our weekend adventures


our cherry blossoms are a bloomin! seattle is so gorgeous this time of year!

big things are happening to our back deck!
the white square is what we have now….LOOK HOW BIG IT’S GOING TO BE!
so much room for activities! ps. my husband is awesome and so handy!

img_2197 img_2301
we had an appointment down in wallingford {seattle neigborhood} and had some free time afterwards.
it was a beautiful day so we took a stroll and ended up in front of our favorite cupcake shop…what a coinkidink.


it’s that time of year again where the tulips are taking over skagit county!
we haven’t had weather this beautiful in a while so we thought what a perfect day to make the trip to see some pretty flowers!


and queue the hanger.
i think i should really work on my emotions when i get hungry. i’m such a scary person. i’ll blame it on the low blood sugar…sorry, honey!

cale worked his magic and found the nearest burger joint. phew!


sunday morning coffee runs are a real treat for your eyes.

sundays are for cleaning and for pretty blooms all throughout the house!

a little bit of an ulta haul.
venus embrace – because my legs were in need of some major help!
biolage shampoo & conditioner – i always seem to find my way back to biolage after trying new shampoos. it really is the best.
revlon all in one mascara – saw this on tv and said why not? so far, meh. i have to play with it a little more.
biosilk silk therapy – shiniest and softest hair ever because of this goodness.
maybelline age rewind illuminator – for those condemning circles under my eyeballs.
formula 10.0.6 deep down detox mud mask – ulta reviewers rave about this mask so i’ll give it a go!
and claritin because screw you too allergies!

all the links above are shoppable 🙂

img_2314 img_2315
totally forgot that it was my birthday month, thank goodness ulta didn’t!

if you follow me on snapchat { @jaevas } then you got a step by step dinner instruction on these yummy stuffed steak rolls! stuffed with mushroom, onion and green pepper.
cale hates mushrooms but he loved these! so yummy!

it was such a gorgeous weekend here in the pnw! sun was out, mountains views were crystal clear and everyone was enjoying the outdoors!
unfortunately my allergies got the best of me and i laid pretty low on sunday. can i just be healthy for like a week?

what did you do this weekend?


our weekend adventures {long}

christmas eve {!}

every christmas eve jaz is allowed to open one specific present. this includes new jammies, a movie, snacks, a mug or water bottle and hot chocolate. the jim jams she is wearing in this picture are the ones we got her last year. we’ve done this tradition since she was teeny and it’s not one we are going to do away with!

uhhh…you bet your ass mama & papa got some new jams too! onesies for the win!!

obsessed with this hubby of mine ❤

another tradition is making cookies…however we strayed from the cookie part and made mini cheesecakes instead!

can these two be any cuter?

christmas day {!!!}

believe it or not but jaz stayed in bed till 8:30! well…technically she snuck into our bed around 7:00 and fell back to sleep. hallelu! after we all woke up it was presents time! but first, coffee! and yes lulu has a sweater on, there’s a reason she hates me but i just can’t put my finger on why…

IMG_1403 IMG_1404
this christmas we decided to stay home and start our own family tradition. so, i had to figure what i was going to make for our early supper…ham it was! jazmyne requested asparagus and cale {of course} wanted homemade mashed taters and crescent rolls. i was very satisfied with how everything turned out and i loved just being with my little family.

after supper, cale napped while jaz and i got ready to head to cale’s brother’s house for drinks and desserts. they are expecting a little one in the next few months and we are so excited to meet him!


on our way home we took a little detour and ran into this. holy mo-leeeee!


still so excited that cale and jaz got me a pimpin joy baseball tee! if you’re from texas then you know all about the bobby bones show and i have been an avid listener since 7th grade {whoa}! pimpin joy is something amy’s {co-host} mom started while she was battling cancer and they turned it to the most amazing charity ever. i love love love love this!!!

we are in the midst of re-doing our living room and entry way and this gargantuan was taking up too much space and ruining my space awareness and ideas! time to come down you gorgeous beaut!

