our weekend adventures


can you tell i have a type a personality? i have to make lists on days that i am just way too busy to keep my priorities straight. do you make to-do lists?

that was the only picture i had for friday. we had to go pick up the u-haul truck and load up the rest of our house.


we woke up early and kept loading everything in the truck! this guy didn’t even have time to throw some water in his hair to tame that bed head!

what a creep.

lucky for me, our friends lived right down the road from our storage unit! they actually just came to buy our coffee and end tables buttttt, i recruited his help so that us wives could sit in the truck and play pokemon!!

after two trips to the storage unit, we had some time to check in on our new home! if you follow me on snapchat {@jaevas} and you should, then you got to vote on how i should put the furniture in the formal living room! thank you for everyone’s help! numero uno was the weener!
aren’t my drawings just the best??

img_3492 img_3493
after all of the moving shenanigans, we went to our friends house for a little gamenight! isn’t this pickle lady the cutest??


sunday morning we got to sleep in a little but not too late because we had to get up and load the uhaul again! but this time with trash to take to the dump! goodness gracious am i sore! after all the heavy lifting we treated ourselves to some carbful goodness! tempura fried pickles are the best!!

we also had to catch them all while lunching.

we needed to pick up something from homegoods for the kitties and we found this to be quite funny…can you spot cale? hehe

everytime we run to petco we always stop to play with the kittens first. this old guy was so sweet!

if you don’t have a target red card…you should. don’t worry, it’s not a credit card! i mean you can get a target credit card but i don’t…i have the debit card! it’s linked directly to my bank account just like a normal debit card BUT i save 5% every time i use it! okay that’s #1. #2: have you downloaded cartwheel ? no? THEN GET WITH THE GAME PEOPLE! so many good deals to be had on that app! oh my goodness! and finally #3, download the regular target app and keep an eye on the mobile coupons…do not confuse those coupons to be part of cartwheel…THEY ARE SEPERATE!!!
just this trip alone i saved $21.49…that’s like a free shirt!
so why are you not saving? start saving!
k i’m done… 🙂

i went and traded in my charge for this sleek beauty! fitbit alta, you get me.

it was another busy weekend for us andersons. we thought that we were going to be moving out and into our friends house but a little snafu happened and we were able to stay another week in our house!
we are, however, on the homestretch of closing on our current home! the appraisal is in and now it’s just paperwork time! if everything goes smoothly, we will close with the buyers this friday! wahoooooo!!!!

hope everyone had a great weekend!


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