late president’s day post

hi pretties.

this past weekend jaz & i were lucky to have monday off for president’s day. woohoo! poor cale had to work though…boo! boeing never gives them the usual holidays off, maybe it’s because they give him like 2 weeks off at christmas…wth is that! i digress.

it was a beautiful day in good ol’ seattle, again! so we decided that we would take a trip into the city {we live on the outskirts} to have some fun in the sun.

also note that almost all of these pictures were taken by jaz. actually all of the pictures that are not of her she took. atta girl, right??

IMG_4206 IMG_4214

we wanted some big noms so we went and had some vietnamese. yes, the sun may have been out but it was still pretty chilly, so i got some phó and jaz had some stir fry. look, she has finally figured out the chopsticks!


after lunch we headed over to gas works park. i’m telling y’all the day was absolutely gorgeous!! look at that skyline.




sorry for the dark pictures, but jaz did a great job of getting all of seattle in the background which is really all that mattered.
i am still so obsessed with these paige boyfriend jeans! i got them a size bigger than i usually would because i really wanted that boyfriend look…however {!} the waist is so huge and unlike her other jeans, these stretch out…a lot.

super cheesin’ & i can’t see because…sun! yay vitamin d!

IMG_4283 IMG_4285

this wasn’t supposed to be an outfit shoot but it was too pretty to pass up this gorgeousness.
if you live in seattle, just a forewarning, the hill part of gas works park is fenced off. i think they might be re-soiling the whole place, i dunno. we may or may not have squeezed through a crack…not without some other company though, so i didn’t feel too bad.

after gas works we went and had some molly moon ice cream. i haven’t had it yet and jaz is always down for some sugar.
IMG_4366 IMG_4370

and finally after ice-cream we stopped at a camera store and i bought a new lens…i’m in love! it’s just a pancake lens but it allows so much more light in and i love love love! my kitty cats make for good subjects.

i’ll link outfit details at the very end.
this was a different post than my usual but i couldn’t let all of jazmyne’s pictures sit in my computer. she did such a great job!

and with that, we bid you farewell. until next time!

blouse // {here}
paige jimmy jimmy boyfriend skinny // {here}
steve madden pumps // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}
kendra scott elle earrings // {here}

our weekend adventures


friday was boring and i was pooped so i just laid in bed and read this book. unfortunately, it still hasn’t captured my attention yet and i’m on chapter 5. eep! i hope it picks up soon!

saturday {valentine’s day!} 

IMG_7017 IMG_7021
look at all the goodies we woke up to!

cale got me the most hilarious card from etsy! “couples that fart together, stay together.” how awesome is he!? haha we now have so many fresh flowers in the house and i love it! we decided not to go big this valentines day because, well… we have a big extravagant wedding we are paying for OURSELVES. lol so roses and sugar wafers {i’ve been missing my papa lately} for me and lots of candy and a big ol’ balloon for him.

later in the morning/afternoon we were invited to go celebrate our dear friend’s birthday. happy birthday, misha! y’all should go check out her blog… {emerald city diaries}!!



dangggg E, so sorry for interrupting playtime with uncle cale! y’all, i can’t get enough of this precious baby girl!

on a different note… you see those veins popping out of my hand? ya, those things hurt! they usually only pop out when i eat too much salt but this time it was unprovoked. anyone else have this problem? am i dying? i must be dying.

after the birthday soiree, we went to our favorite steakhouse. we waited for an hour & forty five minutes, but it was well worth it! look at how they serve their cocktails! i wanted to steal the mini vase thing! it’s so cute!!

IMG_7090 IMG_1770
dinner was delectable! oh my goodness! filet mignon and garlic shrimp…uhm yes please!


i sometimes think that i’m super woman and can drink 5 mimosas without paying for it the next day. yeah, i’m not superwoman. so a big breakfast was necessary sunday morning.

if you live in seattle…did you go outside?!?!! it was absolutely gorgeous! thank you for the sun seattle! lulu quite enjoyed herself.

this was my life. laundry on laundry on laundry. bleh

but at least i had a helper!

whew! it was a jam-packed valentine’s weekend! and jaz & i have off today for president’s day woohoo! let’s see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into!

what did you and your special valentine do?

oh oh!!! in case you missed it…
…go check out my valentine’s day inspired outfit! {here}


soft colors on valentine’s day.


so i had originally bought this dress for my rehearsal dinner that’s in 8 months…like 5 months ago! haha! i like to get ahead of myself sometimes. but it was screaming my name from my closet, “wear me…wear meeeee!” so i caved.

i almost always go for a softer color rather than a bold one. so this blazer was the perfect touch against this pristine white dress!

valentines 2 valentines 1

valentines 3 valentines 6 valentines 5 valentines 4 valentines 7 valentines 8

banana republic dress // similar {here}
h&m blazer // similar {here}
nude pumps // {here}
mega cheap necklace // {here}
kate spade earrings // {here}

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hugs and big kisses on this mushy gushy day!

plaid & vest…twinsies.

hi again, told ya there would be alot on the blog this week! i’ve been meaning to post this for some time now but time has just slipped away from me.
but jaz’s outfit fits right in with v-day so here we are.

this was just an impromptu shoot before we headed out for some breakfast a couple saturday’s ago.
i’ll start with us, then me, then her because let’s face it…she runs the show!

twinsies 1 IMG_3441
kisses for daysssss!

plaid and vest 3__20150207 plaid and vest 2 plaid and vest 1
plaid flannel // similar {here}
north face vest // on sale {here}
the limited jeans // on sale {here}
michael kors riding boots // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}

plaid and vest 4 plaid and vest 5 plaid and vest 6  plaid and vest 7
flannel // on sale {here}
puffer vest // similar {here}
leopard flats // {here}
gap skinnies // {here}

and there you have it folks. me and my mini.