along with the tree came down all of our other christmas decor…cale was so bummed so i left out a few snowmen so he wouldn’t be so blue… haha! but this is what we did most of the day besides lounging around and playing the game of life. i forgot how fun that game was!


coffee and seahawks! we went to our friends’ house to watch the game that we thought we had in the bag…lol…nope. no idea where our o-line was because they definitely were not on the field. grrrr such a frustrating game!

the game may have been poop but look at these two! goodness gracious…oh what’s that?? ahhh, nothing just my ovaries calling to say ‘hellllooooo….its me”
fun uncle cale loves little miss ellie!

this was one of our best christmas’ yet! i am so happy that we had jaz this year and that we got to start our own little tradition.
what did you do this weekend? did you get anything exciting?? i love watching and seeing other people open their presents…is that weird or is it just a mom thing?

now bring it on new years!!


weird mexican superstitions

so, i may be a coconut but man-o-man my family is hella mexi! i love that i grew up with so many superstitions…as crazy as that sounds. even though some of them might sound completely absurd, i swear they work! or they used to when i was little.

to do this post i telephoned my madre and had her explain them to me in her words instead of looking them up on the internet, because one family may have completely different definitions of them.

so here we go!

{image via pinterest}

1] the egg and ojo– def. of ojo– feeling icky. it is said that someone can give you ojo by looking at you and being jealous, thinking you’re really pretty, seeing something they want or even having ojo is when you just feel plain icky. to take away the “evil eye”, jealousy, or a headache you are supposed to rub an egg all over your body {moms usually do this} and pray. it then removes the “bad vibes”. then, you crack the egg in a glass of water and set it on a table/window sill and wait to see if the egg white floats up. if it does…bitches be hatin’.

2] the red string on babies– have you ever seen a red string on a babies forehead? no worries, it supposed to be there. the little bugger has a serious case of the hiccups.

3] purse on the floor-never, i repeat, never leave your purse on the floor in a mexican house. grandma and maja will yell at you. not because you’ll get your purse dirty but because you’re allowing all the bad spirits to enter your purse and then you’ll take those things home with you…poltergeist stuff y’all.

4] babies looking between their legs– if a baby bends over and puts their head between their legs you better be the first one to jump up and say “IT’S NOT ME!!!!I PROMISE!”
someone’s pregnant!

5] dreams– you can bet your bottom dollar that every single one of your dreams has a meaning. my papa knew them alllllll! ps. dreaming about your wedding is fine…dreaming about your wedding and seeing yourself in your wedding dress is no bueno…like at all! yikes!

6] man in the moon-i wish my papa was still here to explain this one to me. it was something he always told my cousins and me. “never talk to the moon, mija” and that’s all i got, however, i didn’t need much more haha. i never talked to that moon. ever.

7] cucuy– okay, i think this one was just a scare tactic lol. if we stayed out and played too long my aunts/uncles and mom would yell “okayyyy well then the cucuy is going to get you!!!” yep, in the house in 2 seconds flat. shit was scary man.

8] sana sana colita de rana– translated is “heal heal little frog tail”…. uhm what? i honestly didn’t know that until now {i’m a coconut} but i swear this was magic! it’s something your mom would do if you got hurt. similar to a mom kissing a boo boo to make it feel better. except this actually worked, i’m sure of it!

9] garlic by your front door– there’s nothing like a big wall of garlic hitting your guests when they walk in your house. but guess what?! no evil spirits living here…nope! we got the garlic, we’re good!

10] glass of water with lime– this one’s actually a new one that my mom just told me. apparently the lime is supposed to absorb all the bad spirits and vibes you’re getting from people.

yep, you read all of those correctly. us mexicans are super into our superstitions. me…not so much anymore. but sometimes in the back of my head when i’m walking outside in the dark, i walk just a little bit faster and i still never, ever, talk to the evil man in the moon.

what are some crazy superstitions your family has?