kate spade surprise sale faves-ENDED



i get so excited when this sale comes around!
kate spade is never gaudy or too flashy and that’s what i really love about her items. they just scream class. but like in the classiest way to scream.

below i linked my favorites that are on the site.

**cough**cough** cale look **cough**cough**


peachls ks9
cove street provence
ORIG – $428
SALE -$149 
i am loving these summer colors!
which do you guys like??
guava // {here} or island deep // {here}
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all dressed in white

good morning and happy hump day!
i’ve been meaning to get to this post since my bachelorette 2 weeks ago but i have just been insanely busy.
seriously, every time i open up my laptop it’s to research something for the wedding. eek! it’s getting so close!

well i wanted to do a small post on this fabulous dress i bought from the blue door boutique! this boutique is awesome for everything! from casual wear to cocktail dresses!
i had been searching for a brunch type dress that was bride-to-be like, i saw this one blue door’s instagram and i immediately ordered it! it is just so darlin’!


IMG_6537white dress IMG_6562 IMG_6575 do you know how hard it is to shoot in front of all of your friends?!
this was the majority of my shots because they kept going, “oooooowwweeeee”. just a bunch of goofs!

IMG_6578 IMG_6589 IMG_6599

maxi dress // {here}
floppy sun hat // {here}

i am obsessed with this dress and everything else i have bought from this boutique.
i also bought my bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding in september and oh.my.gosh! just wait, it’s so pretty!
if you need cute dresses for an upcoming wedding or for any kind of event, this is your place!
okay, i’m off my soapbox.

hugs hugs hugs!



a suit for spring

happy tuesday!
so with my recent move to the main building at my job, i had to up my professional wardrobe.
everything i usually buy is work friendly but because i will be around the public during all hours i needed to up the anti a bit.
so i took a little trip to express and the limited and went a bit crazy.

i saw this cropped pant suit online and loved it and kept thinking how great it would be for spring!
if you’re looking for professional and fashionable attire, i would definitely suggest express, the limited, banana republic and ann taylor. those are my main “go-to” places.

thank you to my mini for wanting to shoot these for me!





IMG_5899 IMG_5918 IMG_5914

cropped pant suit // jacket {here} cropped pants {here}
v-neck shirt // {here}
shoes // similar {here}
necklace // similar {here}
renegade bracelet // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}

our weekend adventures


IMG_8462 thursday and friday was moving day at work for me… wahhhhh…. just kidding. i think i’m going to like it much better being with other co-workers my age. plus now i’m more accessible to people that need me and my services…that sounds weird.

IMG_8472 IMG_8473 cale’s sister, also one of my bridesmaids, came to seattle for a long weekend. so we got to have dinner with her! i think i’m marrying into a fabulous family. hehe

IMG_8477 mina loves her auntie berit!


IMG_8480 woke up to a bat kitty!

IMG_8481 dance class…these are new…way to go alderwood dance spectrum!

IMG_8485 saturday’s ootd
gingham shirt // {here}
kendra scott necklace // {here}

IMG_8486 cale told me to go pamper myself and that’s exactly what i did! some alone time and a mani/pedi = awesome day!

IMG_8488 plus a little bit of retail therapy….ahhhh yisssss!

IMG_8497 a nice lunch with some vino! ya know, as you get older, eating by yourself is no longer embarrassing. instead, it’s peaceful. some tranquility is so nice when your days are so busy.

IMG_8499 i let jaz do my hair… you think i can hire her to do my wedding?

mother’s day!

IMG_8502 so thankful for this little minion! being a mommy is the best job in the world. but being a mommy to this girl makes it the most special!
thank you for making me a mommy and the woman i am today.
i love you to the moon and back, sweet girl.

IMG_8505 so goofy!

IMG_8510 celebratin’ my mommyness in a cute little cafe in seattle!

IMG_8511 oh my noms!

IMG_8558 sunday’s ootd
blouse // {here}
jacket // {here}
shoes // similar {here}

IMG_8527 after brunch we headed to the big ferris wheel where cale propesed last year on mother’s day… mother’s day was on the 11th last year so it wasn’t quite our engage-aversary yet.

IMG_8529 but we decided to re-create our picture last year when we reached the very top! i can’t believe i’ve been engaged for a year now! time flies!

IMG_8530 sole reason i’m marrying this man. i make the best ugliest faces ever! no shame.

IMG_8542 our little family. if cale actually smiled this could have been so cute!

IMG_8545 who am i kidding…why would we ever take a cute picture when we can take THESE pictures instead! we are awesome.

IMG_8555 oh hai there mr. space needle.

IMG_8556 after the ferris wheel we decided to go get molly moons. yummmmm

IMG_8559 “welcome home hoomans”
she’s such a creep.

IMG_8560 and we ended such a great day with a family game of uno! cale won every single time…ugh.

this weekend was so full of awesomeness! i got to pamper myself all saturday and then again on sunday! cale did all the cleaning and all the laundry! including folding and hanging my things up! so so sweet!
and today marks exactly one year that he got down on one knee at the very tippy top of the ferris wheel and proposed! i can’t wait to marry you in 5 months, honey!!!
happy monday everyone! it’s going to be a great one!


soft colors on valentine’s day.


so i had originally bought this dress for my rehearsal dinner that’s in 8 months…like 5 months ago! haha! i like to get ahead of myself sometimes. but it was screaming my name from my closet, “wear me…wear meeeee!” so i caved.

i almost always go for a softer color rather than a bold one. so this blazer was the perfect touch against this pristine white dress!

valentines 2 valentines 1

valentines 3 valentines 6 valentines 5 valentines 4 valentines 7 valentines 8

banana republic dress // similar {here}
h&m blazer // similar {here}
nude pumps // {here}
mega cheap necklace // {here}
kate spade earrings // {here}

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hugs and big kisses on this mushy gushy day!

it’s never too cold for a maxi.

i am probably the #1 fan of anything maxi. maxi dress, maxi skirt….maxi pad? HA! just kidding!
seriously, though wearing a maxi dress or a maxi skirt allows for so much wiggle room with everything!
first and foremost, you don’t have to shave your legs! haha that’s the big plus for me! but also, you can wear just about anything with it. i love it’s versatility. not just with accessories and how to wear them but when to wear them. you can wear them for every season and that’s awesome!!!

bow outfit 1

bow outfit 2
how’s the pinky action?

bow outfit 3 bow outfit 4

i cannot get enough of this cheetah scarf. i wear it almost every time i wear this leather jacket! oh and chambray…i love it with a chambray shirt!

old navy scoop neck // on sale {here}
maxi skirt // similar {here}
leather rider jacket // similar {here}
bow belt // {here}
two tone flats // similar {here}
cheetah scarf // similar {here}
tory burch sunglasses // {here}
michael kors selma purse // {here}

sorry for almost the same pose in every picture but the wind only let me do so much. meh.


polka dots & pearls.

hi y’all! i know i usually post my favorites on wednesdays but nothing this past week has really been a favorite…lame. plus, i just couldn’t wait to share this outfit with you guys!

you will soon notice that i am the girliest of girly girls. i am obsessed with pink, lace & pearls. i am also a working mom so anything i buy, i make sure i can wear it both casually and professionally.
here is one of my favorites. i am a sucker for polka dots… it’s my favorite pattern ever!!!

polka dot 6

polka dot 5 polka dot 4 polka dot 8
always have to have the super serious face…

polka dot 7 polka dot 2 polka dot 3

old navy turtle neck // {here}
banana republic polka dot skirt // similar {here}
target wool coat // {here}
mojo moxy pumps // similar {here}
jcrew pearl cluster necklace // similar {here}