weekend was okay!!!!! i am so ashamed of the b**** i become when i am hungry but gah lee just get me a burger for crying out loud!


whoa. the old european is cale’s favorite restaurant in cda, so we always have to go when we are there. no one’s complaining though, it’s amazing.

i cannot get enough of these two! jaz does so well with little ones and it is so overwhelmingly awesome that it seriously makes me want to cry. babies and toddlers are instantly drawn to her. she is going to be the best big sister ever.
there was another little minion running around but she was always that…running around so i couldn’t get any pictures of her! but jazmyne had a ball with these two, they definitely kept her occupied and entertained.

after breakfast we let the kiddos loose to play in the most awesome playscape ever!
neva diva was not feelin’ the rock climbing.

after naptime we all hopped in the boat in search of dinner!

tacos tacos tacos! yes please!

how freaking adorable. this is how they were on the entire ride home.


we woke up, had breakfast and took the girls to the beach to let out some energy! oliver, the watch dog, was standing guard and watching the tiny humans.

after a little cookout, we decided to hit the road back to seattle so we wouldn’t have to fight the traffic on memorial day. smartest decision ever. there was no one on the road!

okay maybe one other person, but almost no one! it was fantastic!

it didn’t take long for this one to be zonked out. she swore up and down though that she was not asleep. uhhhhh….i have proof child. you were most definitely asleep.

i typically don’t like starbucks. like at all. but this fraps were necessary.


yay to waking up in our own bed!
what a gorgeous day it was! and guess how we spent it? cleaning and working on the deck! wooooo. i am not even being facetious either. i honestly enjoy cleaning. not like the cleaning itself, but the outcome makes me REALLY happy.

phew! it was long weekend but such a great one. it is always so nice to get to catch up with good friends and just enjoy each other’s company!

remember to stay tuned for the giveaway! i can’t wait to share it with y’all!

-a very busy jess

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