baby a : 7 months

27 weeks
7 months
3rd trimester
{some say third trimester doesn’t start till the 28th week but the little chart I’ve been using {here} says it’s 27, so lets just stay consistent!}


I feel like we just announced that we were pregnant! it is flying by and it’s kind of freaking me out!

quite a bit has happened since the last update.
i think i touched on this in my last update but i’ll do it again!
I am 100% over the morning/all day sickness, wahoo! that was really tough, you guys. cale and I were just reminiscing about it and I was the most miserable I have ever been in my entire life. I felt like an awful mom because all I wanted to do after I picked jaz up from school was go home and curl up on the couch, and die. I felt like an awful wife because I didn’t want to make dinner, ever, I didn’t want to be intimate, I didn’t even want to make myself presentable. blegh! I am so glad that is over with!

with the nausea letting up came good ol heartburn. it only flares up at night while I’m sleeping but nothing zantac can’t fix. I would seriously take heartburn, indigestion, hemorrhoids, ANTHING over nausea.

I am very noticeably pregnant now and still no stretch marks!
okay okay I lie. I have two teeny tiny ones on my hip but hey, I’ll take it! but no more, thank you.

my appetite hasn’t really changed, I crave random things at random times. cale just knows to be prepared to pull a uturn if we pass dq when I suddenly crave a milkshake. I’ve been really into sour things lately, instead of sweet. must be the boy thing.

too much info warning, guys stop reading here. i’ve started leaking colostrum already…what! i mean to the point where i have to put little pads in my bra already. i asked the doctor if that was normal and she said ‘mmm not really’ but it’s nothing to be concerned about. it’s just my body gearing up for the boob feed. unfortunately for cale, he has to stay far away from them. apparently if they are already producing colostrum then stimulation could induce labor…YIKES!

i’ve had a few braxton hicks but they weren’t bad and only lasted about 20 seconds. i may have had jaz almost 9 years ago but i definitley know the difference between real ones and pesky little braxton hicks.

i officially can no longer shave my legs. and you guys {mushy part is about to commence} my sweet, sweet husband does it for me. it’s okay you can audibly say “awwwww”. he literally gets in the shower with me and sits on the floor and shaves them. we have a stand up shower so i have nothing to prop my leg up on or else i would still be doing it.

the nursery is well on it’s way! I can’t wait to show you guys! so far all of the big items are purchased besides the rocking chair. cale will be putting up austin’s book corner as soon as we get the shelves delivered and the prints I ordered from etsy are on their way! next thing to tackle will be to redesign his closet and install some sort of system in there. eeeeee! it’s coming together so beautifully!

baby boy is the most active fetus ever! what’s super precious is that cale is the only one that can calm him down. every time he starts going bananas cale will come sit by me and talk to him and rub my belly. he instantly settles down with a few kicks here and there just to let his papa know he’s listening. it’s so cute!

we seriously can’t believe how fast this is going and in only 13 short weeks {or less} we will have our little babe!

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our weekend adventures


seeing me sitting wayyyyyy back in my chair at work is totally normal to my coworkers now. austin likes to hang out in my ribs as of late and holy hell is that super comfy…

i’m not usually a political person but this was pretty funny. and in honor of the inauguration, i thought i’d post it here.


jaz and i went out and had a little shopping fun. tell me how it’s possible that i scored a pair of cute maternity jeans from old navy for $1.47!!!! what in the what!!

i’ll touch more on this in my monthly update but my little testosterone son has been wreaking havoc on my skin! so i had to take it a notch up from just cetaphil. also, do you know how hard it is to find pregnancy friendly acne/facial anything that actually works!? goodness! but lucky for me all of these babies are safe and i can’t wait to see how they work!

panera stop after all the shopping madness!

lunch with this pretty girl! i’ve been trying to get in as many mommy-daughter dates as i can before her baby brother comes. it’s going to be so weird that she won’t be my only baby anymore. it’s just been about her for the past 8 years!

after we snagged cale for some dinner we all headed to target to return some god awful curtains that i chose for austin’s nursery (i ended returning the ones i got in exchange too, a total of 3 different trips for damn curtains y’all) anyway, we came across this really awesome airplane, nail stringy thing! we just had to have it!


normal sunday morning breakfast and my pancakes were coming out beautiful! i mean look at those golden cakes!

img_5183 img_5184
this little turd! i knew one of them was jumping in the crib but now we have proof. actually i now know that both of them are jumping in, i caught lulu a little later on.

cale steamed the floors and lulu took advantage of the bar stools being out. we have such a purdy kitty cat!

