our weekend adventures (x2)

last friday

i have been so into chocolate milk these days. my glass keeps getting bigger and bigger, now i’m up to a large coffee thermos! it’s just so cold and delicious!

last saturday

i made lulu & chandler mini pancakes and neither were amused. ungrateful little poop heads!

i take it back…lulu loved the butter. shoulda named her paula dean!

last sunday

i started on austin’s laundry and cale was blown away and so perturbed that an actual human being is going to fit into this! he was positive i shrunk all of his clothes.


my little guy has dropped, or at least i think he has! i can finally breath (for the most part) and i have so so so much pressure in my pelvic area! let’s go baby boy! mama is ready for you!


baby shower day!!!
our sweet sweet friends aaron & misha hosted the most beautiful
Baby Shower En Blanc (baby shower in white) for us and our sweet boy!
y’all…misha blew me away! everything was so gorgeous and sweet! you would have never guessed she just had a baby 3 weeks ago! more pictures will be up later in the week!

these ladies! ❤
i’m missing two, my sister-in-law, kelsey, and good friend, britt but thank you gals (and your husbands) for making this day so special for us! it was so much fun!

after the shower we headed home and installed austin’s car seat and we have two car seats in our car now….TWO! i’m going to have two kids you guys….anxiety attack anxiety attack!!! 


no one wanted to get up sunday morning, including the lusers!
i would just like to point out that they are both on MY side of the bed. cale always seems to manage to scoot over and use my pillow and lulu…well, she’s just a tard.

i got my breast pump this weekend…the industrial kind haha. so i just HAD to try out my pump bra! hehehehehe obviously i have no modesty. sorry not sorry?

it was a very eventful weekend to say the absolute least. we are getting so close to our due date, 31 days to be exact, so it is crunch time!!
more to come this week! a recap on the baby shower and our 9 month update!
stay tuned!!


our weekend adventures 


i am really the morale pusher at work and i love doing random stuff to make people happy so i brought donuts! and every time i bring something sweet and glutenous i always have to blame it on baby a.

i also have the most awesome friend who brought me BUGELS! bugels people!!!


before jaz and i set off for our weekend errands we enjoyed some homemade blueberry muffins!

one of our stops was petco and we always have to find the kittens up for adoption and give them some lovin! this guy was so sweet!

buffalo wild wings is my life. actually pickles, pickles are my life.

what other mama’s weekend looked similar? the weekend before valentines means getting lots and lots of valentines ready! jaz and i always kind of go all out.

this sweetness arrived! i can’t wait to put my little viking in it!

it was a beautiful weekend so we took advantage and got my big butt out and walking! there are some new houses going up down the street so cale and i engaged in some illegal activity and poked our heads in. we are suckers for new houses!


i got up before jaz and cale and hit the grocery store. note to self, do not go the grocery store whilst hungry and pregnant. don’t do it.

we got this baby up and decorated! this is in our entryway!

i’m telling you, it was a beautiful weekend, so i got lucy all cleaned and purdy!

jaz found my letterman from highschool. nowwww she believes me when i say i had the best jumps and i was a flier {cough..best stunt group…cough}

we headed to seattle in the evening to celebrate the pending arrival of baby girl steiner! this made my heart melt! she is going to be the best big sister ever!

babies babies babies!! we celebrated mama in the middle {hailey} who is due in like a week and misha is due a day after her! i can’t wait to meet all of the new littles!
{side note: i am not as huge as this picture is making me look! stripes are so cute and flattering in person but angles are tricky when you’re being photographed!}

we got so much done this weekend and i am so satisfied! it was mama’s to-do weekend since cale has been feverishly working on his cloffice for the past month. we got austin’s closet pretty much done, his shelf mounted above his changing table, his artwork hung above his crib and the rocking chair assembled! we also hung drapery in the formal living and moved things/cleaned the laundry room! it was a great weekend and so pretty! we hardly had to wear coats! also be “we” i totally mean cale. i supervised.

what did you guys do?


