our weekend adventures


IMG_3066 IMG_3064
my little baby girl turned a whole 8 years old on friday.
please excuse me while i sob.
how is this even possible? how is she 8 years old???

the birthday girl requested lots of eggs and pancakes so of course she got it!

after we picked up mina girl from school, we went out to eat before we headed to the movie theatre to see alice through the looking glass.
it wasn’t as good as the first one but it was definitely enjoyable!


this was the start of a very busy day for us. first stop, our lender!
yes, people, it is that time to start looking for our new home!
ya ya ya ya ya!

then it was off to jazmyne’s birthday surprise! a shopping spree {kinda} and a fancy lunch with her best friend at the american girl store! she was sooooo excited!

goofballs, these two.

uhm. can we talk about how delicious this presentation looks? good on you american girl restaurant!

after lunch we went and poked around the mall for a bit and found this awesomeness!!!! if you follow me on instagram {jess_g_anderson} you saw the video. us grownups were so tempted on getting one for ourselves!

after all the rides we had to rush over to make jazmyne’s girl scouts awards ceremony. so so proud of this girl and her troop! they sold over 3,200 boxes of cookies this year!! holy moly, y’all!

FullSizeRender 2
with the news that our lender gave us, we couldn’t wait to start looking for new homes! even if it was 5 o’clock at night.


the kittens did not want momma to go upstairs and get ready.

after doing a little more looking whilst in bed the night before, i could not wait to go tour this home! oh my gawsh it was gorgeous! but a bust 😦 it was way too close to a main road and the road noise was awful!
we’ll find one eventually!

i was invited to a friend’s stella & dot jewelry party and it was so much fun!
who else is a fan of their jewelry?? i can’t wait to get my pieces!

okay…grocery shopping and then BAM! nostalgia in a bottle! did anyone else’s mom wear this when you were little? this takes me backkkkk!

oh my, what.a.busy.weekend. our saturday was jam packed! but we made it!
what did you do this weekend??


ps – the giveaway will be announced officially on tuesday! woohoo!

2 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. I just love your blog, especially this one cause it’s got that precious little girl’s birthday goings-on in it! love y’all


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