Anderson Ever After – 1 year later

happy tuesday!
today is mine & cale’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
so much has happened in the past year it is insane!
we bought a big, beautiful, brand new home
we are expecting a little anderson in a few months!

but lets rewind and relive the best day of our lives
october 18, 2015, our wedding day!

my photographer finally gave the okay to share on my blog but she is still in the works of getting it published. but i promised i would share a few with you guys and now i can!

i am obsessed with our photos. our photographer stephanie hunter photography did such a wonderful job! we were blown away when we received them. i hope you guys enjoy them just as much as we did and still do.

getting ready

Blaine & Mike Wedding | Villa Antonia in Austin



ceremony details


we had an unplugged ceremony!
jessica-cale-wedding-159 jessica-cale-wedding-162

reception detail

jessica-cale-wedding-242 jessica-cale-wedding-237

our head table was GORGEOUS!


beautiful you guys. our florist killed it!

jessica-cale-wedding-248 jessica-cale-wedding-247 jessica-cale-wedding-245

these a’s were customs from our florist and they lit up from behind at night! so pretty! 

the ceremony


my gorgeous bridesmaids!
and our handsome groomsmen!

jessica-cale-wedding-496 jessica-cale-wedding-518
instead of saying vows to one another, cale decided to say his vows to jazmyne. she got really emotional, which in turn made everyone in the chapel emotional! jessica-cale-wedding-539
find a man that looks at your children with more love than you! jessica-cale-wedding-570

first kiss as husband and wife!

posed photos!

jessica-cale-wedding-114 jessica-cale-wedding-293 jessica-cale-wedding-300 jessica-cale-wedding-128 jessica-cale-wedding-332




best man and maid of honor speeches!

jessica-cale-wedding-681 jessica-cale-wedding-686 jessica-cale-wedding-687
officially husband and wife! marriage certificate signed!!

this is why i married this man. we just get each other.

for cale and jaz’s first dance we had everyone with children come on the dance floor to dance with their babies. taylor swift, never grow up, it’ll get the water works going!

cale’s and his momma’s first dance! 
couples dance!

so lucky i have such an amazing mother & father in law who have a wonderful marriage that we can look up to.

together for over 50 years! holy moly!

we had a slo-mo booth and it was awesome! jessica-cale-wedding-841 jessica-cale-wedding-851
jaz tore up the dance floor! 
WHAT’S A TEXAS WEDDING WITHOUT A LITTLE WHATABURGER!?jessica-cale-wedding-1004 jessica-cale-wedding-1005 jessica-cale-wedding-1017
us cheering on our dj. he did an awesome job! 
at the end of the night our videographer played our same day edit, which was a recap of all the days festivities. i’ll link it at the end!

send off!

jessica-cale-wedding-1045 jessica-cale-wedding-1047 jessica-cale-wedding-1050-2 jessica-cale-wedding-1052-2

this was seriously the best day of my life. it was everything we dreamed of and so much more. our coordinator was amazing and all of our vendors knocked it out of the park. we would not have changed a single thing!

i am so lucky that i got to marry the man every woman deserves.
i can’t wait for forever and always with you, honey.
happy one year anniversary!

here is the same day edit i was talking about earlier.

and here is our slo-mo booth!


thank you guys for stopping by! hope you enjoyed our big day!

here is a list of all of our vendors!



11 thoughts on “Anderson Ever After – 1 year later

  1. So fun! I can’t believe it’s already been a year. It feels like we were all just dressed up for the big day. We feel so honored to have been a part of it. Happy first Anniversary! 💕

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