our weekend adventures


IMG_9310 both cale and i had off on friday to observe the holiday. this is rare…cale never gets the holidays off. so he joined me for an early morning barre class! he’s such a trooper!

ugh…cale tried teaching me to drive stick. lol. no.
enjoy these…oh and my excuse to stop is “i’m getting closer to cars, i’m sweating and i’m hungry and i’m really hungry.”
sorry for the scary no makeup face, this was right after barre.


481425_453159448078861_364597702_n after the death lesson of trying to learn a stick shift, i got to pamper myself with a mani, pedi and eyebrow wax! ugh i love my salon // splash nail bar

45908_475894685807081_36094958_n after the salon i went home and took a little cat nap with my future husband. technically, i slept on his chest and he watched tv. sighhhh. anyway, after i woke up we got ready and headed out to an appointment i had at // the wax bar // some other things needed some attention, one word, OUCH! but ladies who live in seattle, these ladies take care of you! i highly recommend this place!

IMG_9326 after the self-induced torture we decided to go ‘adulting’. since jaz is still in texas, cale and i are able to go and have a couple beers and enjoy just being in each other’s company. we still miss our baby girl though.

IMG_9331 after dinner we got to see our friends new house that they just bought and we were blown away by their view! so gorgeous!


IMG_9358 saturday we slept in, had breakfast in bed and literally did nothing until 3 pm. that was when i had to get up and run to the store so i could make my pasta salad // here // for a get-together at our neighbors house. fourth of july means red•white•blue everywhere!

gone-girl-2014-film-poster i ducked out of the party a little early because i couldn’t hang in the sun. i got really nauseous and light headed…was i ever a texan? seriously, what the hell. so when cale came back home we relaxed and finally watched ‘gone girl’…what in the ever living…what!!?? this movie was crazy! women are effing psycho, man!


IMG_9364 i went to an early morning barre class and basked in my sticky socks glory. i have more than this but these were just the pairs that i had just washed. a girl can never have too many sticky socks…never.

IMG_9363 cleaning soon turned into this. cale and i are mature, i promise.
at least we know that the new luggage we got for aruba will hold all of my clothes… 😉

IMG_9370 hot summer days means extremely oily kitties. and oily kitties means matted fur…soooo that means…kitties get combed!

IMG_9372 mario!!!! that’s all i really need to say for this one.

what a hot weekend!! i hope you all stayed cool this fourth of july!
my bachelorette is this next weekend so sorry in advance if my posts are a little late.
have a great week!


our weekend adventures


IMG_9100 a few inches taller, 3 less teef and no longer a first grader…what is happening and where is my baby going?

IMG_9103 i was pumped to go see this! what a great idea and such a great storyline. not gonna lie…i cried. 😥

IMG_9105 potty break after the movie means cale is the purse holder!

IMG_9109 seattle has been gorgeous lately! i love the summers here!!

IMG_9182 getting wedding ready required a fitbit…duh! did y’all know that tory burch makes high fashion covers for these??? hmmmm…. 🙂


IMG_9110 made some infused lemon water to start my day off.

IMG_9111 i’m back on that pure barre grind. i love that the restrooms here are called ‘pure pottys’!

IMG_9121 morning workout = green dream shake for breakfast. in all honesty it’s really not THAT bad…not something i would crave, but not horrible.

IMG_9159 we went to this precious baby girl’s first birthday party! happy birthday lil’ g!

IMG_9122 might be the last time we get to see this view. our friends are moving at the end of the month..bye bye lakehouse 😦 oh oh i saw three bald eagles right after i snapped this…whaaaaa! it was awesome!

IMG_9162 baby baby baby!

IMG_9178 after all the party shenanigans, we stopped by the root beer store to indulge ourselves in some delicious rootbeer floats! yummmmm

IMG_9184 cale has been needing some new sandals…that means 3 new pair of shoes for him and 3 for me…whoops…this is obviously just 4 out of the 6 pair we got.

sunday-father’s day!

IMG_9186 cale didn’t really want to do much for father’s day except relax at home. so i let him relax and the kitties and i stripped the bed and cleaned house. they freak out when i make the bed. CLEAN SHEETS MUST ATTACK ALL THE AIR BUBBLES!

IMG_9187 “helping”

IMG_9189 after the laundry and house was cleaned we went for a little walk for some slurpees at the 7-11 around the corner. why do they neverrrr have cherry?! ugh!

 jaz lost another tooth! that makes the fourth one in total but the second one THIS WEEK! uhm…the tooth fairy was not prepared and did not have as much cash as she did for the last tooth…damn inflation rate is going to make that fairy broke! $10 for a tooth these days…i got quarters when i lost my teeth! wth!

IMG_9194 i hope everyone had a great weekend and i hope all you fathers out there were pampered and recognized!
here’s a little something to make your monday a little bit better!

such an eventful weekend! what did you do for father’s day??


our weekend adventures


IMG_6882 IMG_6880
friday night we promised jaz we would take her to the dolphin dance {a dolphin is their mascot}. and i gotta say, for an elementary dance they played some great music! i sang {rapped} that one part it the katy perry song, dark horse. yep i’m the cool mom.

