gold and pink goodie bags.

hello, hello, hello, hey, hi, how ya doing? {name that song!}
so as you saw in my last our weekend adventures, we celebrated jaz’s birthday at pump it up!
jaz and i are obsessed with gold and pink {can you guess what my wedding colors are?} so we wanted to make some really cute goodie bags incorporating these colors!

let’s start!
{just want to apologize in advance for some of the lighting in a few pictures. this project ran into the night. i wouldn’t normally shoot at night since we don’t have bright lamps in our living room, but i needed to get this done…fast} sorry!

what you’ll need:
white craft bags
circle template
6 in. template cut out
gold glitter
elmer’s glue
glue dots
hot glue
your choice in ribbon
gold and pink tissue paper
all the goodies!

IMG_6095 {first} i made these with just microsoft word but i’m sure if you have photoshop or something it might be a bit easier.

IMG_6097 i got this handy little tag punch out from hobby lobby. it has changed my scissor use for life!

IMG_6100 {second} punch out all of the thank you tags you printed.

IMG_6102 {third} use your circle template and trace out some circles that are about 1-2 cm. wider than the thank you cut outs. then cut them out.

IMG_6104 stop… did y’all know they have glue dots now?! these are the best things ever!!! seriously.
ok we continue.

IMG_6106 {fourth} once you have everything cut out use your {fantastic} glue dots and secure the thank you tag to the circle you cut out. i used about 3 glue dots.

IMG_6112 {fifth} spread some elmer’s glue around the white space on the outer edge and sprinkle with glitter. tap off the excess so it doesn’t look like a glitter bomb went off in your house.

IMG_6125 all done! at least with the glitter.

IMG_6120 {sixth} time to make the most annoying/tiniest bows ever. i’m pretty sure people make smaller but woe is me, right? tie all those suckers.

IMG_6124 bows bows bows. i hate myself apparently.

IMG_6126 these are the bags i bought, they were not the bags i wanted but it was the closest and still just as cute.

IMG_6128 {seventh} fasten all the finished cutouts to the bag with glue dots. i used four, in hindsight i should’ve used 5.

IMG_6132 {eighth} time to attach the bows. glue gun is the best way to go about this one. just be careful…those bows are tiny and that crap is hot!

IMG_6134 almost done!!!!

IMG_6285 {ninth} add all the goodies then the tissue paper you chose.

IMG_6343 and the finished products!
i had to reassure the boys that the toys in there were not girly ones haha.

goodie bags will only get cuter from here! now to plan next years!
hope you enjoyed this, we sure did!!
happy crafting!


plaid & vest…twinsies.

hi again, told ya there would be alot on the blog this week! i’ve been meaning to post this for some time now but time has just slipped away from me.
but jaz’s outfit fits right in with v-day so here we are.

this was just an impromptu shoot before we headed out for some breakfast a couple saturday’s ago.
i’ll start with us, then me, then her because let’s face it…she runs the show!

twinsies 1 IMG_3441
kisses for daysssss!

plaid and vest 3__20150207 plaid and vest 2 plaid and vest 1
plaid flannel // similar {here}
north face vest // on sale {here}
the limited jeans // on sale {here}
michael kors riding boots // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}

plaid and vest 4 plaid and vest 5 plaid and vest 6  plaid and vest 7
flannel // on sale {here}
puffer vest // similar {here}
leopard flats // {here}
gap skinnies // {here}

and there you have it folks. me and my mini.

-jess & jaz

diy valentine’s day bunting

can you believe it’s almost valentine’s day already?! wasn’t it just christmas?!
this is jaz & i’s favorite time of year because we get to make valentines for her classmates and i get to make chocolate covered strawberries! it wasn’t until thanksgiving that we put a banner above jazmyne’s bed, so we decided to keep going with it for every holiday!

valentine’s day is up first!

you can find the pinterest pin that i got my inspiration from {here}


what you’ll need:
3 12″ x 12″ cardstock floral/book pages/whatever background you want
2 12″ x 12″ cardstock solid colors {what the hearts will be}
glue {after finishing, i’d recommend using a glue stick}
{not pictured: stapler}


{first} trace out the rectangles about 4″ wide and 7″ long. then you need to trace out the little triangle at the bottom. i made the triangle sides about 2 1/2″ up towards the middle of the rectangle. Next you’ll trace out the hearts. i free-handed ours but you can download a stencil on google.
*if you let your little do the tracing…grab a snack and turn on a movie…it will take foreverrrrrrr. 

{trace trace trace}

{second} cut all those suckers out!
*note: unless your child is a scissor master, you might want to do this part or you’ll end up with triangles instead of hearts… 

{third} glue your hearts to the banner pieces. after some trial & error, i’d highly recommend using a glue stick instead of elmers liquid glue. only because the wetness makes the paper bend when it dries… not cute.

