our weekend adventures

before i start this post i just want to say…


dirty thirty! yikes, my man is getting old, you guys. soooo kidding! {kinda 😉 }
how did i get so lucky to find you floatin’ a river in a state that you don’t even live in! i love you for all the good you have brought into mine & jaz’s life. you are by far the best thing that has ever happened to us. thank you for everything you do to make me feel like a queen. i love you forever & for always, honey. i can’t wait to be your mrs. 


we FINALLY found girl scout cookies! needless to say, we stocked up.


after dance, jaz & enjoyed some bbq. meh, not my fave but it’ll do.

i recently ran out of my foundation so i just had to make a sephora run. brushes get me in trouble.

i have a problem. waaaaatttt? i needed some things…

…see no biggie. just some of my favorite basics. i had to switch back to biolage shampoo & conditioner because cale said my hair smelled like wet dog when i used living proof. {sad face}

IMG_7218 IMG_7233
before jaz had to scurry off to bed we watched one of my favorites…tarzan! it still makes me laugh out loud. i haven’t seen the brandon frasier one in forever! that’ll have to be next weekend.
then when mina & cale went to bed i stayed up {which is rare} and watched all of the “getting to know” teen mom specials! i had just had jazmyne when this show came out so all of their babies are the same age as jaz and i swear, i’m just a brown version of maci bookout. we have the exact same story. can’t wait for it to start in march!

oh oh, i almost forgot this one! i very seldom get the love snuggles from lulu. so when i do, i take a stupid amount of pictures until she gets fed up with a camera being in her face and jumps off. doesn’t she look just thrilled?


it’s the day before cale’s birthday! he wanted piggies in a blanket so birthday boy gets what birthday boy wants!

these two are finally getting along! and by “getting along” i mean lulu makes him her bitch. poor chandler.

we had to make a quick run to get some new fishies {preslee don’t you dare say a word} but i didn’t have time to blow dry my hair. so this is what the public had to endure. super attractive!

IMG_7252 IMG_7256 IMG_7253
the first little guy reminds me of the shrimp on finding memo that eats all the bacteria off, anyone…no?
look we found nemo! just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming!
okay…what the hell is this thing? i have never seen these before! creepy!!!

cale’s birthday surprise! 

today is cale’s big dirty 30! so i wanted to do something really nice that i knew he wouldn’t be suspecting. i’ve never really been a huge sushi fan, or any kind of fish fan for that matter. but since moving to seattle i have become infatuated with it. fish that is {salmon, cod, lobster, etc} sushi however has taken some time. any who cale loves it! like…LOVES IT! so i decided to set up a surprise birthday dinner with some of our closest friends at one of the best sushi restaurants in downtown seattle, japonessa.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 10.00.29 PM
{via paperlesspost}
i created this from a simple template online and sent it out via email. how cute is this? it’s a little sushi roll! paperless post is awesome and i would absolutely recommend it to anyone inviting guests via email. super easy to make and manage!

do you know how hard it is to keep a secret from this man? the last surprise i tried doing for him, he ruined. i can’t get anything past this guy! because i knew that he would know exactly where we were going if he could see, i made sure to blindfold him for the entirety of the ride there.

blindfold is still on!

IMG_7301 IMG_7303
surprise!! all of our closest friends were waiting for us when we walked in to the restaurant! this group right here is what we call the beardly folk. also, the bottom picture is supposed to be of them “mean-muggin” i think cale needs to work a little more on the mean mug and not so much on the constipated face.
***all of these dapper fellows including 3 others will be the handsomest groomsmen! don’t shave the beards guys! ***

yummmmm! this was only a portion of everything we got! after this, i am the biggest fan of sushi now! i also had a seaweed salad…oh my goodness, so good!!


how cute is my fiancé? super cute!


happy birthday, honeybun. here’s to spending all of your birthdays together.
i love you!
…now get out of bed because i know that’s where you’re reading this and make sure jaz isn’t late to school! 😉

sorry for the super long post today guys but it’s obviously way more special than an ordinary “our weekend adventures”. it was a great weekend full of great weather…again!

what did you do this weekend?

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