2016 family pictures

hey y’all!
this year was the first year we did family pictures…wierd, i know.
so i thought i would share some of my favorites!

this girl! ❤
i can’t believe how big my baby is! she can be a grown adult and she will still be my baby! always!

always sassy.

mama’s girl!

these two.
be still my heart. ❤

love this hubby of mine!

obsessed with this family of mine!

ready for the goofy ones?

kissing the food baby!

i am the only one that fully committed to this one…lame-o’s!

2017 is almost here!! i can’t wait for next year’s family photos with austin!!

our weekend adventures


it was literally me and about 5 other people in the whole building on friday. but that didn’t stop me from rocking my ugly christmas sweater and xmas tree earrings!

and while i was at work it snowed… a lot! it was so exciting to actually have a white christmas!

cale & i decided to do a date night because we never have those and went to cinnebarre and watched passengers. it was okay, not great. which is a bummer because i really love jennifer lawrence & chris pratt.


i woke up to this creep just staring at me…’mahm, why aren’t you up yet?’
and yes, i need two water bottles to keep me hydrated throughout the night.

gosh, i just love waking up to nothing but white on the ground! it’s so stinkin’ pretty!

we headed over to my brother-in-laws house for christmas eve dinner and i got to be santie claus! poor austin, he was so squished!
**i’m also really bummed i didn’t get a photo of the table setting, it was gorgeous!**

merry christmas from the andersons! we miss our jazmina but we are so excited that we will have both of our babies next year!

their neighbors really went all out on the christmas lights. goodness gracious!


we had cale’s, mom, dad & sister over for christmas breakfast and i forgot to snag some pictures. but it happened i swear! 😉

after some relaxation and making buster brownie cake, we headed back over to my brother-in-laws for xmas dinner! it was originally supposed to be at our house, but my father-in-law is crazy allergic to long hair cats soooo after the first evening of wheezing we decided, yep, that’s a no-go.
if you follow me on instagram (@jess_g_anderson) then you already know how obsessed i am with what pregnancy is doing to my body. mostly because i’m not gaining any weight {austin is fine, no worries} but especially in black…you can’t even tell i’m pregnant from the front or the back. WOOHOO! yay for basketball bellies!

holy fogness. christmas evening was a bit of an eerie ride.


monday morning {the observed holiday for us working folk} we slept in and it felt so good! i had a mission to go to home depot and get the paint we chose for the nursery and start on that buttttt…cinnamon rolls, milk, a big comfy couch, the fireplace and snuggles sounded so much better! so that’s what we did until about two.

because i felt bad for not cooking on sunday, which i was originally supposed to do, we offered to go grab some delfino’s pizza and bring it back to aaron & kelsey’s house for jo & dave’s last night in seattle. of course i had to stop in at pottery barn kids to take a peek and low & behold, valentine’s stuff!

olen’s dad and fun uncle cale made sure to give us women mini heart attacks.
{sorry for the obnoxiously huge thumbnail}

all in all it was a wonderful weekend, albeit, EXHAUSTING!
i hope you had the best time with your family. now cheers to the new year! we have some exciting plans for new years eve so stay tuned!


baby a : months 2-6

as promised, here is a recap of our pregnancy thus far!
at the end i’ll do a little q & a with some popular questions that i have been being asked!

i also decided to do these in months rather than weeks because that just got too cumbersome. some weeks i just didn’t feel like taking pictures so…:)

also, for those that don’t know and think i can’t math. here is how pregnancy is broken down in weeks to months. it’s not your normal 4 weeks = 1 month scenario. so put those judgy judy thoughts back into your wittle head…i know how to math, mmk.

the awesome beginning!
we found out i was pregnant about a week before i took this and every thing was running so smooth! no nausea, no weight gain, no huge cravings besides pho, just all around, GREAT!

hello nausea. i hate you.
seriously, my life was miserable from weeks 9-18… AWFUL.
i repeat….AWFUL!

even though i was still as nauseas as ever, this was such an exciting month!
we found out we are having a litte….
and his name is
– austin david anderson –
austin because, that’s where cale & i met, that’s where we got married and that’s where jaz was born! it just seemed perfect! and david because that is cale’s dad’s name!

finally getting some reprieve from the nausea. hallelu!
austin’s monthly appointments have been going awesome! his heart beat is always so strong and i finally started to feel some movements! he’s an active one, that’s for sure!