{fourth} i didn’t get a picture of this because i have teeny hands and i cant hold a dslr camera in one hand…so now you need to attach these to your twine. just fold the top of the banner pieces  over the twine and staple! seriously that easy! to make sure the pieces stayed, i just super creased the paper where it’s folded on the twine. you can try to staple it directly on the twine…kudos to you if you’re successful!


and finally you can hang it up! jaz’s room is already a princess room so this just adds that polishing touch!

super easy diy this time and you can do this with any holiday!
we hope you enjoyed another one of our little projects!


diy santa cookies

before we get started, let me just say that i am not a chef nor a cake decorator, but hey, i still found these super duper cute and really fun to make with the family on our “christmas eve”. as i’ve said in previous posts, don’t judge or say mean things or i will send those internet trolls after you.

okay we go.

what you’ll need 


sugar cookies:
3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of unsalted butter
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 egg
1 tbsp of milk
powdered sugar
star cookie cutout


16 oz container of white frosting/icing
mini marshmallows
crushed red sprinkles
red hots candy
black gel icing

{i’m not going to list the steps by “step one/two” just go with the flow.}


sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together in small bowl. {closely monitor measuring by minions and be weary of photo bombers}

in a larger bowl mix the [softened] butter and sugar. stir them together with a standing cake mixer until they make a nice yellowish color.


then slowly add the flour/salt/baking powder mix and keep stirring until it is completely mixed and starts to pull away from the sides like shown in above picture.

split the cookie dough mixture in  half and refrigerate for an hour or two.


next was jaz’s favorite part, cutting out the stars! we sprinkled our surface with some powdered sugar to keep it from sticking and rolled out our {cool} cookie dough to about a 1/4 inch thick. then cut away! make sure to bend the tip of one corner of the star {this will be used as santa’s hat}

let those suckers bake for about 7-9 minutes depending on your oven {mine only took 7}. take them out as soon as the edges start to brown and let them cool for about 2 minutes on the cookie sheet they were baking on.

it’s decorating time!

{here is where i insert my apology for un-cake-decorator-like work/effort} i’m sure yours will be gorgeous!


you need to cover the entire cookie except a tiny circle in the middle with white frosting. {this will be his face}


then sprinkle on the crushed red sprinkles just on the hat portion {again, sorry for the mess}


next add a little frosting to the side of the smarshmallow {what jaz calls them} and stick it to the tip top of santa’s hat.

then use the black gel frosting to make his eyes and add a red hot as his nose.


last but not least… eat some cookies! om nom nom nom!!!

woohoo! now you have a santa sugar cookie!! it’s so yummy, so cute and super easy to do with the fam.

you can find the original link to the pinterest post that i got the decorations from {not the cookie recipe} here

{here are jazmina’s and cale’s, hehehe}


we hope you enjoyed our tutorial! it was a lot of fun to make!

have a merry christmas everyone!



diy crayon wreath

it’s the christmas season y’all and jaz and i lovvvve to do projects together. this year for her teacher (first grade…stop growing please) we decided to make a crayon wreath thanks to good ol pinterest.

teacher wreath.. bought the stuff to make this with Landon for Mrs Nicholson! hopefully we'll get it done this week!

you can find the original pinterst post here 

jaz wasn’t a fan of the letters so we decided to go with something different. before proceeding, please keep in mind that my SIX year old helped cut out and colored all of the cutouts. so be nice or i’ll have the internet trolls come after you.


what you will need: you can get all of this from Michaels or Hobby Lobby

1 10″ embroidery hoop, 1 6″ embroidery hoop (you’ll use the hoop without the clasp)

1 box of crayons 64 count (you will not use the browns or blacks. womp womp)

paint pens (we just bought an assortment)

foam sheets (white, red and yellow)

2 sheets of scrapbook paper (mustard yellow and chalkboard black)

glue gun and some scissors


step one:

you’ll want to separate out all your colors (no, crayola does not do this for you…rude) i think this is especially important if you are going to do this with your little. I had mine put them from lightest to darkest. it may seem like a simple task but it stimulates the mind nonetheless.


step two:

now this was the most frustrating part. one might go into this project thinking, “this is going to be easy peezy” lol no. you have to get the spacing down just right and be sure to have all the bottoms of the crayons touching! it also helps when you pay attention to the crayon that your little is handing you… you might see some out-of-order shadings going on in ours, it’s cool. no judging.

jaz decided to pick up the camera and take some shots.
jaz decided to pick up the camera and take some shots. momma hard at work!



step three:

i found some simple outlines of scissors, a school bus, an apple and a pencil just by doing a google image search. there are lots to choose from so have at it! then i cut them out (jaz attempted and…yeahhh that was a no go) traced them onto the foam pieces and cut them out. then, to make sure my little still played a part, i let her color all of the pieces with the paint pens.

-note to parents- put a scrap piece of paper under where your child is coloring. somehow..don’t ask me how…but paint will get everywhere.

they should look like this (or similar)

step four:

for some reason this little part is missing from my camera… looks like someone was playing with mommy’s camera. but here is where you would glue the letters you have chosen to spell the teachers name, you’ll notice that the letters jaz chose are a bit big, but we made it work. and then glue down the foam cut outs.


and WA LAH! Happy Christmas Ms. Hendrick!

jaz and i had a lot of fun making this, minus the whole figuring out the crayon spacing thing. we hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

-jess & jazmina