our weekend adventures


i had a training in seattle with a whole bunch of police officers! talk about super intimidating!

can you imagine how much i stuck out when i walked into a room full of men & women in uniforms and a gun on their hip, wearing this??? yeah, that was fun!

i really do have a crazy admiration of law enforcement though. i’ve worked with so many departments that i know how tough it is. from the sheriff’s office, jp’s office, constable’s office, superior & juvenile court, it’s really amazing what they do for such little appreciation.

after a dinner with our good friends, we got to come home to a beautiful sunset! i love the summer time here in seattle!


after recruiting some help {thanks britt} we got the railings knocked out! my hubby has done such an amazing job building this thing! we are almost done, y’all! i can’t wait to decorate it!

after working all day on the deck {in the hot sun!} britt and i got dinner and went to watch me before you. this not your father’s root beer is just what i needed! so yummy!

and this is how i felt after me before you. a complete mess! holy cow did i bawl like a little baby! so good though.


if you follow me on snapchat then you got to participate in a poll for which color we should stain the deck!
the winner with the majority votes was…….

so while the sunsets have been beautiful, the sun itself has not been setting till…
i think i complain about this every year, but c’mon! going to bed when it’s still light out makes me feel so old!

this weekend was amazing! it hit 90° people! so so hot! we had to install our ac window unit it was THAT hot, and now we are thinking of getting one for upstairs too, it was almost unbearable to sleep in. yuck.
i hope everyone had a great weekend!


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