& here we are! 6 months pregnant!
{yes i’m in my undies, we have a strict no pants rule in the house}
i cannot believe how fast this is going! this month we had his anatomy scan and he is definitely still a boy! like for sure for sure, haha. everything looked great and he is growing right on schedule! they did however, change my due date to april 27th so my cinco de mayo date is no more…womp womp. in other news, nausea is completely gone, but heartburn and constipation has reared her ugly head! but you know what? i’ll freaking take it! anything is better than being sick constantly. seriously anything!

alright now for all the questions!

what names were you considering? – before we found out that we were having a boy we knew our girl name. 100%. the first time we heard it, even before we got pregnant, we knew that was the one. it was lena cohen. lena would’ve been pronounced lee-na {like sisterhood of the traveling pants!} but we could never agree on a boy name. liam, leo, aksel…our list went on and on…and on. it wasn’t until one of our friends jokingly mentioned austin, that it dawned on us. DUH! that’s perfect!

will you breastfeed? – yes…well i will try to. i have already started producing colostrum so i know supply won’t be a problem but jaz didn’t take too well to the boob, so we will see. i was also 16 with jaz and gave up on it pretty fast so i will work harder at it this go-round.

will you stay home? – this question you guys…i get this all of the time and it’s obviously by people who don’t know me very well. yes, i will stay home for 3 months after austin is born, but my butt will be back in the office right after that. now let me just step up on my soap box for a quick sec…
i literally had someone tell me, “oh…you’re not? {while pursing her judgy lips} well…i’m just so grateful that i have a husband who can provide for me and my family so i can stay home and not have to work”
yep. can you see me fuming?
i am going back to work after my son is born because i want to. not because i have to. my husband can provide for me and our children just fine on his own, but i just love to work. that’s just who i am. i’ve worked since it was legal for me to work and i don’t think i ever won’t work. i don’t judge stay-at-home mamas, so stay-at-home mamas don’t judge us working ones.

will you have a nanny or daycare? – as of right now, we are planning to go the nanny route. i’ll let you know how that goes though…looking for one is so overwhelming!

how much weight have you gained? – yes, that has been a question but i’m not so put off by it like most pregnant women are. mainly because i haven’t gained much at all hehe if it were opposite then maybe i would be offended. but as of this morning i have only gained 3 pounds. austin is growing fine and all my labs have come back normal so the doctor isn’t concerned. i am all belly, thank goodness, but those three pounds are probably in my cheeks and my boobs. these things are gigantic. i have noticed my arms and thighs have slimmed out so i guess he is just pulling all of fat from there into my belly. FINE BY ME!

do you plan on delivering naturally? – haha i would like to say yes. but in reality i know that answer is hell no. i mean…i got an epidural when i was only 3 cm with jazmyne…so yeah you could say i’m a weenie.

i can’t think of any others off the top of my head, so if you have any, please feel free to ask me in the comments!

happy 6 months to me and austin! 

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see you next month!


our weekend adventures

i’m backkkkk!
nausea has finally kicked the bucket and i have most of my energy back!

so with that, i am back to blogging about our shenanigans on the weekends. and what a great weekend to get back in the mix. jazmyne is leaving for texas on wednesday so we celebrated our christmas eve & christmas this weekend.
so here we go!


img_4719 a350cb8d-3c1b-4805-977b-f9b400c3739b
we had an appointment to check up on baby a {which is a boy!} and his anatomy and everything looks perfect! he is perfect! and look how cute!
i promise to do a recap on the bump, that post is in the works!

i compared his profile to his papa and
oh my gawsh!
he’s going to be his mini!


cale took jaz to altitude, which is an indoor trampoline park so i unboxed the most awesome package ever! my mother-in-law sent us all of her wedding china and threw in a couple of other awesome pieces! they are so beautiful, i don’t ever want to use them!

jaz & i went shopping for some xmas gifts for family and supplies for the night and christmas morning and this belly is getting quite large! and i am so in love! i always said before i got pregnant that i loved being pregnant with jaz. and now that i am in the clear with the nausea i am back to feeling that way! it’s amazing what my body is doing and i am absolutely obsessed with it!

cale just had to try on this vest before i returned it. what a fashionista!

cookie time!!!

it’s been a tradition, ever since jaz was a baby, to decorate sugar cookies on christmas eve. these two were so serious!

our master-pieces! andddd of course cale has to make his inappropriate.

another xmas eve tradition, jaz gets to open a present! it usually is a movie, some sort of snack and pjs! this year she got the secret life of pets.

once everyone changes into their pjs, we make palettes {or forts, depending on the mood} and watch jaz’s movie while drinking hot cocoa and eating our cookies!


it’s christmas morning! time to open presents!

someone is excited!

so i got this for cale but it’s secretly for me too! god i love this game!

the aftermath…yikes. you can’t see her but there is a cat underneath there. she loves to be buried with paper. freaking weirdo!

one of jaz’s xmas gifts was a lego american girl set that she did all day. literally…not once did she ask to watch tv or play on the ipad. she just sat there at the table all day long! parent win!

while jaz was busy putting together her lego set, i got some free time to get some sunday cleaning done. anyone else just feel happy when they are done cleaning their kitchen and it looks this pretty!? i love me a clean kitchen!

i also finally got around to putting all of the fall decor away! see you next year!!

we finished our night with quite a few games of guess who. another present that we got jaz! nostalgia much?

what a great weekend! we will miss our mina girl this christmas but we always know she is going to have so much fun every time she goes to texas, so it makes my heart feel a little bit better. and while it will be so weird to wake up christmas morning without a child we just remember that next year we will have TWO children to share such a wonderful holiday with! so with that happy note…