IMG_6890 IMG_6891
after the dance we were famished so i stopped at olive garden. have i mentioned that i loathe stickers, so any chance that jaz gets to play with them outside of the house, she really jumps on. food note* olive garden has the juiciest salmon and this is their new dish…mouthgasm and the risotto has sautéed shrimp in it…*heavy breathing*


i made an executive decision and decided to open chandler’s door. if we did it cale’s way, poor chandler bingers would have stayed in that room for another 3 months! needless to say, there has been lots of hissing..anddd lulu is a beehole.

after dance, we made a little stop to get some food. this girl and her lemonade.

IMG_6903 IMG_6909
so i’ve been on the hunt for some new boyfriend jeans…i have looked everywhere and no dice! at least we got some cute pictures out of our little shopping trip. jaz always walks out of nordy’s with something though, this time it was new tennis.

we were seriously at the mall all damn day trying on every brand of jeans, so by the time we left, cale was getting off of work. so we met up with him for some froyo! strawberries and cheesecake takes up the majority of my cup. whoopsie.


after barre i went and got a new mani and stopped in anthropologie just on whim because it’s so close to my barre studio {oh the convenience} and these puppies were just sitting there as soon as i walked in. it’s like..like meant to be. haha paige jeans are my savior.

sunday grocery shopping -aka- the bane of my existence. does anyone else have ocd and categorize each item they get? my categories: boxed items, household items, cans, refrigerated items, frozen items and produce. to make it easier for the baggers… right?

i came home to a spotless one. thanks honey!! but with every sweet there’s a sour… do y’all notice anything on the wall that does not belong. cale knows how much a dislike that damn moose/deer/whatever the hell it is…how funny, honey.

IMG_6924 IMG_6927
jaz worked on her class valentines. she went above and beyond this year. just call us ms. & miss crafty crafts. her teacher’s valentine will be coming up this week on a diy post so keep an eye out for that!

it was a poopy weekend, weather wise. although the sun peeked through just for a couple minutes on sunday. i am so ready for the summer!

what did you do?




pure barre challenge – 20/50

i’ve made it to the 20 class mark! woop woop! today i’m going to take you lovely people through a class and what i think in my mind. it’ll be fun! but first here are some measurement differences. still a little bit of change but i think this is the point where i’m going to start plateauing.
**side note: my weight fluctuated so much these last 10 classes…stupid super bowl.


before class 10 class 20 class 30 class 40 class 50
weight 128.7 lbs 124.4 lbs 123.1 lbs
arms 11.5 in. 11 in. 10.5 in.
chest 36 in. 35.5 in. 34 in.
waist 28 in. 26.5 in. 26 in.
hips 39 in. 38 in. 36.5 in.
thighs 22 in. 21 in. 20 in.

pure barre. because i like getting my ass handed to me…

{i’m just going to go through this like i’m in the class and these are the thoughts i have in my head…bare with me!}

-alriggght checked in, put my stuff away…balls she took my favorite spot! ugh i’m not in the mood to be a rockstar, so i’m just gonna sit in the back.
-oooooo is that a new lulu?!?!?! dang she looks amazing…yep she has 100 club sticky socks, she’s basically a badass.
-stop staring… you’re staring at her ass, jessica.
-stretch…how is that sore?
-it’s 2 minutes past 8 lady, let’s do this… do i stand up yet? now? waitttt…”alright…” okay she said alright, i can stand up now!

{warm up}
-lift those knees.lift and lift. hands are up now…reachhhhhhh. alright now pull down & down. and opposite elbow to opposite knee…shit, my hips keep turning. back to center and pull down for 10, that’s 3, here’s 4 get it 5 thats 6, 7, 8 9 and 10. whew, i didn’t breathe through any of that. awesome…
-ugh the ab warm up. you want me to bring my legs up and the same time i bring my torso up…. okay i’ll try

 -i tried. fail
-and arms. bend your knees and bend over. wait, is my back straight, am i hinged over enough. great she’s coming to me. oh yay, she said great job and didn’t touch me. woop.
– holy crap.. palms to the floor is my worst enemy. lift and lift and lift now squeeze in {my arms are straight behind me, while I’m hinged forward and i have weights in my hands. as high as they can go without bending my arms…for those confused.}
-heavier weights… ouch…wait, headrush. 4 pounders now, i’m a beast… i wonder if i look like this…
-lol that’s a negative.
-aw man…it’s thighs… i hate thighs. will she notice if i just disappear for thigh work?
-2 more position to go…eff me.
-can’t…control…the shaking!!!!! “shaking is good, you want to shake!” nope, i don’t… it makes my cheeks jiggle…both pairs.
-praise jesus, hallelujah it’s over! ow ow ow cramps… eekkk!
-seat work!
-i’ll take seat workouts over thigh workouts any day!
-abs…my favorite!

