baby a : 5 & 6 weeks

How Far Along? 5 weeks

Size of Baby: Appleseed {0.13 inches}

Gender: n/a at the moment

Weight Gain: none so far…that’ll change for sure

Maternity Clothes: i dabbled some at target and destination maternity only because this bloat is UNREAL.

Nursery: currently has a cat tree in it and all of jazmyne’s toys. i have absolutely no motivation to even think about designing a nursery.

Movement: unless i have the jolly green giant in there i won’t be feeling much for a while.

Symptoms: the sure sign that should have tipped my off were my tatas. good lord. i literally hold them when i go down stairs. i’m also mega bloated. i look 4 or 5 months pregnant (see 6 wk bump photo below) that’s obviously not a baby. my doctor said it’s due to my tilted uterus and the amount of water i’ve been drinking. hooray….
and lastly, just exhausted. so so so tired.

Sleep: since i have been to tired lately, i am making it into my jams by 8:30 and passing out as soon as my head hits the pillow. not uncomfortable yet.

Cravings: pho! give me pho at any time in the day. i want it and i want it now. and milkshakes.

What I Miss:  cold cut meats. i am such a sammie girl and i miss just some good ol’ turkey! le sigh. coffee. oh my god. coffee. of course i had to exnay the 20 oz triple shot white mocha every morning. and i miss it so. helllllo water.

Best Moment This Week: seeing  baby a for the very first time! that’s way too early for an ultrasound you say…i’ll explain at the bottom, keep reading.

Looking Forward To: the next ultrasound in two weeks! and announcing that we are pregnant!

**k so here’s a little story about a girl with pcos. pcos, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, meaning my cycles are a mess and i have chronic cysts building up on my ovaries. fun right?! no. remember a couple weeks back where i had to go to the hospital because a cyst ruptured? yeah i can thank the not so nice witch from pcos land for that one. anyway, like i said, it messes with a woman’s cycle. while regular women would ovulate on day 13-15 i didn’t ovulate until day 25 throwing my dates completely off! so for the first week and a half that i knew i was pregnant, i thought i was closer to 8 weeks when i went in for my ultrasound. not even close people. when the tech started going in on baby a (literally) he was really confused by my dates and asked if i was sure. he was able to find the heartbeat but it was only 100 bpm, which i later found out from a call from my doctor that said that was way too low and i should be prepared for a miscarriage. (HOLY SHIT) something an expectant mom loves to hear, amirite?! after re-downloading all of my ovulation tracking apps and going over my dates with a magnifying glass, i called our midwives and explained my mess up and they assured me that me REAL first day of my last period definitely matches up with baby a’s size and heart beat. PHEW! i was a mess for a day and a half ya’ll. i was so upset and crying and just a complete mess. thank goodness it was all just a big date mix up and everything is a okay!

How Far Along? 6 weeks

Size of Baby: pea {.25 in}

Gender: n/a at the moment but i am convinced it’s a boy!

Weight Gain: still none

Maternity Clothes: yep got 3 pairs of preggo jeans and a couple shirts and tanks. i’m telling, ya’ll the bloat.

Nursery: still in shambles

Movement: nada

Symptoms: HELLLLLLLO NAUSEA!! it, excuse my french, fucking sucks! tic tacs seems to working for a bit but it’s like i became immune to their magic. i recently posted a status on facebook asking fellow moms what they did to ease it since i had none of this with jaz. i got some good advice and i’m trying all of it! zofran will be my last resort but i’ll go there if i need to.

Sleep: still exhausted so i’ve been sleeping well. cale did however, have to find me an extra pillow to put between my legs when i am laying on my side. it’s just so uncomfortable without it there.

Cravings: remember how i was craving pho? ew. don’t even come near me with that. i don’t even want to think about it. lately i have been craving salt. anything salty. which is weird because i never even cooked with salt. this baby is a gamechanger.

What I Miss:  i really wanted a spicy tuna roll the other day. but other than that, i’m not really missing anything.