-jess & jaz

anti-valentines? i gotchu!

no worries, i have a a girly girl valentine’s outfit in the works too.
i just couldn’t help but post an outfit in this shirt though…i love it!!!! and it’s perfect for those who aren’t too fond of the mushy gushy holiday.
i first saw this on my local nordy’s instagram {speaking of, you should follow me, my most recent ig posts are on my sidebar widget. 🙂 } and i had to have it! i am such a sucker for pizza… spicy italian sausage with jalepeños please…make that a large while you’re at it! so seriously, this shirt is perfect for me. this is a small…so it definitely runs big. pair it with some boyfriends, a riding jacket and some sandals and you have the perfect anti-valentines, casual {but still girly} outfit.

&& and i want to apologize for my awful choice of a backdrop buttttt if you live in the pnw then you are fully aware that the weather is complete poop. and if you don’t live in the pnw, well, now you know. so, there is no way i can do a shoot outside. plus isn’t it about the outfit anyway???

pizza 7 pizza 5 pizza 2 pizza 9 pizza 8 pizza 3 pizza 4 pizza 6
{can you tell i’m right handed and have no idea how to flex?}
{this is also my “if i were single i’d be rocking the shit out this shirt and my new guns” pose. in case you were wondering.}

pizza tank // {here} it’s sold out online but hurry to your closest nordstrom i’m sure they still have some!
paige jimmy jimmy boyfriend skinny // anthro is sold out, but nordstrom still has them {here}
jessica simpson sandals // similar {here}
leather rider jacket // similar {here}
kendra scott alexandra earrings // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}
mac lips // color rebel {here} liner vino {here}

i have quite a few outfits planned for this week so keep a watchful eye!
it’s going to be a jam-packed one! fun fun fun!


valentine’s gift guide

Valentine's Gift Guide

{1kendra scott-danielle earrings – ladies, if you haven’t splurged on yourself for a pair of kendra’s…you need to, asap! personally, i’m a fan of the elle style {they are a bit smaller than danielle} and i actually have these in the elle style but i would definitely buy these in danielle too, they are just too purdy!

{2blue nile arrow bangle bracelet – how perfect is this bangle for valentine’s day?! too cute and quite subtle, so you don’t have to worry about being too gaudy!

{3sole society infinity scarf – well it’s pink {check}, it’s an accessory {check} and it has polka dots?!! {check check check} this scarf was made for us girly girls!

{4michael kors heart bracelet – i’m starting to shy back from all things michael kors because the brand is being killed…BUT this is adorable. and i want it… i want it now.

{5kate spade heart phone case – well, i’ve been on a kate spade bender lately. {i just bought a gorgeous honeymoon tote and passport holder…oh em gee} this designer just screams my name and i come a-runnin.

{6mac lipstick – candy yum yum – how gorgeous is this color? great for a flirty date or just on a spring-y day!

{7berricle heart ring – so it’s valentine’s day…did y’all know? the only time its a-okay to outwear a heart. heart rings, heart necklaces, heart bracelets, bring on the hearts!!

{8manolo blahnik pink pumps – a girl can dream right?! i’m determined to own at least one pair…preferably by my wedding {cheesy face}

{9kate spade heart earrings – need a say it again?? okay okay…ladies it’s okay to wear hearts and be all cutesy on v-day! only judgy judy’s will judge you and they are just mean, sad, sad girls.

{10chicwish tulle maxi skirt – if you’ve been reading my blog regularly you will know two things about me. i love pink and i love tulle. did you see my engagement pictures {here} haha shameless plug. anyway, this should be no surprise.

**helpful hint to shop all these beauts, click on the picture and it’ll take you directly to every single link.
happy shopping and tell those hubbies that i am terribly not sorry.

happy valentine’s day! 
hugs & big kisses,

it’s never too cold for a maxi.

i am probably the #1 fan of anything maxi. maxi dress, maxi skirt….maxi pad? HA! just kidding!
seriously, though wearing a maxi dress or a maxi skirt allows for so much wiggle room with everything!
first and foremost, you don’t have to shave your legs! haha that’s the big plus for me! but also, you can wear just about anything with it. i love it’s versatility. not just with accessories and how to wear them but when to wear them. you can wear them for every season and that’s awesome!!!

bow outfit 1

bow outfit 2
how’s the pinky action?

bow outfit 3 bow outfit 4

i cannot get enough of this cheetah scarf. i wear it almost every time i wear this leather jacket! oh and chambray…i love it with a chambray shirt!

old navy scoop neck // on sale {here}
maxi skirt // similar {here}
leather rider jacket // similar {here}
bow belt // {here}
two tone flats // similar {here}
cheetah scarf // similar {here}
tory burch sunglasses // {here}
michael kors selma purse // {here}

sorry for almost the same pose in every picture but the wind only let me do so much. meh.