-wait…it’s all over…

 -oh man…that was good. can i just lay here for an hour or two…

-again again again…see you tomorrow pure barre. {had to use this gif…no sore loser here…go hawks!}

as much as i complain in my head throughout the class, i really do enjoy it!

i gave myself a 20 class present and bought this “see you at the barre” shirt…love!
{sad face because…because i’m sore!! especially my hip flexers!}

thanks for keeping up with my challenge!


our weekend adventures


i had my 6 am barre class and this is the miraculous transformation. thank goodness for make-up and dry shampoo!
IMG_6693 IMG_6697
friday night we stayed in and ordered pizza while we watched {i forced} dirty dancing. i also creeped on these two because i love their relationship even if cale never lets her win an iPad game.


after jaz’s dance class, we went to the mall to find her some pants {she’s growing like a damn weed!} she has such a tiny waist and long, lanky legs so it’s damn near impossible to find her ones that fit.
jaz & i worked on a little diy this weekend that i’ll post tomorrow. ooh valentine’s day is near!
IMG_6719 IMG_6720
after doing my taxes i needed a pick me up so cale & i shared some ben and jerry’s . 


IMG_6734 IMG_6735
sunday morning we went and had dimsum!!! oh my goodness so delicious! oh oh…i finally know how to use chop sticks now…win!
so our cat, lulu, has been an absolute terror these past few weeks. we know that she is probably just bored since we are gone most of the day. so when we get home and go to bed, she would just run around like a kitty on crack!! so we knew we had to get her a little brother. we couldn’t get her a sister because girls are bitches {cats and humans} and lulu is a dominant breed so it had to be a boy. well, without further ado…

everyone, meet mr. chandler.

after we adopted chandler i had to book it to my sunday evening barre class.
{note: do not rush when you are trying to leave for a barre class… you will put on your regular socks instead of your sticky socks and you will hate life.} 

well, obviously us adopting chandler was the highlight of our weekend {dimsum takes a very close second}. all in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend! oh and warm…it hit 66 degrees on sunday…WHAT?!

what did y’all do??



pure barre challenge-class 10/50

i wanted to start this year off right and healthy! i made some new years resolutions, that you can find {here}, and one of them was to complete two pure barre challenges… what did i get myself into!

first challenge – 50 classes in 60 days. this means 6 classes a week with one rest day. this may sound easy to some but then they’ve probably never taken a barre class. it is hell. especially since i have to take a 6 am class on fridays since the studios near me don’t offer evening classes on weekends.

so here are my thoughts and my results…thoughts will be every 10 classes along with measurements. and i will post before and after pictures at the very end.

measurements – before: class 10
weight – 128.7 lbs – 124.4 lbs
arms – 11.5 in. – 11 in.
chest – 36 in. – 35.5 in.
waist – 28 in. – 26.5 in.
hips – 39 in. – 38 in.
thighs – 22 in. – 21 in. 

yay for progress, even if it is little, right?! i am very pleased with these results thus far. my goal here is not to lose weight but to become tone. i am pretty tiny already {height wise} so i don’t want to be short and stick thin. it’s taken some time for me to love my curves and i’m still working on it but i think that’s what makes a woman a woman, ya know? my target area is my back roll…haha! i have a teeny waist, look at my measurements…waist goes from a 26.5 then my big ol’ hips jump up to a 38…holy smokes. i guess that’s the mexican in me. my hips ain’t lying, y’all. but since i do have a small waist, my “fat” likes to sit right ton top of those big hips giving me a back roll. my wedding dress has absolutely no time for that. so the progress in my waist is a huge accomplishment for me!

thoughts & feelings:
it has finally gotten to a point where i am no longer sore the day after but i’m sore RIGHT after class. the first 5 classes i was dying. seriously, dying. this may sound strange but i begged cale to massage my butt while i yelped in pain. it just hurt so good!
i am sleeping better though, which is great because i was going through this bout of insomnia right before the challenge started. i do feel a little more energized throughout the day but my migraines are returning with a vengeance and i’m not sure if it’s because i’m not really letting my body rest or if i’m just a pansy.

you would think that taking so many classes it would build up my stamina right? negative ghost rider! i have never been a fan of the thigh workouts but i really am not a fan now. my legs have sooooo much lactic acid just hanging out in there that it is impossible for me to stay in a position. more less a pulse, yeah right! i’ll take abs and seat work over thigh work anyday! {whiny session done}

i also just wanted to mention how incredibly lucky i am to have such a supportive fiancé, supportive with this challenge and with this blog. the last class at the barre studios are at 8pm, so when i get home from picking jaz up from school i get to cooking and then wait for him to get home. as soon as he walks in the door i give him a hello/goodbye kiss and leave for barre, leaving him with daddy duties {daily reading, homework if we haven’t finished it, cleaning the kitchen, and tucking our minion in} and he reads every blog post i put up {sometimes he leaves snarky comments} and tells me how good it was. okay, i’ll stop with the mushy gushy & will only add this; thank you honey for being the awesome sauce that you are!

here’s to another 10 classes!

see y’all at 20 classes!