my favorite things (reality tv)

so i know i’ve already done one for my favorite tv shows but those are all fictional!
here are all of my reality tv shows that i love. or as cale calls them, my trashy tv.

{19 kids & counting}
i loveeee this show! all of the girls are gorgeous…and have great hair. i find their lifestyle very interesting. who am i to judge a family based on their beliefs? if they can support all of these children then why not have a crap ton? their religion in it’s entirety is very interesting…they can’t hold hands until they are engaged and their first kiss is on their wedding day! that is some will power!

Sister Wives ruling ap
{sister wives}
much like 19 kids & counting i am very interested in this lifestyle. i love how “normal’ they are though. how they cope with the whole sex part is beyond me but hey if the man isn’t marrying his daughters or any children… be you brah. do i think it has a little to do with him having a big ego? maybe, but if his wives are happy and not cooped up on a ranch then again who am i to judge?

{real housewives}
alllll real housewives! beverly hills, atlanta, new jersey, and the oc are my favorites…wait did i just name all of them? cale loathes this show. he thinks i’m poisoning my brain, i mean, i am but i’m also entertained.

{teen mom}
i had jaz the same year that 16 & pregnant first aired, so the “teen moms” that came in the next series were my age and jaz was the same age as their babies. i love watching where other teen moms ended up especially one that completely wrecked her life by selling her vagina. idiot.

{the first 48}
cale & i are obsessed with this show. we catch ourselves screaming “MOTIVE”! well.. more like i scream it and cale just laughs at me. i know when someone’s guilty, i can see it in their eyes. serious.

what are your favorite reality tv shows? please tell me i’m not the only one who watches these!