it may have been raining and below 40° but i still wanted shaved ice so so so bad!

we don’t know how many times we have to tell jazmyne to “PUT LULU DOWN” so cale decided to give her a taste of her own medicine.

almost 7 months, y’all! wooooo! i love my little basketball!

it was supposed to be a productive weekend buttttt i think it just kind of slipped through our fingers because we didn’t get much done around the house. which stinks because i will be in texas next weekend. oh well. i’ll get what i need done this week.

what did you guys get into this week?


our weekend adventures


i had to call into work because i couldn’t swallow. 😦 a yucky yucky virus hit me like a train. luckily i had this girl who kept me company all day long while i slept.

this is my life right now. my poor husband.


i got a little bit of an energy surge saturday morning so we put a few more things of austin’s up! how cute is this elephant rocker?! eek!

my throat was still killing me so i made my most favorite soup!
chicken & green chile! you can find my recipe {HERE}

after watching the hawks lose terribly we decided on a family game night! i always end up with the most kids, jaz has the better job and cale always wins.

this girl is still feeling poopy. the flu is hitting our house hard! thank goodness i got my flu shot, which i don’t normally get. and yes, mama’s chest still makes her big baby feel better.


it was such a beautiful, sunny, sunday morning so i took advantage of it and made some hot tea and relaxed in the rays and the quiet.

jaz and i had to grab a few things for austin’s nursery at target and we thought icee’s would make our throats feel better. they did, but by the end of of shopping trip we were ready to fall over. we should have just kept our sick butts in bed!

cale’s been working so hard on his cloffice and it was finally time for the electrical part. why in gods name would he leave me in charge of this thing? luckily, i think he asked himself the same question because he kept me on the phone the entire time. hehee

not only is he building his cloffice, he also rebuilt his computer because apparently his old one shit the bed. this thing looks like a sportscar computer!


sometimes i think i’m super mom and can still get shit done when i’m sick. so i got ready to run some errands…tying my shoes is unfortunately not one of those. mainly because i cannot reach them! thank goodness i have a capable 8 year old willing to help!

you guys, i went to costco and didn’t spend over $100. whattttt! i was in shock

we got hungry rull fast so we stopped at a restaurant. again, we should have stayed home. we both weren’t feeling it.

cale finally finished his cloffice and it’s AMAZING! i will do a post on it, but i just wanted to share a little detail! seriously, the hubs did such a wonderful job. you would think he was a carpenter 🙂 good job, honey! ya done did good!

well, our weekend wasn’t as fun as i thought it was going to be because 2 out of 3 of us were sick. and now cale has the flu…ay yi yi! house full of sickies!
hope you and your family is staying away from the yuckiness!
what did you do this holiday weekend?


our weekend adventures


my sciatica has been really acting up lately so i spent the majority of my day on my fun bouncy ball! this thing is so much fun!

i am trying to find a light fixture for austin’s room and did you know that the land of nod‘s online store has knock knock jokes on every item page?! i’m such a sucker for bad jokes so i was on this site for a while reading every one! how fun!


saturday morning i got to celebrate the pending arrival of baby lower #2! i am so excited to meet this little girl or boy! i think it’s another girl! ❤

the hawks had a late game against the lions so we decided on good ol’ pizza and wings! thank goodness they pulled off a win! and gooooodd lord all of richardson’s catches were insane! not to mention the butt catch by baldwin! hehehe


this guy can never seem to wake up in the morning with jaz & i. he’s like a little kid when i open the shades. ‘no mom, i don’t wanna!’ but you bet your butt as soon as he smells the pancakes, sausage and potatoes, he’s up!

every sunday morning i make a big breakfast and we all eat together without the tv and without our phones. it’s really hard to do this during the week since i leave the house before cale & jaz are even out of bed. so eating at least one breakfast together is really important to me.

after breakfast it was back to the grind. the holidays are over which means our schedule isn’t all cattywampus, which meannnnss sunday is back to our cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry day! i still have so much work to do in through the whole house so this isn’t finished being decorated but all of the christmas decor is down and it makes me so sad!

with jaz back and our schedules back to normal means we are back to dinners everynight, snacks and lunches for school, you know…the mom life! weekly grocery trips always hit hard…i can’t even imagine what it’ll be like with a family of 4 and when austin hit’s his teen years….OH MY GOD! now taking donations for the anderson food fund.

anyone else a huge fan of meyer’s cleaning supplies, basil scent in particular? because i can sit at a table and smell this all day!

our cat, ya’ll. she’s such a dork!