our weekend adventures {long}

christmas eve {!}

every christmas eve jaz is allowed to open one specific present. this includes new jammies, a movie, snacks, a mug or water bottle and hot chocolate. the jim jams she is wearing in this picture are the ones we got her last year. we’ve done this tradition since she was teeny and it’s not one we are going to do away with!

uhhh…you bet your ass mama & papa got some new jams too! onesies for the win!!

obsessed with this hubby of mine ❤

another tradition is making cookies…however we strayed from the cookie part and made mini cheesecakes instead!

can these two be any cuter?

christmas day {!!!}

believe it or not but jaz stayed in bed till 8:30! well…technically she snuck into our bed around 7:00 and fell back to sleep. hallelu! after we all woke up it was presents time! but first, coffee! and yes lulu has a sweater on, there’s a reason she hates me but i just can’t put my finger on why…

IMG_1403 IMG_1404
this christmas we decided to stay home and start our own family tradition. so, i had to figure what i was going to make for our early supper…ham it was! jazmyne requested asparagus and cale {of course} wanted homemade mashed taters and crescent rolls. i was very satisfied with how everything turned out and i loved just being with my little family.

after supper, cale napped while jaz and i got ready to head to cale’s brother’s house for drinks and desserts. they are expecting a little one in the next few months and we are so excited to meet him!


on our way home we took a little detour and ran into this. holy mo-leeeee!


still so excited that cale and jaz got me a pimpin joy baseball tee! if you’re from texas then you know all about the bobby bones show and i have been an avid listener since 7th grade {whoa}! pimpin joy is something amy’s {co-host} mom started while she was battling cancer and they turned it to the most amazing charity ever. i love love love love this!!!

we are in the midst of re-doing our living room and entry way and this gargantuan was taking up too much space and ruining my space awareness and ideas! time to come down you gorgeous beaut!

along with the tree came down all of our other christmas decor…cale was so bummed so i left out a few snowmen so he wouldn’t be so blue… haha! but this is what we did most of the day besides lounging around and playing the game of life. i forgot how fun that game was!


coffee and seahawks! we went to our friends’ house to watch the game that we thought we had in the bag…lol…nope. no idea where our o-line was because they definitely were not on the field. grrrr such a frustrating game!

the game may have been poop but look at these two! goodness gracious…oh what’s that?? ahhh, nothing just my ovaries calling to say ‘hellllooooo….its me”
fun uncle cale loves little miss ellie!

this was one of our best christmas’ yet! i am so happy that we had jaz this year and that we got to start our own little tradition.
what did you do this weekend? did you get anything exciting?? i love watching and seeing other people open their presents…is that weird or is it just a mom thing?

now bring it on new years!!


our weekend adventures


i had carpool duty which means i had some extra time in the morning and jaz requested chorizo & egg tacos. so i made her one….and 10 more to bring to work and surprise my fellow co-workers that had to suffer with me on this friday.
just call me santa. 😉


look at how handsome my hubby is. ❤
cale and his brother hit the slopes! ugh, i was am so jealous! i have never been skiing or snowboarding so i am super excited to finally get to go!

after work i had dinner with a friend and then headed to shane co to pick up this beaut. because i added 2 extra bands for the wedding, it got incredibly tight so i needed to let it out 1/4 out and then i got the bands spaced out. i’m obsessed with this thing.

WHAAAAA!!! when i got home jaz and cale were watching hey arnold, then we watched doug, AND THEN we watched rugrats!!!
cale & i felt like we were back in the 90’s, it was awesome!


i had to make a run to the grocery store for some ingredients for cookies and i was oh so lucky to sit in this ridiculous line at our favorite coffee place.

i was in the kitchen all day because of these things. don’t worry the recipe for the apple pie cookies will be up soon! and the brownie christmas trees are just that…brownies lol. with some cookie frosting drizzled on top.

i was invited by my sweet co-worker, now a good friend, to her annual christmas cookie exchange! look at all these cookies! everyone had to bake their own and wear their favorite x-mas pjs. then once we ooo’d and ahh’d over them we made our own take home plates. such a great get-together and one i am so grateful that i was a part of this year.

