updates are coming!

we are still alive! i promise! 

just a quick update…
we are officially moved in to our brand new home! it is nowhere near finished and probably won’t be for a couple more weeks/months.

jaz is back from texas and loving her new school, new after school care, and new cheer squad! the transition for her has been seamless. not surprising though, given the little social butterfly that she is.

i promise i haven’t forgotten about the giveaway and still have all of those little goodies wrapped up and ready to ship as soon as i find the energy to monitor and track entries!
it will happen! and i have some more goodies that i threw in for your patience!

we have a few other exciting announcements to make so be sure to stay tuned! they are so good and we are so excited to share!

thank you for always coming here to see if i’ve posted anything! once things settle down from the move, i will be back.

love you guys and all of your support!


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