our weekend adventures


i had to call into work because i couldn’t swallow. 😦 a yucky yucky virus hit me like a train. luckily i had this girl who kept me company all day long while i slept.

this is my life right now. my poor husband.


i got a little bit of an energy surge saturday morning so we put a few more things of austin’s up! how cute is this elephant rocker?! eek!

my throat was still killing me so i made my most favorite soup!
chicken & green chile! you can find my recipe {HERE}

after watching the hawks lose terribly we decided on a family game night! i always end up with the most kids, jaz has the better job and cale always wins.

this girl is still feeling poopy. the flu is hitting our house hard! thank goodness i got my flu shot, which i don’t normally get. and yes, mama’s chest still makes her big baby feel better.


it was such a beautiful, sunny, sunday morning so i took advantage of it and made some hot tea and relaxed in the rays and the quiet.

jaz and i had to grab a few things for austin’s nursery at target and we thought icee’s would make our throats feel better. they did, but by the end of of shopping trip we were ready to fall over. we should have just kept our sick butts in bed!

cale’s been working so hard on his cloffice and it was finally time for the electrical part. why in gods name would he leave me in charge of this thing? luckily, i think he asked himself the same question because he kept me on the phone the entire time. hehee

not only is he building his cloffice, he also rebuilt his computer because apparently his old one shit the bed. this thing looks like a sportscar computer!


sometimes i think i’m super mom and can still get shit done when i’m sick. so i got ready to run some errands…tying my shoes is unfortunately not one of those. mainly because i cannot reach them! thank goodness i have a capable 8 year old willing to help!

you guys, i went to costco and didn’t spend over $100. whattttt! i was in shock

we got hungry rull fast so we stopped at a restaurant. again, we should have stayed home. we both weren’t feeling it.

cale finally finished his cloffice and it’s AMAZING! i will do a post on it, but i just wanted to share a little detail! seriously, the hubs did such a wonderful job. you would think he was a carpenter 🙂 good job, honey! ya done did good!

well, our weekend wasn’t as fun as i thought it was going to be because 2 out of 3 of us were sick. and now cale has the flu…ay yi yi! house full of sickies!
hope you and your family is staying away from the yuckiness!
what did you do this holiday weekend?


3 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. Sorry you guys have been sick 😦 I’m so excited to try your soup recipe though! And I can’t wait to see the “clofice” and the nursery when it’s done! P.S. Not that my opinion makes a difference, but the name you picked for Austin feels perfect for your family 😀 I love it!

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