our weekend adventures

i’m backkkkk!
nausea has finally kicked the bucket and i have most of my energy back!

so with that, i am back to blogging about our shenanigans on the weekends. and what a great weekend to get back in the mix. jazmyne is leaving for texas on wednesday so we celebrated our christmas eve & christmas this weekend.
so here we go!


img_4719 a350cb8d-3c1b-4805-977b-f9b400c3739b
we had an appointment to check up on baby a {which is a boy!} and his anatomy and everything looks perfect! he is perfect! and look how cute!
i promise to do a recap on the bump, that post is in the works!

i compared his profile to his papa and
oh my gawsh!
he’s going to be his mini!


cale took jaz to altitude, which is an indoor trampoline park so i unboxed the most awesome package ever! my mother-in-law sent us all of her wedding china and threw in a couple of other awesome pieces! they are so beautiful, i don’t ever want to use them!

jaz & i went shopping for some xmas gifts for family and supplies for the night and christmas morning and this belly is getting quite large! and i am so in love! i always said before i got pregnant that i loved being pregnant with jaz. and now that i am in the clear with the nausea i am back to feeling that way! it’s amazing what my body is doing and i am absolutely obsessed with it!

cale just had to try on this vest before i returned it. what a fashionista!

cookie time!!!

it’s been a tradition, ever since jaz was a baby, to decorate sugar cookies on christmas eve. these two were so serious!

our master-pieces! andddd of course cale has to make his inappropriate.

another xmas eve tradition, jaz gets to open a present! it usually is a movie, some sort of snack and pjs! this year she got the secret life of pets.

once everyone changes into their pjs, we make palettes {or forts, depending on the mood} and watch jaz’s movie while drinking hot cocoa and eating our cookies!


it’s christmas morning! time to open presents!

someone is excited!

so i got this for cale but it’s secretly for me too! god i love this game!

the aftermath…yikes. you can’t see her but there is a cat underneath there. she loves to be buried with paper. freaking weirdo!

one of jaz’s xmas gifts was a lego american girl set that she did all day. literally…not once did she ask to watch tv or play on the ipad. she just sat there at the table all day long! parent win!

while jaz was busy putting together her lego set, i got some free time to get some sunday cleaning done. anyone else just feel happy when they are done cleaning their kitchen and it looks this pretty!? i love me a clean kitchen!

i also finally got around to putting all of the fall decor away! see you next year!!

we finished our night with quite a few games of guess who. another present that we got jaz! nostalgia much?

what a great weekend! we will miss our mina girl this christmas but we always know she is going to have so much fun every time she goes to texas, so it makes my heart feel a little bit better. and while it will be so weird to wake up christmas morning without a child we just remember that next year we will have TWO children to share such a wonderful holiday with! so with that happy note…


4 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. Awe it sounds and looks like you guys had so much fun! Gabriel (he’s 3) is just now reaching the point where we can start some traditions too and sugar cookies on Christmas eve sound like a fun one! My mom always let me open my stocking on Christmas Eve and one gift which was usually PJ’s. The idea to include a movie and make it an event seems like so much fun, I think we’ll do that too! It’s great to see you back 😀 And I hope you get to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy as much as you did the first one!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love seeing these – and also when I was looking at Kaily’s pregnancy too. You ladies are such cute pregnant mommy’s!!
    Glad you did have Christmas with Jaz too – my sister is now having to go through the ‘kids with dad’ routine this year (divorce)… not easy when they are young too. 😦
    So happy for you ALL!

    Liked by 1 person

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