things got a little weird. cats were involved…that’s all that needs to be said. haha


woke up and watched the hawks CRUSH the ravens… i’ve said that two weeks in a row…i think they finally have that fire lit beneath their asses! playoffs are soooooo close!!!

we rearranged our living room and are now waiting for the new tv mount so i get to watch tv like this until then…yippee!

how was your weekend? did you get all your christmas shopping done?

jess ♥

our weekend adventures


the vgals {volunteer guardian ad litems} put out their giving trees and we finally got our kids to get gifts for this christmas!
**fun fact about me** i was in foster care from age 11 through 18, i aged out and it might have been the greatest thing to happen to me. now i’m at a point in my life that i am able to give more than just gifts for my own child, now i can make a foster youth feel as i did when i opened my gifts from my casa {court appointed special advocate, same as vgal}. i was always so excited!! **
please consider calling a shelter or finding programs similar to this one, nearest to you and if you are able, donate a gift or two. you are making a difference, i promise.

i had to come home and start on the brine for the turkey that i was bringing to our 2nd annual friendsgiving!!


jaz and i had so many errands to run saturday morning and the sogginess did not bode well. but jaz did notice that all of our trees down our street changed colors…like, overnight! it was a nice pop of color to see against that very grey sky.

friendsgiving 2015

so when i moved to seattle a couple years ago, i wanted to start something, something similar to what i would go to in texas with all of my closest friends. and that little tradition is called friendsgiving.
so i got close to 30 people to marry a date and time and i was ecstatic! my first dinner party in seattle, woohooo!! well somehow i managed to volunteer myself for both friendsgiving AND neighborgiving…so i knew lots of planning was to be had in order to pull off another great get-together.
[i actually did a post on our first friendsgiving →{here}← go check it out, and also keep in mind that was one of my very first posts so…sorry if it’s a little boring, haha! ]
so, i knew i couldn’t host this year with the wedding and all so i asked my dear friend {misha} if her and husband minded hosting….they have a beautiful {newly renovated} craftsman in the cutest part of seattle and misha always throws a killer dinner party! any who, she said yes and i knew she would knock it out of the park, and she did!!!

the beautiful place settings.

loved it!

misha’s late grandmother had all of this beautiful crystal that she was able to keep. so pretty!

table decor

she’s a blogger too! and a super creative blogger at that. most of this decor and all of her seasonal decor is diy, go check out her blog and get some super cute ideas! {emerald city diaries}

i was in charge of the real turkey, but i thought it would be fun to make a cheese and meat board turkey too!
seriously, how fun is this guy??

the andersons – 2015

yep, i hear ya ovaries…momma hears ya! miss eloise always makes my baby fever run wild!

↓ friendsgiving 2014 ↓
eloise, jazmyne, neva, cameron, lily & audrey

↓ friendsgiving 2015 ↓
eloise, jazmyne, lily & cameron
we were missing a few of our babies but next year, we will have two more little additions, maybe more…. OP!

everything was delicious and beautiful! i can’t wait for next year!!


we quite literally, did absolutely nothing except get ready to watch the seahawks vs. cardinals game.
this moment gave me chills, the nfl held a moment of silence for the tragedy that happened in paris on friday,
the u.s. supports you, france. we care. ♥

the seahawks, however, can’t support the ball.
this was the most annoying game i have ever watched. almost every play got reviewed, reversed, re-reversed, red flagged…you name it! ugh…ultimately landing us with a loss. no good, seahawks…no freakin good!

the game got us too riled up so this is me at 11:44 pm, honey masking and blogging it up!

how was your weekend?
do you host a friendsgiving or a thanksgiving dinner? i would love to see your set up!

until next time!


our weekend adventures


i got to work and had the best surprise! that’s MRS. jessica anderson! 🙂

casual friday in my favorite tennis! they make me look like i have baby feets!