phew! it was such a busy weekend! we got so much done, and by “we”, i mostly mean cale. here’s a list of everything my hubby got done this weekend.
• finished the trim and all of the woodwork on his cl-office
• painted all the trim and shelves about a hundred times because he’s a perfectionist & didn’t like how it was laying down….
• took down all of our outside christmas lights/decor
• painted austin’s nursery… {!!!!!}
• came to my rescue every time i dropped something, seriously, bending over is literally the hardest thing to do these days.
• helped me rearrange the formal living room.
• changed the oil in his car
• and after all of that…STILL cuddled and rubbed my belly!
he’s a keeper you guys. i love my handy man!

what did you guys get into??


our weekend adventures 


if you follow me on snapchat (@jaevas) then you got to follow along on my devious plan to steal my husband’s car so that he was stuck with my gas-less car… mwahahaha. it worked out perfectly!

snagging an outfit picture with the bump is proving to be quite difficult lately.

year end is already a stressful and crazy busy time for me but one thing that makes it 100 times more crazy is programs trying to spend their 2016 budget by the end of the year! they do that by purchasing a shit ton of incentives for youth, and guess who has to record each one and makes little receipts for them. oh yes, yours truly. lucky me!

cale has been off from work for the past week and has been working on his cloffice {closet office} and this has been the normal scenery in the guest room. i will do a post on all of cale’s projects soon! that includes :
• cloffice
• storage in the laundry room
• wainscoting in the entryway and dining room
• austin’s nursery {both of our projects}
and a couple other projects that are on our mind but not in the near future.
• restain the kitchen cabinets
• install lights under the cabinets
• deck
SO MANY PROJECTS! so grateful for my handyman!

saturday {new years eve}

i really, really wanted to watch the hobbit for some reason, so cale and i cuddled and watched it in front of the fire. yessssss.

time to get ready for our night out!!

el gaucho had such a pretty bathroom that of course i had to get a few selfies with the bump! i’ve looked at pictures from when i was pregnant with mina and i’m carrying a little different with austin. i’m smaller, and i still have a waist! i love my little basketball!

we had made reservations at the infamous el gaucho in seattle and it was delicious! unfortunately, this was the only photo we got with the both of us.
let me just say, new years without champagne just isn’t the same! admittedly, i had a sip of cale’s rum & coke {omg yas} and a teeny bite of his ahi tuna tartare. i about died. i miss it, i miss it so much!!

after dinner, we headed down to key arena to watch the trans-siberian orchestra! the key is right in front of the space needle which was lit up pink for the t-mobile new years fireworks show!

one of the coolest concerts i’ve been to! we somehow managed to get incredible floor seats which was a blessing and a curse. while the view was fantastic, the seats, ehhhh, not so much. this insanely full, refluxy, uncomfortable pregnant mama could not make it through the whole thing, especially on folding chairs with hardly any cushion. whomp whomp!

even though we left early, we made it out in time to beat the crazy new years traffic for the space needle. woohoo! but on our way home we hit the blizzard of washington! it was nuts!! people on the highway were literally going 30 mph because noone could see the damn lines! ugh so scary!


sunday morning we ate breakfast and changed into our game day attire! safe to say, i need a new jersey.

before the game we hustled to home depot to pick up some supplies for cale’s cloffice and i found some steals for christmas next year! woohoo!!

thankfully the hawks pulled off a win…barely. which is sad because it was the freaking 49ers! it has not been a pretty season but lets see if we can stay alive in the playoffs. fingers crossed!

our kittens smelled like dookie so both of their butts got baths. they were not amused.

after the cats got me soaked, i decided to take a candle light bath. i kinda stayed in it for an hour…. don’t worrrrryy, it wasn’t hot. sheesh.


i had the day off {observed new years day!}

i wanted to wear something comfy to go shopping in and usually it’s my lulu’s that i go to butttt i think this top is going to have to make it’s way back to the drawer and stay there until after the baby is born. lulu lemon needs to come out with a maternity line!

britt & i took advantage of our day off and had some shopping fun!

tempura fried pickles. hell yes!!

cale has been on a brownie kick lately and when jaz is gone, he can indulge in the bowl/spoon licking all by himself since i can’t partake {stupid eggs}.

phew! what a weekend! i honestly thought we would get austin’s nursery painted butttt we only got one wall done. we hate painting! i mean, who likes painting?! please come to my house if you do.
other than that, it was a great weekend with the hubby. we always like to do it up for new years since we never have jaz but this will be our last year without a kiddo. while we may not have jazmyne, we will always have austin now. so bizarre to think about!
i am so ready for 2017. 2016 has been wonderful to us but i have a feeling 2017 is going to be amazing!

what did you guys of for new years?!