Best Moment This Week: telling close family and friends. my sister cried, which was so sweet! so did my best friend, i facetimed her right after we took the test, it was just a big ol sob fest. woo

Looking Forward To: next weeks ultrasound to check in on baby a justttt to be sure everything is indeed okay and he is growing as he should.


after only doing two of these, i’ve decided that i’m only going to update y’all every couple of weeks because answers will be redundant and that’s just boring. so let’s say i will do an update with these questions every 4 weeks. i will keep doing the weekly bump photos and just include those all together at the beginning of the post. sound good? GOOD!
now here are the two ultrasounds we have gotten thus far and you can see baby a has grown over 8 times his size since our 5 week ultrasound! I’m growing a baby dinosaur, you guys. 

grow baby, grow!



an anderson announcement!



baby baby baby baby!!

we cannot even begin to tell y’all how excited we are!
when we found our new house we decided that it was time! everything just lined up so perfectly and we knew that we were ready.
our main reason for waiting and not having a baby right after the wedding was because we had absolutely no room in our old house. it was teeny! so like i said, when we put in the offer on our new home and it was accepted, cale and i had long/multiple conversations on adding a little baby a to the mix. and we started ‘trying’ right away…;)

we honestly thought it was going to be a little tougher to conceive because i have PCOS and my cycles were very irregular. but to no avail, we got a big fat positive!

it is very early in our pregnancy but like most other things in our life, we are not waiting to share our news! and before you start shaking your head in dismay because we are announcing it before the “appropriate” 2nd trimester safe time, stop. and let me tell you why.

i don’t care about the stigma that is attached to announcing ‘early’. you know what i care about? the teeny tiny little human that i am growing in my tummy. we are so excited to be growing our little family and are not afraid to share with every single person in our lives!
i know what you’re thinking…what about miscarriage?
yes, i am painfully aware of the chance of miscarriage in early pregnancy and the first trimester. believe me. i am terrified.
i am not NOT going to share because i’m scared of what could happen. what a lot of people don’t understand about me and my situation is that most of my support system is in texas. sharing our shenanigans and weekend adventures isn’t just to do something in my free time. it is to make sure i stay connected with all of my loved ones who live so far away from me. plus it’s kinda fun…
if i were to miscarry i would want to share that experience. there are so many women that have endured a loss that stay silent and don’t share because no one knew they were pregnant to begin with. where was their support besides their husband and close family? just recently we found out that a lot of our friends and family went through a miscarriage and we had no idea! and i feel terrible that i wasn’t more supportive!
all that said, to each their own. some women aren’t comfortable with sharing before they reach the safe zone and that is totally okay too! obviously!
i am just more open about my life than most are but that’s just me. i will admit that i was head shaker at early announcements before i got pregnant and i did it to one of my dear friends. i feel awful for doing that now! how could i judge that? why did i judge that? I HAVE NO IDEA! i get it now. i get why she announced so early, because her baby was her baby even before the day of conception. a baby is {usually} something to celebrate, no matter how far along you are. and that is exactly how i feel. i am over the moon for this little ginger bean and I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!

and to sum all of that up with just a few words if you are still judging me…
not your body, not your baby, not your problem

support and love each other, y’all!

stay tuned for bump photos, week updates and how baby a is doing -aka, ginger bean-!

love you guys!

-a very excited momma-to-be {again}, jess

updates are coming!

we are still alive! i promise! 

just a quick update…
we are officially moved in to our brand new home! it is nowhere near finished and probably won’t be for a couple more weeks/months.

jaz is back from texas and loving her new school, new after school care, and new cheer squad! the transition for her has been seamless. not surprising though, given the little social butterfly that she is.

i promise i haven’t forgotten about the giveaway and still have all of those little goodies wrapped up and ready to ship as soon as i find the energy to monitor and track entries!
it will happen! and i have some more goodies that i threw in for your patience!

we have a few other exciting announcements to make so be sure to stay tuned! they are so good and we are so excited to share!

thank you for always coming here to see if i’ve posted anything! once things settle down from the move, i will be back.

love you guys and all of your support!