IMG_0779 IMG_0782
carving pumpkins and watching hocus pocusit’s tradition!

friday night cuddle puddle! cale and all his girls…chandler bing was being a poop.

saturday {halloween}

jaz had a football game halloween morning. jaz practically got pulled off that girl’s shoulders because they didn’t cut any holes…fail! lol

love love love these fall colors!!!

so i’ve been growing my hair out just for the wedding and boy was it long! i knew that i was going to chop it all off immediately after and i am so happy i actually did it!! i love love love love love it!

a quick run to uvillage and took the infamous OOTD bathroom selfie

we headed to our friends, aaron & misha‘s, for the annual halloween parade in their neighborhood. they were dressed up as the flintstones…. isn’t little miss eloise the cutest pebbles ever?!

the anderson family – halloween 2015

it’s so yucky and wet here that jaz unfortunately, had to wear her coat the whole time so no one actually knew what she was, which was a mermaid. but she was the cutest little mermaid ever!!!!

after trick-or-treating we went back to their house and played a few games, drawlful is so fun…ugh but so so hard!


morning kitty cuddles with papa bear.

IMG_0824 IMG_0826
momma’s not the only one who chopped off all of their hair this weekend!! similar to me, we were only growing her hair out for the wedding. once she saw mine and how i chopped it all off, she wanted hers gone too. thank goodness!!!

i had to drop off my wedding bands and engagement ring so they can solder them together. keeping 3 bands in the same place on your finger is really tough and quite annoying. it feels so weird to be ringless!! check out that tan line though! yikes!

seahawks vs. the cowboys. all i have to say is that our offense needs to step their damn game up! if russell freaking wilson gets sacked one more time….ugh!!!!! get it together hawks! it wasn’t a pretty win but a win nonetheless.

cale has discovered ‘tasty’ on facebook and has been making every diabeetus recipe he watches. macaroni and cheese cupcakes were on his agenda tonight.

it’s been a yucky weekend so some hot & hearty soup was necessary.
you can find my recipe for this creamy chicken tortilla soup →{here}←

oreos and milk in my pure barre mug…kind of ironic, eh? haha

how was your halloween weekend???
i hope you stayed dry and had so much fun! cale and i have made it our mission to have the best costumes next year! i can’t wait!

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thanks for stopping by and thank you for sticking with me while i took a little wedding hiatus! i have the best followers ever!

 anderson ever after-jes

our weekend adventures


i just wanted tacos alll day friday. i miss texas and i miss tacos. and big red. oh and hot fritos.

friday night we had dinner plans with our friends, shannon & galen, and their two precious babies! this little munchkin is our flower girl and jaz just adores her!


waiting for our mina girl to cheer!!

she is the tiniest out there but that doesn’t phase her! her little high kick at the end cracks me up! you can hear me laughing at the end… hehehehe!

oh you know…just regular family shenanigans.

IMG_0052 IMG_0054
i was alllll ready to go head to my full body intensive at pure barre buttttt 70 mph winds and rain had other plans in store for me. yeah, i sat in traffic for two hours to get about 3 miles from home and back. we went through a wicked wind storm and boy did it cause some major damage.

this is our neighbors house…a huge limb went completely through their roof and into their baby’s room! thank goodness the baby wasn’t hurt and momma was able to get him out. ugh so so scary! can you see the tree on top of their house??? eek!

welp, since we couldn’t go anywhere (everyone’s power was out except ours, luckily) we decided to start packing up all the wedding things that have to be sent down to tejas! cale is super excited about our koozies 🙂

IMG_0059 IMG_0072
jaz helped by making a robot head.


cale’s momma is in town, so we went and had crepes and coffee! nom nom.

ugh best coffee ever!

after breakfast, momma jo and i went thrift shoppin’ for some wedding things. i can’t wait to get these babies shined and painted all prettiful!

i know this one is kind of dark but lulu was letting jaz love on her and it was so sweet! we love the lulu cuddles!!

holy weather batman! if you live in seattle, did your power get knocked out or did the wind cause any damage??
it got super scary at one point, with every crack we heard in the tree behind us we just cringed.
the rain was nice. we definitely needed that.

cheers to a happy week!